GOLDBRIDGE! Istanbul Basaksehir 2-1 Manchester United Match Reaction

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Istanbul Basaksehir 2-1 Manchester United! Mark Goldbridge reacts to a loss for United. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand.🔔 Player Ratings Vote here
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Runtime: 37:26


bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt - 14 dager siden
clueless and we all know it.
Rock girl
Rock girl - 15 dager siden
It always comes back to the fact that Woodward hired an ex player who was managing the equivalent of a league one club.
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu - 17 dager siden
I'm ole in but its hard to defend him now. He's not helping himself at all
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy - 19 dager siden
I'm finally Ole out. He is David Moyes mark II instead of the new Alex Ferguson. Disappointing. He should go back to Norway soon.
Rock girl
Rock girl - 15 dager siden
This guy's videos are trending because people like to see him lose the plot ! Crazy.
asioe kiou
asioe kiou - 19 dager siden
lindelof is the one who actually lead the defence. When he’s not in the team the defence falls apart. Maquire leaves his partner alone in defence.
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu - 17 dager siden
Man United are shite
John Pearson
John Pearson - 20 dager siden
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nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy - 17 dager siden
Still talking with your hands I see 👀
yasio bolo
yasio bolo - 20 dager siden
vdb isn’t being played coz solskjaer didn’t sign him ,solskjaer should never of got the job in the first place ,
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy - 19 dager siden
Man United are shite
Ben Holland
Ben Holland - 21 dag siden
It’s because there on millions a month, do you think they really care !! Come on, early 20s and there multi millionaires , there in a different world to us working class!!!
asioe kiou
asioe kiou - 19 dager siden
Man United are shite
Esteban Fire
Esteban Fire - 21 dag siden
"The goal is comical, laughable. That can only be a player's fault - that's not down to the staff or the coaches." Paul Scholes.
when will these former players accept their mate, does not have a system of playing or tactics
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy - 17 dager siden
Man United are shite
PixelStacker - 21 dag siden
Jadon Sancho must be pleased he dodged the the bullet known as manchester ushited. indeed!
yasio bolo
yasio bolo - 20 dager siden
Amazing video man
Steve John
Steve John - 21 dag siden
Bruno fred vdb !!! That's it that the comment !
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt - 14 dager siden
Good game 🇹🇷
Alexlemd - 22 dager siden
Should have sold pogba and keep Jose. Admit it. Admit it now.
Robert Browne
Robert Browne - 22 dager siden
It’s all mctominays fault mark, right? U couldn’t wait to question why he came on. Bruno was terrible the last few weeks. Pogba is dogsh1te
A Warwick
A Warwick - 22 dager siden
Flex is Ole out but on AFTV last week he was giving it the big une 😂
Manchester Utd
Manchester Utd - 22 dager siden
Ole's at the wheel but it's not connected to the ship
Bradley Gardiner
Bradley Gardiner - 22 dager siden
You had a mentality coach but your players think they are bigger then they are and can’t take reality and being held accountable. Not Jose is with us and we have players buying in and he is getting results. Helps when the board backs a top manager as well
Mark R
Mark R - 22 dager siden
Doesn’t matter who manages Utd they are cursed for the numbers of years they had that banner up. Banner Karma.
Nightboy - 21 dag siden
what banner ?
Melih Yüksel
Melih Yüksel - 22 dager siden
Good game 🇹🇷
APM M - 22 dager siden
This guy's videos are trending because people like to see him lose the plot ! Crazy.
The Jaw Spinner
The Jaw Spinner - 22 dager siden
Man United are shite
Jane Janie
Jane Janie - 22 dager siden
Still talking with your hands I see 👀
Jonathan - 22 dager siden
Ole 4 more years please
d d
d d - 22 dager siden
jose Mohrinio and Harry Redknapp encouraging young men to gamble....not special....just greedy
shaun spadah
shaun spadah - 22 dager siden
Fergies to blame stayed at the club far too long leaving a poor team for moyes to work with
Jelle Stegenga
Jelle Stegenga - 22 dager siden
Piece gym student look onto trade challenge salmon jury
ant 2419
ant 2419 - 22 dager siden
In all my years watching this team, I can't think of a time when I had such little expectations for the season. Just sad and only going to get worse
Shaun - 22 dager siden
mono - 22 dager siden
Bilbo example was epic😂😂
Edna Tuckle
Edna Tuckle - 22 dager siden
How annoying Chelsea are keeping clean sheets and have made some positive signings
Edna Tuckle
Edna Tuckle - 22 dager siden
Who made McGuire look good at Leicester?
waqar khan
waqar khan - 22 dager siden
man united was lucky could have conceded 5 goals
Oliver Appleby
Oliver Appleby - 22 dager siden
Jesse Lingard probably has more heart and passion than the whole united team tonight
diglawrence - 22 dager siden
Just reminding myself to carry on watching from 17:06
Arka Mukherjee
Arka Mukherjee - 22 dager siden
As time passes the difference between Maguire and Jones/ Rojo is slowly diminishing, all three are calamity prone with the only difference being fitness.
yesmina hambli
yesmina hambli - 23 dager siden
Tyler B
Tyler B - 23 dager siden
I feel sorry for Rashford. Imagine how good he would be under Klopp.
lee taylor
lee taylor - 23 dager siden
Hahahhahahahhahha 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Man U having the season of their life
WOOOPdoctorFROGhere - 23 dager siden
Wan Bissaka has always been positionally shocking. People just forgive him because he has the ability to make last ditch slide tackles. Although he does a good job with his slides, ask any defensive coach or pundit - any defender that goes to ground is doing so in order to make up for bad positioning. Van Dijk never goes to ground. Wan Bissaka does it about 5 times a game.
ejumpz 3313
ejumpz 3313 - 23 dager siden
opening league lost, against arsenal lost, chelsea draw, what is this... this is not man utd style..... player too relax... everytime position worst, starting lineup like no recognize player & position.... please study opponent game style before do selection..... learn from sir alex.... cavani no chance to start, telles, van de beek also like not important to coach..... i hate when man utd lose...
ejumpz 3313
ejumpz 3313 - 23 dager siden
solskjaer too relax... like no urgency.!!! early 30 minutes u give opponent to domimate position u will be punish.... they score then will start to defend..... think about it!!!!
Sunset Thailand
Sunset Thailand - 23 dager siden
you had one of the best managers in the world and you got rid of him, and kept the cancer players that are ruining the club (pogba) - Ole is scared of the players, wants to be the nice guy manager, doesn't work when you have lazy players who doesn't care about winning or losing.
Yello_Mello - 23 dager siden
“Pogba is the best cm in the world on his day” , lmao mesut ozil is the best 10 in the world in his day . Silly point
Anupam Bajpai
Anupam Bajpai - 23 dager siden
Martial is actually a good player. Frustrating to see some of us lambast him unfairly.
Tyrone - 23 dager siden
Tom - 23 dager siden
You're seriously underestimating bilbo baggins
Mason Larkins
Mason Larkins - 23 dager siden
Penandes gave the ball away 34 TIMES.
Just a penalty merchant.
Stevo Grilla
Stevo Grilla - 23 dager siden
Manu are a great watch at the moment...absolute circus..heard Ole has a red nose, squirty lapel flower and outrageously long shoes for the EFC game.
carl cederhorn
carl cederhorn - 23 dager siden
United throwing a manager under the buss? Shocking
Will Elelu
Will Elelu - 23 dager siden
Exactly van de beek is not a no 10 i have been saying this since
Semaj Repooc
Semaj Repooc - 23 dager siden
I’m back to Ole out. If he had the leadership skills required, our players wouldn’t have so many shock performances.
Will Barbour
Will Barbour - 23 dager siden
Imran - 23 dager siden
1000th comment
Will Barbour
Will Barbour - 23 dager siden
Ole is getting the sack
Neil L
Neil L - 23 dager siden
Oli at the WHEEL 😂😂😂
Mo H
Mo H - 23 dager siden
It's a shambles from top to bottom. No leaders on the pitch, no system/style of play, no transfer strategy, panick buying big name players to appease fans, businessmen running the club. I feel like our biggest loss since Sir Alex has been David Gill.
It's really sad but I feel like we keep making too many expensive mistakes. VDK hasn't been playing, Maguire keeps making mistakes and showing no leadership qualities, formation/team keeps getting changed. I just don't get why on earth Ole is trying to give every single player minutes. It's not about making everyone happy, it's about putting a team out there that can do the job! And why McTominay plays is beyond me. Poch coming in could provide a spark but too much else needs to change!
Tom - 23 dager siden
Look at the best ex players that have had success as managers in recent times, Zidane, Gerrard, Pirlo etc all players that were running the show on the pitch before they began running the team from the sideline. Ole never did that in his career so why did anyone expect him to be a decent manager
izzy hassan
izzy hassan - 23 dager siden
Adrian Kelly
Adrian Kelly - 23 dager siden
U look like a man child presenter
Ray Farrell
Ray Farrell - 23 dager siden
Maybe If United got relegated this season it might reset the club as such. They need a major overhaul from the top down the shock of relegation might kickstart the badly needed reshuffle
BigRandomUn - 23 dager siden
I swear Donny Van De Beek played next to Frenkie De Jong in the same Ajax team. And Frenkie is a box-to-box player. How can you forgot how someone plays when you have another player who played in the same system?
Sir Klopp
Sir Klopp - 23 dager siden
Imagine making Maguire the captain of the team after 6 months, that decision is almost as bad as the price you paid for him
Steve Whitehead
Steve Whitehead - 23 dager siden
Soon be January
You can spend 100mil on another lump of wood for your defence
Michael McDonagh
Michael McDonagh - 23 dager siden
Of you gave the ball away 34 times in Klopp’s team, you wouldn’t even be in the squad the next game never mind start.
Sean Mann
Sean Mann - 23 dager siden
I think you need more graphics on the screen.
sanjesh silwal
sanjesh silwal - 23 dager siden
Everton 4 united 0..oles final nail in the coffin.
Sanaan Tariq
Sanaan Tariq - 23 dager siden
Bilbo baggins and Anthony Joshua.🤣🤣🤣🤣......mark has lost it
12SWIFTMEDIA TV - 23 dager siden
Ole is the problem of that team. The players have lost confidence in the coach so he has to go. Now Pogba sits on the bench for a few bad games, but Maguire gets to captain and constantly play despite all the terrible performances. Favoritism from the coach is a big problem. I am fed up with all of this
Cian - 23 dager siden
Pogba is shite lads, we need to stop holding on to the hope that he’s going to turn into France Pogba. Sell him in jan for 80 mil and put it towards Sancho
Vaccine Promotion Board
Vaccine Promotion Board - 23 dager siden
Does man u have any fans from Manchester?
8233Eire - 23 dager siden
Martial wasn't at his best. He looked lead-footed at times and made fewer 'runs'.....
Thapelo Cliford Supang
Thapelo Cliford Supang - 23 dager siden
Funny how Mark always says "We going to do player ratings in a minute" and ends up doing it after 35 minutes hahaha
Kerem Aydin
Kerem Aydin - 23 dager siden
8233Eire - 23 dager siden
C'mon Mark, say it...Ole OUT!!! :)
redwill2106 - 23 dager siden
I think if you look back to where we were when Ole took over we are clearly in a better situation now the squad is better, younger and less mercenary. However it might be that Ole has reached his limit, I love the guy and I think even if he gets sacked he shouldn’t be seen as a failure because he will be leaving us in a better situation than mourinho or van gaal. When he came in it was to steady the ship and clear the deadwood, he’s done well in that respect but it might be time to move on.
NEON - 23 dager siden
Just look at him probably win on the weekend and people change their opinion it's how small minded we've become as a club and I've completely given up as long as this man's in charge.
Josh Nunn
Josh Nunn - 23 dager siden
Why was Rafael da Silva on the player ratings?
Nyamarungu Jr
Nyamarungu Jr - 23 dager siden
6:53 point noted it is not on the same bed it is in the same room
Roy Ewins
Roy Ewins - 23 dager siden
Utd's problem is passion, no one cares really, no respect for the club or it's iconic history, I have just been watching 2009/2011 games those Utd teams would have slaughtered this team
with their eyes shut, the passion is so prominent it stands out like the bollocks on a bulldog and that passion to win came from Fergie.
Matthew Kneale
Matthew Kneale - 23 dager siden
Ole has crashed time to go!!
gobchops - 23 dager siden
First half some good football but completely open at the back a disaster. Mctominay had a golden opportunity when he came on at half time to redeem himself to some of you. Did he pick the team up, drive them on and create something? no. Did his normal thing jogging around making meaningless passes and concentrating more on pulling his socks above his knees than actually making the difference. Beginning of last season he was a mainstay in the side and our performances and results were up and down, once he got injured and Matic and Fred were the mainstay of the midfield, we made 4th. He needs to go NOW!
Kalash Sharma
Kalash Sharma - 23 dager siden
Not only start but play for 90 mi if he plays good
tinasheb nyamvura
tinasheb nyamvura - 23 dager siden
U are being objective man,the team is failing us
BamintheClam - 23 dager siden
Only mark could get anthony Joshua and Bilbo Baggins in the same metaphor 🤣
Alfred Mumbula
Alfred Mumbula - 23 dager siden
Ole has lost more games than Jose, with Ole managing 44 games less.
ADITYA SINHA - 23 dager siden
Now it's time to replace OLE. We have given him enough time. Fcuking Maguire, he doesn't know his place and his role. He doesn't deserve captain. Everytime he left his place and pressing high. And OLE you should leave now. How he can substitute DVK? Bullshhhit tactics. I'm fed-up with Manutd now.
michael Kelly
michael Kelly - 23 dager siden
When Ole got the managers job, Man utd were on fire, had a really good run of games. One needs to look back at what he did at the time, and keep it basic. Change the play. Instead of keep playing from the back every time, knock it up front and have a shot at goal. They are never going to win if they aren't shooting. Also keep a settled formation of players, he keeps rotating the players all the time, no wonder there is no consistencygets. Come on Utd. Let's stick with Ole and get the basics right.
Kenny Official
Kenny Official - 23 dager siden
Donny van de beek is bloody goooood !!!!
Alfred Mumbula
Alfred Mumbula - 23 dager siden
Ole escaped the sack when we lost 4-0 at Everton. This weekend Everton will finish what they started.
Kalash Sharma
Kalash Sharma - 23 dager siden
Performances should govern team sheet and substitution
Kalash Sharma
Kalash Sharma - 23 dager siden
Guys just one question how will I survive till next transfer window plz
Kalash Sharma
Kalash Sharma - 23 dager siden
I feel we screwed Henderson this season by not loaning
sarcasm86uk - 23 dager siden
Kalash Sharma
Kalash Sharma - 23 dager siden
Even if Maguire picks striker he will foul him and a penalty I am sure I want him to mark the striker but he would still suck
Balla C
Balla C - 23 dager siden
Ole in!
Scooter Laier
Scooter Laier - 23 dager siden
I’m honestly sick of Maguire, why can’t we just play Tuanzebe and Lindelof when lindelof has been the better player. Maguire may be more physical and better at headers, but I see NONE of those traits that make him a good player on the pitch as a Man Utd player. Ole should stop being afraid to bench Maguire just because he’s the captain and costed us 80 mil.
Matt Handford
Matt Handford - 23 dager siden
Harry Maguire's the worst captain in the Premier League.
HM Free mind
HM Free mind - 23 dager siden
Ole’s gone
Happy Funster
Happy Funster - 23 dager siden
Should play Maguire at centre forward
Kalash Sharma
Kalash Sharma - 23 dager siden
Ole doesn't really know completely about the team and what someone brings to team . and fucking pathetic in subbing players he will bring anyone and take off one plays well
Matt Handford
Matt Handford - 23 dager siden
We've got the right players, just not the right manager.