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Solskjaer must play Van De Beek and stop picking Man Utd sides that doesn't use our best players says Goldbridge. Agree? Get the latest Man Utd News now on The United Stand. SUBSCRIBE here
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Tashrif Alam
Tashrif Alam - Måned siden
Give it a try. Give Van De Beek a chance in the McTominay role
Kiyong Desmond
Kiyong Desmond - Måned siden
Ole clueless
rouel wilson
rouel wilson - Måned siden
With no squad depth we played lingard n periera constantly now we have squad depth we play horrendous no football brain full of running James... days are numbered !!
BabsW - Måned siden
I completely agree Goldbridge. Ole's player selections and tactics will get him sacked.
Alk.t -
Alk.t - - Måned siden
I’m with Ole out because you just UNDERSTAND why!!
Alk.t -
Alk.t - - Måned siden
I’m with Ole out , I like him but his decisions missed up even Psg or any United squad strong enough to beat any team nothing waw it’s happened any team could win he likes playing and consist play them while they’re useless Maguire,Shaw ,and James
Blue - Måned siden
Lenroy Smith
Lenroy Smith - Måned siden
So why we fans was crying for players as chelsea got alot ..ole doe turning himself like mourinho now buy players to bench n Carrick doing as asisste cocah he hope to speak with ole ..look mourinho benching bale n the new boy now..
Kato Patrick
Kato Patrick - Måned siden
Apply the 4-4-2.Diamond,with,BRUNO,MATA,VAN DE BEEK,POGBA AND MATIC
Raj Girdhari
Raj Girdhari - Måned siden
Ole should be fired he has his favourites whether that player in performing or not he does have the club at heart he doesn't want to win games
Bucky MacClusky
Bucky MacClusky - Måned siden
James wouldn't play his way out of a wet paper bag, i like him but hes not been at it fpr a season and a half now....
Taimur Ahmed
Taimur Ahmed - Måned siden
ole gunner solsjkaer is veri good TacTicalli buT like pep he someTimes overdoes iT
Valerie Jackson
Valerie Jackson - Måned siden
Leon Palmer
Leon Palmer - Måned siden
I hope he leaves were holding too many players back .
Patrick Muyonjo
Patrick Muyonjo - Måned siden
Mark, you just said it was anyone's right to say Ole out and yet you bash them. Come on. Which way is it? You either respect their opinion no matter the reason is or you don't. Can't have it both ways mate.'
CFernando17 - Måned siden
Donny is the new midfield-specialized John O’Shea 🔴⚫️⚪️🤙🏻
Play the man Ole...
Please don’t start Dan James again...
shaju ali
shaju ali - Måned siden
This guy deluded
Jur Spapen
Jur Spapen - Måned siden
Is this Mark Noble?
Magese William
Magese William - Måned siden
You see right there, the way he mix those eleven, the team that finish newcastle is not the team that started n its the team that play mostly of the Chelsea, this guy dont know what he got... IN pogba in Beek, and before in Fred, u rem how long it took for Fred to actually play, that time we were riding with Perreira n Mcsause? Now he mismanaged these talents... i told u we are not goin anywhere with Ole, one step foward two steps backward... Ole was a sentimental signing, we never learn since Moyes n up to now we still making same mistake, n what worse this team is actually so gifted with amazing players, not like moyes team.
Visionary Hub
Visionary Hub - Måned siden
Don't even say van de beek is xbox he is far far far better than geralish
Kimkima jongte
Kimkima jongte - Måned siden
Ole out😡😡😡
mark houston
mark houston - Måned siden
Says James doesn't make the bench then licks Ricky's arse ltr
Raza Ali
Raza Ali - Måned siden
Why won't Ole play Van De Beek?!
Tim Jim
Tim Jim - Måned siden
Donny starts for most top premier league clubs why is he on the bench ?? Every game he’s played he’s made an impact
Zain Khan
Zain Khan - Måned siden
I keep saying this everyone says start vdb and I want him to obviously but I just give Up saying it coz he won’t start him simple every game we say it we hope for it but never happens
Zain Khan
Zain Khan - Måned siden
Forget the bigger teams just leeds and villa can score by playing good and having a passing game we don’t even when Pogba came on we look for individual brilliance like he just looks for a wonder ball over the top and that’s it no real playing style
Marc Howlett
Marc Howlett - Måned siden
On VDB maybe he wasn't 100% like we think. Perhaps he wasn't feeling great and thats why he didn't start who knows.. all I'm saying is lets not drill ole without knowing the whole facts, Perhaps he knew something we don't.
Ryan G
Ryan G - Måned siden
Ole’s treatment of Donny is embarrassing I’d love to see how good Donny is, he should have definitely started over James I mean what has James done to deserve a start ?
Edward Wanjala
Edward Wanjala - Måned siden
This club has a clueless coach period! Unfortunately he is here to stay because the board are just as clueless!
united4all official
united4all official - Måned siden
Tomislav Klauski
Tomislav Klauski - Måned siden
The worst thing is, Donny's confidence is shot and the pressure on him when he does play will be incredible
Tomislav Klauski
Tomislav Klauski - Måned siden
Donny scored in his first game, opened Newscastle game, played good in the cup games
Sylvester Moodley
Sylvester Moodley - Måned siden
Could it be that ole wants to prove a point to Ed for the Donny signing. And by not using donny says that ole can work without him.
Vincent Maessen
Vincent Maessen - Måned siden
put donny in the next lineup! otherwise he's gone next season. the guy is class
Taimur Ahmed
Taimur Ahmed - Måned siden
BulatBulatCafe - Måned siden
Bielsa, who Pep arguably models himself after as a tactician, wanted Dan James and still do
Jordan Donnelly
Jordan Donnelly - Måned siden
I still don’t get why you bought him. He’s a good player but he’s an attacking minded midfielder which you already have Bruno and pogba, the guys just gonna rot in the bench and waste his career
Dijo Koottappillil
Dijo Koottappillil - Måned siden
Mark indirectly saying XBox is better than PS5.....
Gift Mumba
Gift Mumba - Måned siden
Even if we win/draw/lose, I always say Ole is not good enough for manutd .playing with two CDM and you have donny,pogba on the bench .cavane is natural striker but you are starting with James . what are you thinking ?
Evan Quigley
Evan Quigley - Måned siden
Don’t agree mata not good enough to start that game!! Mata is a little magician he had a clear chance to win the game he works his socks off and he creates chances.
Brian Jenkins
Brian Jenkins - Måned siden
At the very least once Fred got the yellow card Donny should've been put on....
Xinzi Zhou
Xinzi Zhou - Måned siden
Mark has been very negative before, but I've never heard him spending an episode to explicitly name existing players and calling them sh** etc
Nurbol Nurdaulet
Nurbol Nurdaulet - Måned siden
I heard or read somewhere that VDB said he talked to OLE and he liked the role which Ole proposed to him. so might be other issue. It is not that Ole did not want VDB, kinda silly point.
Dan Badd
Dan Badd - Måned siden
After watching Pellistri in the U23s I would 100% start him ahead of James
vicky salian
vicky salian - Måned siden
Ole is doing to Van De Beek what Mourinho did to Martial........
Raphael Frank
Raphael Frank - Måned siden
He doesn’t trust van De beek but trust James and mctomminay haha!
Ayvree - Måned siden
Ole has no backbone , we need a ruthless manager
Harto Widjaja
Harto Widjaja - Måned siden
Ole tried to rotate in order to get reasults on every cups which is wrong... He needs to focus on the Premier cos the fans are mostly English football fans. When he gets united to where it shud belong and got that fear factor back to united then considering other cups... Then everybody will be happy either win draw or lose...
Ayvree - Måned siden
We’re in f*cking in 15th let that sink in MANCHESTER UNITED ARE IN 15th . He need to go before he get this club relegated like Cardiff .. idgaf about pogba cause he doesn’t want to be here so get rid of him and play dvb in his position and he would give us his all. But this man isn’t going to play him cause he wants to flood the damn team with overpriced English players. This man sees one set of tactics working against psg and change everything against Chelsea..can’t believe this man played under the world greatest managers and still haven’t learned anything . Do you think fergie would be playing mctominay or James before dvb
arvie ocampo
arvie ocampo - Måned siden
Junaid Davids
Junaid Davids - Måned siden
I love the last bit lol made me laugh.
John Smith
John Smith - Måned siden
Some stupid comments. Matic and Pogba couldn't plug a sink at the moment. We need Scott and Fred to be solid. And why all of a sudden can Donny play right, left or striker!?? He's a AMC. We'd need to drop Bruno or put him back next to Fred. It's no easy fix. We need to stop making up positions for Donny just to crowbar him in!
John Smith
John Smith - Måned siden
As I watch this video more....DVB can play box to box BUT IN A 3. It's a totally different position in a 2 in midfield. But we can shoehorn him in on the left or right. It DOESN'T WORK LIKE THAT.
apple account
apple account - Måned siden
Here is how I see it, VDB's best position is currently occupied by Bruno, he can play CM but defensively Scott and Fred are far better (even though I VDB is far better technically and creatively), and add to that we don't have much cup games and FA cup games lined up so Ole cant really experiment. He will play tons of games this season for sure. The congestion of fixtures and injuries will force OGS hands. It's just the start of the season and the fans need to keep calm about all this. The Pundits will make a big deal out of this cause they have to, they are paid to make headlines.
Total vision Production
Total vision Production - Måned siden
Ole must give all the players a chance and work it from there Mata has been there done it all,we all know what he can offer but to start Mata against donny it's just Totally unacceptable
Nakul Mehra
Nakul Mehra - Måned siden
Even smarter is resting bruno midweek and playing VDB with the last 25 mins for bruno, that's how he should've planned this tough set of fixtures imo.
Hafiz Rothi
Hafiz Rothi - Måned siden
The harsh truth is that VDB plays the same role as Fernandes. As long as Fernandes is playing VDB is not needed. In addition, it doesn't make sense to force VDB into the right wing or left wing positions. Hence, the mistake was in recruitment where instead of getting VDB, Utd should have gotten proper wingers in instead.
Châu Nguyễn Đăng
Châu Nguyễn Đăng - Måned siden
He came to OTF to develop, but Ole is destroying his career.
Craig Millington
Craig Millington - Måned siden
Ole was always a wallie!
Craig Millington
Craig Millington - Måned siden
He is a versitile midfielder!...its sad how ole use some players just prove he don't want to play dvb
Craig Millington
Craig Millington - Måned siden
Ole is a fraud when it comes to picking the players to play!...vdb is better than most of those he starts
DIRK BIROT - Måned siden
But why wont he want van fe beek
Shamaar Joseph
Shamaar Joseph - Måned siden
We are less than 10 games into the season and you are here saying that Ole don’t trust DVB, how can you say we don’t want DVB or needed him when a player like Andreas played more than 30 plus games as a (squad player). It’s a long season and Donny gonna play plenty games this season and his time is going to come.
warner douglas
warner douglas - Måned siden
i am beginning to think that mark is on ransom to keep pushing this ole in and pogba out agenda, and he has even brought top reds in as well to the channel whom talk crap. something is going on in united stand which i dont understand anymore
Raheem #
Raheem # - Måned siden
Donny van debeek we signed him on the cheap, he scores more goals ina week then pogba and fred now that he’s a man united red
Frik0z - Måned siden
Francis Sunu
Francis Sunu - Måned siden
Our coach is not good so you know why he is just afraid playing James who does not have any impact on the pitch now bench James and use James
Francis Sunu
Francis Sunu - Måned siden
Our coach just does not know his 1st eleven
Ryan Attard
Ryan Attard - Måned siden
what the hell is going on whit man united
spunyballs - Måned siden
DAN JAMES AND HIS PACE , its a complete MYTH its so tiring hearing this, i honestly cant remember a time he's out run anyone...........
Mark Keating
Mark Keating - Måned siden
I don't no why utd signed him if we are not going to play him it is a joke I have to say
Doug Swann
Doug Swann - Måned siden
I wasn’t one of the Olly must go clan but I am starting to lean that way. He is too inconsistent and his team choices and tactics are bizarre. Time he went.
Anjum A
Anjum A - Måned siden
Azzam Salahat
Azzam Salahat - Måned siden
I can’t believe that the coach who did the tactics against PSG and the whole world talk about is the same coach against Chelsea!!
We saw the sir great tactics against PSG !
Trigger Man
Trigger Man - Måned siden
6 mistakes there by ole.🤣🤣
Leon Harris
Leon Harris - Måned siden
ole out, Doesn't support all our players. Donny van beek is world class, he deserve to start every game, Paul pogba should be kept in the bench
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson - Måned siden
HAD WE STARTED POGBA AND MATIC, I am not sure we even draw that game. I would have used Van de Beek over James, but maybe that was James last chance to do something. If that is the squad progression great.
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson - Måned siden
Starting Mctom and Fred over Pogna and Matic is clearly a tactical.choice. Ole is choosing grafters over player who have already failed him.this season. Dont have a problem.with that decision.
Anthony Woodhouse
Anthony Woodhouse - Måned siden
As a subscriber am I the only one who thinks Mark states his view in the first 3-5 minutes and then basically just repeats the same points with a gradual more and more angry voice for the next 30 minutes
Philip Mensah
Philip Mensah - Måned siden
Marcelo Tapia
Marcelo Tapia - Måned siden
VDB is so much better than Graelish too. Disgusting management
TheDisruptiveOne - Måned siden
This is a topic that I can definitely upvote!
DAVID WING - Måned siden
I would of played a 3-2-2-2-1
De gea
twanze Lind Shaw
Wanba Telles
Pogba fernandez
Greenwood. Rashford
Jack Beck
Jack Beck - Måned siden
Donny should play Fred’s role but that’s also Pogba’s role so how can we make them all play together except for a diamond?
Ellis Wood
Ellis Wood - Måned siden
Aslong as he learns his lesson its fine. soon as he does this again hes gone
Omar Baru Sillah
Omar Baru Sillah - Måned siden
I really hope Ole’s watching this channel.
Eric Polese-Lopez
Eric Polese-Lopez - Måned siden
I need someone to explain how Ole is better than Jose...seems a carved copy just with a boyish smile instead of a scowl
Ralph Carbon
Ralph Carbon - Måned siden
Please free donny ,how the hell can matta and dan james play over donny ,plus mc tomminay ole is crazy stupid
bobthechimp1234 - Måned siden
The ending 😂😂😂
ger power
ger power - Måned siden
He has to get in ahead of james,mata r greenwood.
Eric Polese-Lopez
Eric Polese-Lopez - Måned siden
DVB is NOT a wide player...that's an erroneous myth. He's a central player. Shud have played instead Fred or McTomminay, or no10 n Play Bruno LW
Jimmy Johnsson
Jimmy Johnsson - Måned siden
Excellent video today :)
Sexual Chocolate Robbie
Sexual Chocolate Robbie - Måned siden
Free Donny you Gollum he’s not your precious.
Nick mag
Nick mag - Måned siden
Not to try and knock mark but idk I remember mark literally saying that Mata deserved to start because he won against Newcastle
SAli Another day
SAli Another day - Måned siden
James need a loan out to a club with a real club, ole has proven that he is not capable of running the club, the psg game result were due to psg being so poor of they were on form they would have battered us.
Mr Big Knob
Mr Big Knob - Måned siden
“He’s picking players that brings him in the cones” 🤣🤣
Liam Brooky
Liam Brooky - Måned siden
I usually agree with Mark, but this is absolute dribble.
SAli Another day
SAli Another day - Måned siden
Ole is incompetent
Richard Dorling
Richard Dorling - Måned siden
Any news on Sancho?
Moy Manrique
Moy Manrique - Måned siden
The ending 😂
Famara Jawara
Famara Jawara - Måned siden
I heat Ola because he don't start van De Beek plz Ola out
Alokay Amari UG
Alokay Amari UG - Måned siden
How do you put D. James ahead of Van De Beek..... It's so annoying so freeeeeaaaaaaking annoying. We are home, haven't won from there yet this season, it's not helping him.