FLEX! WHAT A PERFORMANCE! Manchester United 5-0 RB Leipzig Flex's Final Word

Manchester United 5-0 RB Leipzig and Flex has high praise for Fred, Rashford, Solsjkaer and the rest of the team as United dominate RB Leipzig!
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Runtime: 08:57


Conor Barry
Conor Barry - 28 dager siden
Remember when this channel was OLE OUT TV?? Cuz I fuckin do. And slowly but surely yere crawling back. Keep it.
Davies Ruihu
Davies Ruihu - 29 dager siden
Flex has the best Gary Neville impression😂😂😂
A B - 29 dager siden
Martial was designated pen taker even when Bruno came on.....So I read.
tanmay chopra
tanmay chopra - 29 dager siden
Amir Syabidabidu
Amir Syabidabidu - 29 dager siden
I hope Cavani will start against Arsenal.
mason Greenwood
mason Greenwood - 29 dager siden
Enjoy this one boys. We’re actually participating in the champions league this time. Love to see it!!
Soto Lee
Soto Lee - 29 dager siden
Amazing analysis. Normally don't come here because of Mark's dishonest analysis but this is alright. The whole team including the guys that came on did very well. The manager made the changes at the right time, picked the right team as well. Impressive.
Buttercup Crotchets
Buttercup Crotchets - 29 dager siden
I miss KG
Cloverfield - 29 dager siden
What happened to him ?
Matthew Gartell
Matthew Gartell - 29 dager siden
Well said flex
Adam B72
Adam B72 - Måned siden
Brilliant after game thoughts flex 💪🏼 big up mate
Vladimir Stroganoff
Vladimir Stroganoff - Måned siden
Marcus didn't give it to Martial, no matter what you might think, Ole had said that either Martial or Pogba is on pens.
steviemak10 - Måned siden
Pastor Fred, preaching the pitch once again!🔥🔥🔥🔥
WATCH NOFACE - Måned siden
I’ve been Ole in mostly because of connection to club and the fact that he literally is on film as a utd player taking management notes from fergie in the dressing room. Ole has now PROVED imo he has what it takes. Last thing left left is not repeating mistakes. James and mata can be useful but must not start over VDB. It was probably a platform just so he could give James his chance but the verdict should be he is a bench/impact player now who needs further coaching and development. No I’ll feelings towards these players they can still play a role and be part of success.
Ike Kamalu
Ike Kamalu - Måned siden
Ole needs to start Cavani, Martial and Rashford against the Gunners. All guns blazing!
Ike Kamalu
Ike Kamalu - Måned siden
If Man Utd win their next two matches in the group, they will automatically qualify for the round of 16.👌
David Jones
David Jones - Måned siden
What's happened to the player ratings recently? It was my favourite United Stand programme.
Cloverfield - 29 dager siden
What happened to all the other interviewers too ??
Fábio Skill
Fábio Skill - Måned siden
Same man I really miss the player ratings
Anthony Gurirab
Anthony Gurirab - Måned siden
I hope this type of plays are not just once in 5 matches, but it's consistency every game
Billy Pug
Billy Pug - Måned siden
No one had a bad game, everyone seems to be on it for these UCL games. Hopefully they can do the same for the PL
AzYouWere - Måned siden
Fred was insanely good. I love that Telles has given Shaw a kick up the ass. He was attempting crosses, whipping in free kicks great to see players step up and shows the importance of squad depth. Defo think VDB should be in the left or right of diamond and pogba a 10... group of death , pffftt think psg and leizpig missed the memo, we are the death dealers atm ... love it
TSA_03 A
TSA_03 A - Måned siden
I wanna see same team with rashford with greenwood/cavani and maybe matic in holding with Fred as box to box or Fred as holding or Bruno as the 8
ur boyfreugend
ur boyfreugend - Måned siden
Imma Chelseafan but I rate rashford no lie humble and generous he gave Marty to take the pen and he helped children with food banks
mj over lebandwagon
mj over lebandwagon - Måned siden
And people wanted Fred out. People won't admit that Fred is our most crucial midfielder. His energy and tenacity does not let opposition midfields overrun us. Plus he got the Brazilian feet. 🔥🔥
mj over lebandwagon
mj over lebandwagon - 29 dager siden
@DJPhix75 yup. An under pressure Matic is always better than a Confident matic. When he is Confident, he wants to try and dribble like Fred and do Cruyff turns like Pogba. 😂😂. But yeah, Matic does add that calmness to the team. If I was the DOF, I would go get Camavinga. Someone that read danger and be a tempo setter, plus he got the workrate aswell. We need agent Martial and Pogba for that. People say Ndidi, as much as I like him, we already have Fred that breaks up play, we need a proper Michael Carrick in the team rn.
Andre King
Andre King - Måned siden
I watched him playing for shaktar in cl anf i was always impressed with him
mj over lebandwagon
mj over lebandwagon - Måned siden
@DJPhix75 nope. I understand, but if we had Mctominay, it would be the same. Matic was getting bypassed so many times, but Fred is always covering him. Plus we have VDB and Pogba who can keep the ball. Fred has proven he is more crucial than both Matic and Mctominay. Its no coincidence that we are undefeated since Fred's inclusion in the starting line up.
Geoff Holt
Geoff Holt - Måned siden
why oh why are you wearing the new away kit? You are lining the yank shite’s pockets!!!!! Unless it is a knock off.
Nathan Cannaway
Nathan Cannaway - Måned siden
I remember rio caught you saying ole out he not perfect but he's one of our own always remember that !!
onotu aliyu ohindase
onotu aliyu ohindase - Måned siden
What a great win for United! Rashford was my Man of the Match!🔴✊🏿
beach bum
beach bum - Måned siden
Fred gives the ball away logic is stupid... Leipzig pressed the centre of the park in our area and awb and lindelof was cornered in numerous occasions in the first half and awb balls to fred weren't necessarily good balls and Fred was under pressure its not entirely his fault our back four must he careful and more responsible for the role
Charles Ellson
Charles Ellson - Måned siden
When the advert before the video is for red bull 🤣
Abu Yusuf
Abu Yusuf - Måned siden
VDB is so good on the ball, he keeps the play simple, finds good passes under pressure keeps the game moving.
Jake Marshall
Jake Marshall - Måned siden
Apparently ole made the decision for Martial or Pogba to take penalties as no bruno or rashford in starting XI, pogba was subbed so it was always Martial to take it
Maiden Air
Maiden Air - Måned siden
All we need to do is go to turkey win there and win at home and we are thru boys
Bruno Rodrigues
Bruno Rodrigues - Måned siden
Intro is so nice you put it in twice
Hjhh Yyy
Hjhh Yyy - Måned siden
Francisco Martins
Francisco Martins - Måned siden
Rasford and Bruno, they did a earthquake in few minutes. What a diference
writer james
writer james - Måned siden
Where are the Olie out brigade today .Idiots
Zaid - Måned siden
Fred gave the ball away once or twice. Stop mentioning it like Pogba, Bruno, and other players don't. But yes, great structured performance all round
Bo Chaka
Bo Chaka - Måned siden
Exactly everyone does but only when Fred does it's a problem to em
Joseph Sutton
Joseph Sutton - Måned siden
Darren Wong
Darren Wong - Måned siden
Ole in ole out ole shake it all about
Omari Ollivierre
Omari Ollivierre - Måned siden
I think Van de Beek kept the ball well, there were a few times he was pressed by two or three RBL players and he got out of it with some really good passes.
Dave Elcock
Dave Elcock - Måned siden
@Andre King he said Donny lost the ball 6 times, I remember one errant pass.
Andre King
Andre King - Måned siden
💯💯 glad u spotted that cause there are some idiots that said he didnt play that well
VoidedLight - Måned siden
It’s like some people don’t want to see our team do well. They’d rather push agendas than celebrate our victories smh.
Raymondo Red
Raymondo Red - Måned siden
I don’t think that Fred can ever become the complete midfielder Flex, because he doesn’t score any where near enough goals! Hard to believe that he’s Brazilian! I do like him though.
Bo Chaka
Bo Chaka - Måned siden
A box to box player isn't meant to mate. Also he's played most games as a CDM for us.
Francisco Hernandez
Francisco Hernandez - Måned siden
What happened to kg
Steven Ow
Steven Ow - Måned siden
YEs Fred is red on the field. Need to make his passes early, not to hold the ball too long especially in EPL where more physical contact is expected and Fred is not a big player, and try not to do funny and fancy stuff., just plan the basic and simple stuff "WELL" and Fred will be one of the best in EPL.
Da normal 1
Da normal 1 - Måned siden
Mate Rashford just needed to get his confidence back after his injury you know our medical team is useless..but he is back now has been all season
John Flora
John Flora - Måned siden
Fred is amazing player just what we need
Ando - Måned siden
Great victory!Please win over the weekend. We need consistency.
JaXbY 7
JaXbY 7 - Måned siden
Where’s Telles
Misierbobo - Måned siden
In isolation I presume. He got covid
Leon Palmer
Leon Palmer - Måned siden
Loosing all the regulars United stand is dead now 😔
Super Mario Maker 2 Glitch Hunters
RB Leipzig???? 🤦‍♀️
abdulrahman alali
abdulrahman alali - Måned siden
Hey Flex
agsotonukable - Måned siden
Some pundits still picking aparts stats like possession. Yes they have a point, but this was a massive performance and result against a highly regarded European side. Everyone should be buzzing..
eddiebuster10 - Måned siden
Fortunately Flex is still keeping me on here. Love his analysis. All the old guys r gone somehow. What's happening? Anyone have any idea?
eddiebuster10 - 29 dager siden
@Cloverfield Yh. Been away for awhile. When I got back almost all the old guys gone. Even KG who became my new favourite
Cloverfield - 29 dager siden
I want to know too
eddiebuster10 - 29 dager siden
@Uwais what?
Uwais - Måned siden
mohamed ahmed
mohamed ahmed - Måned siden
Ole deserve credit
Junior Blake
Junior Blake - Måned siden
Fred was involved in the first 4 goals
Junior Blake
Junior Blake - 27 dager siden
@Different People depends on how you look at it
Lucas de carvalho calixtro
And he passes the ball to martial on the penalty
Different People
Different People - Måned siden
Thats a stretch.
Lue Gardener
Lue Gardener - Måned siden
Everyone was involved
Harsh Dattani
Harsh Dattani - Måned siden
Where has Sander gone? Has he left the channel?
Star *
Star * - Måned siden
Martial gave the ball to rashford to take the penalty but ole told martial to take the penalty
Rackz Milli
Rackz Milli - Måned siden
Is it how uno
Man Lico
Man Lico - Måned siden
Great result. Now consistency.
Master Simz
Master Simz - Måned siden
"GrOuP oF dEaTh" 🙃🙃
We are UNITED 🔴⚫⚪
Fernando Bravo
Fernando Bravo - Måned siden
Spot on mentioning the faction who "look for something to moan at". That faction of Utd fans arent true and hate for the sake of it or to maintain the Ole Out agenda
Epsilon -Epps
Epsilon -Epps - Måned siden
so your saying that we shouldnt of moaned when we got six put past us against spurs??? at home at old Trafford. credit due we got the win but it took rashford to come off the bench or this would of been a 1-0 win im sorry its not moaning its the weak performance from the premier league games and the fact the board hasnt back Ole and that he take way to long to sub and change the formation but he is getting better. Fred needs to improve on his strength as he gets bullied on the ball and his shooting all else his ok
Luis Valdez
Luis Valdez - Måned siden
No team has scored on us, even the goals against us our players scored lol moving ok n up, getting formed, an actual bench. Looking good.
makhosini dube
makhosini dube - Måned siden
Sick and tired of "Ole out"
Big Shot Ron
Big Shot Ron - Måned siden
Best post SAF performance?
Brian Jacob
Brian Jacob - Måned siden
3-2 comeback at the Etihad. For half a game at least.
Will Chan
Will Chan - Måned siden
The Gary Neville had me in tears!
Louis Bonfield
Louis Bonfield - Måned siden
steviemak10 - Måned siden
That was funny🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Will Chan
Will Chan - Måned siden
@qotyop To me it was his take on Gary Neville. Enough for me to crack up!
qotyop - Måned siden
What's the context there? Flex didn't want to say it
Jebon - Måned siden
If telles play,we could hv scored more goals!!!
Icey _drip
Icey _drip - 29 dager siden
@steviemak10 yes
steviemak10 - Måned siden
Wish him well.🙏🏾
Icey _drip
Icey _drip - Måned siden
Too bad he has COVID 🤒
Nyati SM
Nyati SM - Måned siden
People who critsize Pobga will always critsize because it is agenda. That first goal unsettled the opposition .
Yusuf Best
Yusuf Best - Måned siden
Its not agenda cause he deserves criticism..
sadek rahman
sadek rahman - Måned siden
Ole deserves credit for this Victory.
sadek rahman
sadek rahman - Måned siden
I deserve ole an apology for his picks.
sadek rahman
sadek rahman - Måned siden
Rival - Måned siden
Lets not forget Cavani is a world class finisher
Harry Maguire
Harry Maguire - 29 dager siden
He finished me off in seconds 👊💦
Rival - Måned siden
Well he is a bloody good plan B. Rashford, Greewood and Martial all have similar qualities.
Vishnou JR
Vishnou JR - Måned siden
mate i have a feeling he might not be the player he is
Adam Doherty
Adam Doherty - Måned siden
No hes not
Adrian Bascombe
Adrian Bascombe - Måned siden
Good result. But need poch
Kevin Abraham Mathews
Kevin Abraham Mathews - Måned siden
I hope people dont get gassed by this. We are a bit of an unknown entity tactically since we have not played champions league in a season. I will say ole is tactically good if he can beat or draw them in the repeat fixtures
itsScott free
itsScott free - Måned siden
Unreal performance
DonKJB - Måned siden
Fave moment of the game was VDB in the 2nd half covering the short corner kick then there was another corner and he disrupted a juicy rebound and forced the shot wide / off target by the angle he closed the ball down. Super, super intelligent.
DonKJB - Måned siden
@Dave Elcock really stood out bc at the time RBL had been stifled all game. They were trying to take advantage of the deep position on the pitch, no fear of offsides. Van De Beek sniffed it out immediately as one the RBL players tried to sneak over to the corner. Then followed that out with a top class closeout in successive corners. That's to me where the game started to get out of reach for RBL. Van De Beek just frustrated them and then the change of pace onslaught happened.
Dave Elcock
Dave Elcock - Måned siden
That's the kind of intelligent play that often goes unnoticed.
Mayank Singh
Mayank Singh - Måned siden
That's what a ajax academy player brings to you😉 Very good at closing down spaces
Kalesu Kangwa
Kalesu Kangwa - Måned siden
The problem is we played amazing but were just gonna ruin it by losing to arsenal
Kalesu Kangwa
Kalesu Kangwa - 26 dager siden
@Misierbobo yes I am. If other teams can do it why csnt we?
Misierbobo - 26 dager siden
@Kalesu Kangwa right. So you're up for a new manager, new rebuild, lack of support after the first season, which leads to said manager getting fired and leading to a new cycle. Are you not seeing the same pattern over and again? Are you really that naive to think that a miracle coach will bring a new quick fix solution?
Kalesu Kangwa
Kalesu Kangwa - 26 dager siden
@Misierbobo me too... as long as this manger is there results like this will come dont be fooled cause we won Leipzig. Next prediction we draw at Everton
Misierbobo - 26 dager siden
@Kalesu Kangwa glad to see that you're more concerned with being "right" to the detriment of winning.
Kalesu Kangwa
Kalesu Kangwa - 26 dager siden
@Misierbobo I predicted we'd lose
mata manutd
mata manutd - Måned siden
Consistency is what is needed now
ISA FFASI - Måned siden
1:09 “He could’ve tried to make us conservative”
Rashford disagrees
steviemak10 - Måned siden
That’s a BAR🔥🔥🔥
K C - Måned siden
Underrated comment looool
L Squeezy
L Squeezy - Måned siden
@WhySoSer10us a joke smh
WhySoSer10us - Måned siden
Ali Albather
Ali Albather - Måned siden
We played so well that the video had two intros
Gilsz WARRIOR - 29 dager siden
toadie48 - Måned siden
I was just about to type this comment but then I saw yours ☺☺
Andreas Racha
Andreas Racha - Måned siden
Huh I thought that I was the only one who noticed that
Lilitaliano14 - Måned siden
If we win these next two CL matches we will get out of the group and can rest players for the Leipzig and psg games. GGMU
FIFA Star HD - Måned siden
The next two matches are against Turkish side away and Leipzig away
Hello, Bye!
Hello, Bye! - Måned siden
Many People wanted the head of Ole for nagelsman. He got battered and outclassed.
Dave Elcock
Dave Elcock - Måned siden
@Vanshaj Rathi no he's not disrespecting naglesmann, ole outclassed him, he brought on the subs at the right time and exposed their high press, so give ole credit for smashing naglesmann tactically.
Kalash Sharma
Kalash Sharma - Måned siden
@Vanshaj Rathi exactly ,if we play against them 10 times I am sure NAGELSMANN will carve out 5 wins atleast for sure one loss doesn't make him a bad manager
Dhakshith R.T
Dhakshith R.T - Måned siden
@Gobenaz Remruata that’s so true, but unavoidable, what can v do We surely make fun of Chelsea rn, so karma ig
Kalesu Kangwa
Kalesu Kangwa - Måned siden
@Vanshaj Rathi well said mate. Our squad was too powerful. I couldn't name you on player Leipzig apart from that guy who played for city
Gobenaz Remruata
Gobenaz Remruata - Måned siden
Pre match be like: Nagelsman is a better tactician than Ole..RB Leipzig will out play United...Leipzig will win 3-0...United are done etc... Post Match: Man United are a rich club Man Utd spending on this and this...lol
Greatest Analyser
Greatest Analyser - Måned siden
I like him VDB but today he didn’t play too well, if Pogba played the way he played fans will be saying he played dead. This fanbase is confusing
Farzin Jahani
Farzin Jahani - Måned siden
@Daniel Vazquez so as pogba when he plays at dm!!!
Warya Gang
Warya Gang - Måned siden
Also add the way he hold the ball so other players can join in
Daniel Vazquez
Daniel Vazquez - Måned siden
It's because he was out of position. Besides he did a lot for man u, his passing and speed of thought was so crucial to getting out of rb's relentless press.
Greatest Analyser
Greatest Analyser - Måned siden
Nobody really giving Pogba the praise he deserves, I thought he was good defensively, kept the ball well especially in tight areas, created chances for Greenwood and Martial and also won us quite a few fouls. If VDB played like that everyone will be claiming he has to start on Sunday
Miyo - Måned siden
Donny isnt a 10 but he did the best he could
Mayank Singh
Mayank Singh - Måned siden
Man worked very hard too
K C - Måned siden
@Roger Rogerson he played a good game ffs stop with the negative nitpicking
Icey _drip
Icey _drip - Måned siden
@Roger Rogerson he played a good game hater
Roger Rogerson
Roger Rogerson - Måned siden
Considering he was dispossessed 6 times why would he get credit for his defense play ?
Josh Wilson
Josh Wilson - Måned siden
Thanks flex
Joshua Danniel
Joshua Danniel - Måned siden
No dislikes arllowed
RTL - Måned siden
Cavani looks sharp, he's still got it.
Gilsz WARRIOR - 29 dager siden
@Daniel Vazquez ikr😭
Gilsz WARRIOR - 29 dager siden
Harry Maguire
Harry Maguire - 29 dager siden
I taught him well
Pat'gemini Martial
Pat'gemini Martial - Måned siden
He has that natural fitness.
Pedro Pedrozo
Pedro Pedrozo - Måned siden
@Daniel Vazquez fax
Andy - Måned siden
The most important thing is we back up this result and beat Arsenal! GGMU ❤️
Mitchell Rogers
Mitchell Rogers - Måned siden
Mayank Singh
Mayank Singh - Måned siden
@I Don't Know My Name loooooooool Arteta is gonna play a back 10 and park the bus at old Trafford now And you're saying we getting banged? 😂😂 Pass on the weed you're having
Andy - Måned siden
@I Don't Know My Name beat Dundalk first that’s your level awwww
mata manutd
mata manutd - Måned siden
@I Don't Know My Name 😀 let's wait and see
I Don't Know My Name
I Don't Know My Name - Måned siden
Get ready to be banged by Arsenal
Gotham United
Gotham United - Måned siden
It was an amazing day
Nasser Hossain
Nasser Hossain - Måned siden
Fred has to be the most improved player. Credit to Ole and the coaches.
Michael Discon
Michael Discon - 28 dager siden
Flex don’t like you cause u have too much pimple on ur face and always fart
yaj-willy Yaj
yaj-willy Yaj - Måned siden
Fred was amazing in the Ukraine. Trust he's been a good player, but your right 100.
Dhakshith R.T
Dhakshith R.T - Måned siden
@Bird Chest it’s not same guy who said it, so how is it ridiculous We still and will always have ole out fans, irrespective of the result
K C - Måned siden
@Bird Chest I’m an Ole sceptic not an Olesexual
Bird Chest
Bird Chest - Måned siden
One moment Ole out. The next Ole in. Ridiculous fans out here
Jonathan Yanakiss Tsouvallaris
Big up to Ole" Leave this man alone! Believe me he is the Saviour!!!!👹
ilir united
ilir united - Måned siden
What a game get inn
faisal alrashidi
faisal alrashidi - Måned siden
Where’s the live with KG
Brian Jacob
Brian Jacob - Måned siden
KG couldn't calm down long enough to go on camera.
Sufyan Billel
Sufyan Billel - Måned siden
They did it earlier bro
Naeem Miah
Naeem Miah - Måned siden
They did it it’s in their recent videos
Nico J
Nico J - Måned siden
Can we all accept that from now on lets all Unite and stop being GOLD DIGGERS if we loose a game lets back the team the way FANS are meant to be for. Lets support the team in the lows and highs. C'mon United , C'mon u Reds C'mon Ole
Nico J
Nico J - 26 dager siden
@Kalesu Kangwa yes but Im not ole out I said we have to back the team Alex fergisun did not win in his first few seasons either he was crap at first we need to reach equilibrium keep calm and wait a team doesn't become good overnight we are seeing potential few more seasons to go.
Kalesu Kangwa
Kalesu Kangwa - 26 dager siden
I said we'd losr and people called me plastic
Penello Maximus
Penello Maximus - 29 dager siden
Trust me, we have to support the team and hope that Ole assembles a good squad of players, I'm liking the characters of the new recruits. Too many fans point out the negatives, which is understandable but we need our team back fighting 💪, I hope we can play as a team again and start running for each other when we lose the ball
Cole Helms
Cole Helms - Måned siden
@Kalesu Kangwa THIS IS SPARTA
Aditya Sharma
Aditya Sharma - Måned siden
@Fernando Bravo you guys are a disgrace to the spirit of Manchester United
Tej Besetti
Tej Besetti - Måned siden
flex and mark rock
Cole Helms
Cole Helms - Måned siden
What a game. Needed this in my life right now. This type of performance. This is what we need consistently
Brian Jacob
Brian Jacob - Måned siden
@kandola18 That's the problem with Ole. He doesn't stick with what works and the players that made it happen. Vs Arsenal Utd will be back in a 4231 with McT, James and Mata starting. Stupid.
kandola18 - Måned siden
The diamond does us wonders! I hope we stick with it
PappaFrog121 - Måned siden
Tej Besetti
Tej Besetti - Måned siden