How Solskjaer Got Schooled by Arteta! Man Utd Tactics Show

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wiaan oppelt
wiaan oppelt - 26 dager siden
You have my respect now for admitting we dominated you guys at home.😎
Prav Chap
Prav Chap - 26 dager siden
Mctominay should not have started at the base of midfield. Had we had matic in there, we would have retained and controlled possession a lot better.
Franco Sousa
Franco Sousa - 27 dager siden
Let's be honest here. United's current manager is nothing more than a cheerleader coach. Let's not delude ourselves. The players are rudderless. Hence, the abject performances. Whether he lasts to the new year or the end of the season.. with no champions league place... their commercial partners will have their say and United's hierarchy will have to listen!
Laurence Trengove
Laurence Trengove - 27 dager siden
Like the tactics board
DUBSDADEVILL - 27 dager siden
This is very inaccurate hence the omission of statistics to justify his statements.
Maiden Air
Maiden Air - 27 dager siden
What do Sir Alex and Mctommany have in common? So Ole is using feelings now
Ibbe AFC
Ibbe AFC - 27 dager siden
How hard is it to say Saka
Lemos Simone
Lemos Simone - 27 dager siden
This diamond is not for man utd! They need to go back to 4231 or 433, basically keep the formation we had during run of games from jan last season,
Kamsi Azike
Kamsi Azike - 27 dager siden
Poor analysis, you need more education on tactics, stop these videos
Ryan Harvey
Ryan Harvey - 27 dager siden
Everyone in england should use surfshark to change there location to australia and watch all epl ucl and international football on Optus sports for $15 a month instead of PPV.
Jury Gaoseb
Jury Gaoseb - 27 dager siden
Bjorn Nerseth
Bjorn Nerseth - 27 dager siden
I’m glad you know the players and tactics of top level football better than Ole, Carrick, and Phelan. It’s not as if they have any knowledge of this level of professional football. It’s easy to know all the answers after the fact.
User 1013
User 1013 - 27 dager siden
We have to give Axel some games in the PL. If he could stop Mbappe and Neymar with Lindelof, he would certainly be qualified enough to start in PL. Ole has to put his best team out and we really miss Tony.
Ayaan Narayan
Ayaan Narayan - 27 dager siden
Mark are you ole out?
Shrikant Radhanpura
Shrikant Radhanpura - 27 dager siden
Mark:"He didn't get the formation wrong,he got the personnel wrong"🤣 Both were wrong
Gabar-GCS - 27 dager siden
If you people think that United wins this game by simply replacing Mctominay and brining in Matic then you're delusional and still don't understand how bad this team is from top to bottom.
Manju KV
Manju KV - 27 dager siden
McTominay over Matic is a mistake. Martial was totally missed. He would have definitely changed the game. He would give Bruno and pogba enough time and gets in great positions for them to pass the ball. Bruno didn't or could not perform. passing success percentage is ridiculous. DVB should get enough minutes, either at the start or in the second half.
Greg Frost
Greg Frost - 27 dager siden
AWB Tuanzebe Maguire Shaw
VDB Bruno
Mata Rashford
Saint Tongpha
Saint Tongpha - 27 dager siden
No matter what.....Ole is not quite enough as manager...board team has to decide as quick as possible...
jersey lim
jersey lim - 27 dager siden
Isnt it obvious? OLE is tactically clueless ...
Ray E
Ray E - 27 dager siden
He got the formation wrong! Then when he got the formation wrong, he added to the mistake by getting the players wrong as well!
Darren, like my father before me
Ole deserves new contract, needs more time
P.J. Oh
P.J. Oh - 27 dager siden
I think Pellistri will become a very important player soon. He can keep the ball well and make time for himself to make a good pass.
Apec - 27 dager siden
Big up mark
Emmanuel Mujuru
Emmanuel Mujuru - 27 dager siden
I think your wrong about Pogba playing defensive every time he plays back he loses the ball
Kalash Sharma
Kalash Sharma - 28 dager siden
Mctominay corrupted the system that made us win and everything went back down
louis lim
louis lim - 28 dager siden
ole has no tactics because he is clueless....he is just like moyes playing defensive football, except that he won against the big teams.
Uhtred Bebbanburg
Uhtred Bebbanburg - 28 dager siden
I intentionally avoid UT after the loss. It was just too depressing if I listen to all the negatives. We can blame everyone but it will not change the results. Need to win in Turkey to up my mood.
Jseelan Jc
Jseelan Jc - 28 dager siden
Manchester United lost not because of bad players....but bad tactics and Ole is too naïve to change it. Blame must must go to him.
Francis Devine
Francis Devine - 28 dager siden
You never mentioned the way Holding kicked Rashford out of the game.
Willy Skallz
Willy Skallz - 28 dager siden
Good ol' El Nini
Stuart Holehouse
Stuart Holehouse - 28 dager siden
I think he didn’t want to play Matic because he played midweek. We have no other CDMs so it had to be Fred or McT. I guess Ole thought McT isn’t up to it so he put Fred there. We need another CDM, that’s the bigger issue.
Gunahlan Subas
Gunahlan Subas - 28 dager siden
bruno was terrible at holding on to the ball....for someone who is supposedly a brilliant playmaker he has not got the skills to go pass a player and panics when closed down...he needs to play better too...and stop trying to run all over the pitch for no reasons
Darius Sparkes
Darius Sparkes - 28 dager siden
Darius Sparkes
Darius Sparkes - 28 dager siden
So how can the board be blamed fundamentally when the tools exist but are failing to be implemented by the manager?
Darius Sparkes
Darius Sparkes - 28 dager siden
so how can anyone blame the board when the tools exist but are failing to be implemented by the manager?
Steve Webster
Steve Webster - 28 dager siden
No midfield you loose the game.
Nathan Archibald
Nathan Archibald - 28 dager siden
Van De Beek should’ve started on the right where Scotty was and then drop Scotty where Fred is and take him off
Yusuf Best
Yusuf Best - 28 dager siden
Should allow mark or gary neville to coach united for one game and let them try their tactics.. will be funny and sad
William Djokro
William Djokro - 28 dager siden
Ole needs to watch how Johan Cruyff set up a diamond midfield. It is on youtube somewhere.
Ole out I've had enough.
Zein Mayassi
Zein Mayassi - 28 dager siden
Arteta is tactical genius 🎉🎉🎉🥳🥳🥳
Nathan Irwin
Nathan Irwin - 28 dager siden
Solskjaer should watch Ancelotti AC Milan 2001 - 2007, pirlo, seedorf, gattuso, kaka, - matic, fred, pogba, or VDB for pogba and fernandes - that's how you play a diamond, never needed to counter attack with shevchenko and inzaghi. Cavani and Martial or Rashford would be the same. Full backs need to get forward to provide the width - maldini playing LB at 37 still gets forward - no excuses and cafu RB at 35
Ventsislav Vladov
Ventsislav Vladov - 28 dager siden
This guy.... so much rubbish just to fuel his agenda about playing the allmighty diamond. It's a terrible formation against ANY team that uses wingers and attacking full backs/wing backs. Just because it worked ONE TIME against RedBull does not mean that this is a good formation. It's just not!
Alexander Mayende
Alexander Mayende - 28 dager siden
So arsenal can beet us man to man?
Kai H
Kai H - 28 dager siden
Sir Alex Ferguson had 48 games win out of 100 games. Ole got 56 wins out of 100. Van Gaal got 52 out of 100. While Mourinho got 62 out of 100!
radwanul10ify - 28 dager siden
Didn’t u use that tactic board to show how Utd are going to destroy arsenal 😂😂 now ur using it to show how arsenal destroyed Utd
snedgers - 28 dager siden
I was thinking Xhaka wasn’t in the midfield? Oh... SAKA
Michael Rusnak
Michael Rusnak - 28 dager siden
The diamond is not it, said before Leipzig after Leipzig and still saying it today. absolutely no width, Pogba zero work rate Mctominay is useless and Fred and Matic are not much of a upgrade this opinion that we are spoiled for choice in the the midfield is laughable. If you play a diamond all, ALL your midfielders need to work off the ball and pogba does not do it not when we attack or defend I’m
So sick and tired of watching him job the entire 90 minutes. DVB in 60 minutes against Leipzig covered more ground then any player on the night. Ole has ran his course, no identity no path forward idc about his history managers get sacked for less 15 at any point in the season is unacceptable
Ambessa Workout
Ambessa Workout - 28 dager siden
Fahim Hussain
Fahim Hussain - 28 dager siden
I look at Ole on the bench and he just looks clueless... Even if Man U had the same team they put out against RB Leipzig I believe Arsenal would have still dominated the midfield. Elneny and Partey were just that good! The fact of the matter is Ole got tactically outdone by Arteta and this is not the first time.
The Huntster
The Huntster - 28 dager siden
Wtf is this?😂😂😂😂
Tactical analysis for morons?
Hahaha this has literally made me laugh so much
Bernhard Reknes
Bernhard Reknes - 28 dager siden
Lol! Mark talking like he knows the answers. Come on man!
After 30 years Scousers Stole our Title.
Ole got it wrong - again
Neil Mcadam
Neil Mcadam - 28 dager siden
Xhaka didn’t even play!! Give it a rest mark
Faghat Vatan
Faghat Vatan - 28 dager siden
Also playing Rashford center forward doesn't work. I've never seen him play well there, he can't hold on to the ball with a center back close up.
Fawaaz - 28 dager siden
I think the title is misleading. If ole got schooled it would of being another 7-0. Even chelsea had more possession when we played them. Arsenal werent playing their best, iv seen better from them in the past. We just didnt give it all
TOOLfandomania - 28 dager siden
Van de beek over mctominay. And the effort needs to be higher
Joe - 28 dager siden
Van de Beek started against Leipzig Mark, not Bruno
Jj 530
Jj 530 - 28 dager siden
Wait Bruno didn’t start in the champions league game ???
Sir Auryn
Sir Auryn - 28 dager siden
For some reason United never turn up against the small teams...
haider hadi
haider hadi - 28 dager siden
U r absolutely right. Actually I can add that the partnership of our central backs are very slow with lacking of ball supply to the midfield when the ball with us.
Jay Sindab
Jay Sindab - 28 dager siden
Is Ole really the guy to take United forward? With these players United should fight for the title. It seems like Ole lacks tactical knowledge and also lack in motivating the players.
Judea Jud
Judea Jud - 28 dager siden
People will come to agree with me that there are games to play Greenwood and some games you don't need to play the normal formation you can be called a coward but its good to play safe
TheShadeOfDeath - 28 dager siden
Matic for McTominay as Cdm Fred RCM Donny LCM Bruno CAM.. then Pogba can come on for Donny or Fred .. that simple for Ole
MD.NAZMUL HAQUE - 28 dager siden
Simply fred and mc tomany defeated by elneny and partey. Pogba is number 10, he is not interested in defending. Marcos rashford and green wood never ever create any pressing for the defender of arsenal. Thats it.
Bilal Siddiqui
Bilal Siddiqui - 28 dager siden
Does anyone else find it annoying when he pronounces Saka as Zaka😂😂🤦‍♂️
Mick Foskett
Mick Foskett - 28 dager siden
No!..who cares?!👹
Qashqai King
Qashqai King - 28 dager siden
Well if Ole is going to play every game as if he's frightened to death of getting beat (and still gets beat) then he might as well leave with some dignity and resign rather than wait to be fired. People unfairly compare him to Klopp stating it took Klopp a couple of seasons to get things right and yes it did, but Klopp had a proven track record in Germany and even more importantly, he had a board which did everything it could to make sure Klopp had the players he wanted to buy. It was a very clever move to bring Ole in as manager, a man who was idolised as a player, and everyone could relate to him. Whether you are Ole in or Ole out, the problems at this club go a lot deeper than the manager and can any manager turn things around and make this club a serious challenger to the likes of Klopp and Liverpool with one hand tied behind his back all the time? I think not.
Leo Gaunt
Leo Gaunt - 28 dager siden
Fred was one or two fouls from a red card, thats why he was taken off
breed bread
breed bread - 28 dager siden
'if youre ole out, youre a idiot' lol
Thick as Sh*t
Thick as Sh*t - 28 dager siden
Partey and Elneny bossed manures midfield
Stu - 28 dager siden
Can someone remind Liverpool how many times they have won the league in the last 30 years? Oh that's right just once
videos. online
videos. online - 27 dager siden
Can someone also remind United how close they are to relegation lmao Arteta > ole gonner whatever
After 30 years Scousers Stole our Title.
Stu - one in 30 (thirty) years 🤣🤣
Andy Murdoch
Andy Murdoch - 28 dager siden
Lpool have amassed 55points more than Utd since Ole freestyler took over the wheel. Spent gazillions. That's our progression.
LiveWireRed B.
LiveWireRed B. - 28 dager siden
I don't get the obsession with playing Mctomninay.
LiveWireRed B.
LiveWireRed B. - 28 dager siden
@Valsan 13 Pogba isn't good enough either.
Valsan 13
Valsan 13 - 28 dager siden
Same with Pogba.
Avash Sewram
Avash Sewram - 28 dager siden
Tried to play a diamond but finished off cubic zirconia
En.nas9 - 28 dager siden
Vdb is better then Bruno with the ball. Maybe not ass good with the passing n vision but he can dribble n get in a better position. Bruno should be a cm not cam. Matic needs to ply more. We need to ply more up. Tuanzabe n lindelof is crazy
Andy Murdoch
Andy Murdoch - 28 dager siden
Whole midfield are playing poorly. They couldn't pass a message.
So many games where we don't even look like scoring if a team sit in formation, or we are too slow moving the ball forward and it gives the opposition time to get into formation.
mohammad abbas
mohammad abbas - 28 dager siden
Partey and Elneny were enough to pocket penandes, mctominay, pogba and fred
R M - 28 dager siden
Almost 900k Subs, Big Up Mark 🔥💯
Ademola Ogunt
Ademola Ogunt - 28 dager siden
Mctominay needs to get out, he wouldn't even get into any midfield except Fulham or West Brom
james aaron
james aaron - 28 dager siden
We played this “diamond” once without Bruno and Mctominay and look how it worked
Wasiu Adebobola
Wasiu Adebobola - 28 dager siden
Diamond systems cant work without controlling and holding DMF,it only matic that has that attribute and without attacking fullback diamond become useless...and both our fullback are not or partially..let me say our right back...
Nikola Novoselac
Nikola Novoselac - 28 dager siden
The whole manager dilema is like changing your underwear every day knowing you still got diarrhea
Yamin Mowla
Yamin Mowla - 28 dager siden
Ole will surprise you Everytime with his team selection, he is a terrible tectician, he is wining by luck
Stu - 28 dager siden
Öle and Pogba out
Chinmaya Ojha
Chinmaya Ojha - 28 dager siden
There is no width in wings and thats why there is more pressure in middle of the pitch ... And i know matic should be playing and i dont think that side can win that game
Paa Joe
Paa Joe - 28 dager siden
Just curious, why would a coach not change the players or the structure during the break, if it's not working? I honestly want to know why. Thanks in advance
Warrior Fellaini as
Warrior Fellaini as - 28 dager siden
Pogba would have still ruined it, he's so overrated...our back line struggles finding a way out to him over and over again. Every position he plays from "box to box" or wherever else he's average getting the ball to the forwards. Average getting the ball forward, terrible at giving an option for a pass to himself.
Ian - 28 dager siden
No point singling out individual players. The problem is inconsistency and the inability to adapt to different styles of play. I'm not worried about this at the moment - plenty of time to find out what does & doesn't work. Don't believe sacking the manager will help at the moment.
ullas krishnan
ullas krishnan - 28 dager siden
On 68mins he made the change from DvB to was 1-0 and actually Leipzig were dominating us...then the midfield was Fred as CDM, Scot as Box to Box, Pogba on the left and Bruno at the tip with Rash and Martial...then we went on to smash them with second goal on 74th min...Pogba was later substituted for Cavani towards the end but essentially that's the team which allowed us to get from a nervy 1-0 and potential draw to an absolute trashing of Leipzig which you raved about...what did he do on the weekend? Select the same team with Greenwood instead of ineligible don't say irrational things...look at how it was not suited against Arsenal where they congested our space and how without Martial we didn't have a pressing game...
Ste Ho
Ste Ho - 28 dager siden
Literally 99% of this community doesn't have a clue and misses the contradictions. Finally a sensible comment.
Claudianus Kunze
Claudianus Kunze - 28 dager siden
Mark you're tactically inept. If you knew any better then you'd understand that we should never have to go with a diamond in that match, it became too predictable even before the game started in the sense that Arteta knew exactly how we were going to line up. No matter how you would set up your diamond Arteta knew exactly how to break it. For a smart manager an element of surprise was the way to go i.e when everybody is talking about a diamond he should have started with James and Mata on the flanks, Pogba on the bench and then do a diamond latter in the game if needed.
Mafita47 - 28 dager siden
Surfshark from mrwhosetheboss arun???
Seg El
Seg El - 28 dager siden
Ole should be sacked now in my opinion but if he draws or lose against Everton he has to be fired. No matter the results in Europe Manchester United should never be 15th in the league after 6 games.
Wayne L
Wayne L - 28 dager siden
Jamie Rednapp:
"sacking Ole now would be like shooting Bambi!"
ullas krishnan
ullas krishnan - 28 dager siden
And Bruno wasn't on that pitch with was DvB with talk about how subs changed Newcastle matches, it was actually subs who trashed Leipzig...and that after subs were Fred at CDM, Scot as Box to Box, Pogba was on left and Bruno at the tip... exactly the same team which started for Arsenal
Tahmid Ahmed
Tahmid Ahmed - 28 dager siden
Yusuf Best
Yusuf Best - 28 dager siden
People talking about tactics now but when fergie dominated the epl he didnt have these tactics but players who rise to the occasion..
Connor Cochrane
Connor Cochrane - 28 dager siden
Banterchester united
Connor Cochrane
Connor Cochrane - 28 dager siden
Banter fc
Lj G*
Lj G* - 28 dager siden
Van De Beek is gonna regret joining United purely because Ole has favourites and it’s so fucking obvious.