FLEX! Van De Beek Sub a Disgrace! Istanbul Basaksehir 2-1 Manchester United

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Kai Kai
Kai Kai - 23 dager siden
Flex said “ I need to drink water “ 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Hafizh Iskandar
Hafizh Iskandar - 23 dager siden
Netherlands Will Failed to Qualify for World Cup 2022
Josh Cox
Josh Cox - 24 dager siden
We need a philosophy of play , I don't see anything every game is different , i want 433 with pogba and Bruno in CAMs we've played it once since Bruno came that's crazy to me
OrcasRule x
OrcasRule x - 24 dager siden
I thought I was the only one who was in shock when van de beek got subbed. Poor decision from ole
Daniel Nastals
Daniel Nastals - 25 dager siden
Ole is clueless...have been saying this for a long time. Now we are seeing it clearly
Karsono karsono
Karsono karsono - 25 dager siden
van de beek strolling on the istsnbul’s 2nd goal
peter edokI
peter edokI - 25 dager siden
This sounds like a replay of Sunday's video
jalal hashimi
jalal hashimi - 25 dager siden
no cap im still Ole in but we loose to Everton Ole out
Dhaya Marisamy
Dhaya Marisamy - 25 dager siden
Everton is gonna sit back ... what world are you in Flex ... Carlo is going to school Ole ... they will bully us
si - 24 dager siden
@James Hughes Richarlison still out is a problem but they do have digne and Rodriguez back😁
James Hughes
James Hughes - 25 dager siden
he's still going off the past. Everton are going to get it down dominate the ball and push united deep.
Barbara Hollingworth
Barbara Hollingworth - 25 dager siden
Disgraceful performance - no fight, spirit or work ethic. However if we now get Poch we start again with rebuilds although he may be tougher than Ole who they just walk over.
Mark Roy
Mark Roy - 25 dager siden
You lot are in banter era 🤣
tim phillips
tim phillips - 25 dager siden
Your not going into a bad place , your going into the Championship again! BHAFC, lol.
Rich Pott
Rich Pott - 25 dager siden
Love ole, but it's time for him to go
spannyaad baby
spannyaad baby - 25 dager siden
Ole is not a natural leader
Kasirye William
Kasirye William - 25 dager siden
Much love ❤️ flex 💪 for your show mate!!! Watching from uganda 🇺🇬
The PiratePeteShow
The PiratePeteShow - 25 dager siden
Personally I think Ole an coaches have taken us as far as they can. They is zero improvement or progression from last season. Ole straightened the ship now we need to get to the next level
Michael Smart
Michael Smart - 25 dager siden
Everything you said is spot on, ole has yo go but unfortunately it ain't gonna happen, we will be lucky to finish 6th this season
David Mc Cormack
David Mc Cormack - 25 dager siden
Nobody can be surprised especially after the summer we had. There is no ambition in the club and the players know it. Which in my view explains some of the performance from the players but not all. Ole has to take some of the blame especially around the team shape last night and personnel choices. Can't explain Donny and Axel coming off at half time wow.
countersmart - 25 dager siden
The fact Ole hasn't resigned yet shows the naivety of the man...this is an embarrassing
Donte Why
Donte Why - 25 dager siden
Been saying ole out after Rochdale. After getting out played by them struggled to beat them then brought on pogba just to get him injured.
David Mcctoghnay
David Mcctoghnay - 25 dager siden
To be candid we have been very poor, I love ole watched him as a player but United have been so poor lately...just imagine the arsenal game
John Rapa
John Rapa - 25 dager siden
Talking about leadership....Conor Coady(unfortunately scouse) or Harry Maguire?....like if you would prefer Coady
NaSei Bonsu
NaSei Bonsu - 25 dager siden
Honest from flex. Accurate analysis. Keep it up flex
Trip Two
Trip Two - 25 dager siden
The longer Solskjaer stays the better for Utds rivals.
Back Solskjaer!
E Rashio
E Rashio - 25 dager siden
What was Roy Keane saying every word he said was spot on!What was Henderson doing surely he could have spotted what was going on and backed up Matic by running toward Ba to put him off?
E Rashio
E Rashio - 25 dager siden
@grill R/S Watch last nights interview of scholes van persie scholes even said henderson should have come out toward s Ba to back up matic so your saying scholes is chatting crap as well?
grill R/S
grill R/S - 25 dager siden
Henderson? ??
grill R/S
grill R/S - 25 dager siden
Sassulo's manager de zebris get him before barca or man city do
Tracey Byrne
Tracey Byrne - 25 dager siden
Bruno gave the ball away 35 times.......
Wet Cringus
Wet Cringus - 25 dager siden
wouldnt even want ole as the dof
Masimba Gonah
Masimba Gonah - 25 dager siden
We lack the biggest thing needed for a club to succeed: consistency. We need to stop this thing of adjusting our game plan to suite the opponents and just play our game well
Harjit Domeli
Harjit Domeli - 25 dager siden
Leadership is important however if all the players did their jobs properly then leadership can inspire the team how can you inspire plodders picking up obsene pay cheques every week
Callum Simpson
Callum Simpson - 25 dager siden
I don’t think Ole knows his best team or formation. Feels like we don’t have a defence.
jo joe
jo joe - 25 dager siden
You didn't say all this when you beat Leipzig.
If you think United has no system of play, next time mention that in your post match analysis of a game you won.
For example: "we are shite, a total mess, but somehow we won. I reckon we got lucky"
Dave Croft
Dave Croft - 25 dager siden
The problem is not hard to solve! Don’t sack Ole, get rid of the problem which is POGBA.
He’s not a UNITED MAN, he wants the game played for him not the way we play!
He’s the manager, and the Captain!
Bossman525 - 25 dager siden
Burnley knows how to defend Flex. I'd say Dyche is two levels above Ole in terms of manager criteria. You got to ask yourself what Premier League club would hire Ole as their manager? The answers on a postcard would be good.
That squad United have is amazing, but the manager is championship level at best.
Kevin McKie
Kevin McKie - 25 dager siden
Steve Whitehead
Steve Whitehead - 25 dager siden
if maguire hit defenders like giggs hits his mrs you would be top of the league
Harjit Domeli
Harjit Domeli - 25 dager siden
There no way VDB should have been taken off oles lost
mike CASS
mike CASS - 25 dager siden
Word flex
Ruffonez - 25 dager siden
keep ole...! 😂😂😂
Cala B
Cala B - 25 dager siden
No it wasnt a disgrace. The players was a disgrace. Van der Beek played as bad as the rest of them. They needed to bring on other players to try to change things. If he hadnt done the subs, people would complain about that too.
Vishaal Venugopal
Vishaal Venugopal - 25 dager siden
Bruno will leave u man if u go through another trophyless season....he's too good for this dumpster fire
Eric Ole Mørk
Eric Ole Mørk - 25 dager siden
What about Alan Pardew, he won pl manager of the year.
KeNsHiRo MuRuGi
KeNsHiRo MuRuGi - 25 dager siden
You're going to get bodied this staurday 😭😂🤣 it's a shame, because then ole will probably get sacked. Long live Ole, long live Ole, long live oleeeeee! 😂
JAY9 - 25 dager siden
Win lose or draw against Everton, I still want him out, I don’t care if we win 8-0, get poch now coz the season is still salvageable.
The Red Angle
The Red Angle - 25 dager siden
Bad place because agenda driven channels keep crying about every other defeat. No player, no manager, no tactic is good enough for some.
Messymouf Entertainment
Messymouf Entertainment - 25 dager siden
if you want to feel better go watch the psg game against leipzig that worked for me
Ben Smith
Ben Smith - 25 dager siden
I literally have to stop watching them, my blood boils when i do. That back 4 is worse than a sunday league team.
DJMARKO1971 - 25 dager siden
man united will eventually make Fernandes a crap player! take away the penalties and what do you get??
DJMARKO1971 - 25 dager siden
we have a decent squad with no direction! we have an absolute incompetent coaching set up
Sandipan Mukherjee
Sandipan Mukherjee - 25 dager siden
Forget champions or Europa league next season. We will be lucky to avoid relegation.
Ray & Cat Johnston
Ray & Cat Johnston - 25 dager siden
Yeah sure Van De Beek was magic wasnt he lol
Asher Player
Asher Player - 25 dager siden
Manchester united is one of the biggest jokes in world football for almost 8 years
Nik Sobevski
Nik Sobevski - 25 dager siden
Have more depth and some better players than at the start of last season and yet here we are in the same position as last season. Only good thing is if United gets relegated and the galzers sell and Woodward pisses off.
Zain Haider
Zain Haider - 25 dager siden
Van De Beek having a good game!?! Playing simple was all he did. Short passes was the only thing he was doing even when he was on the halfway line getting the ball from the defence. At times it looked like he was doing Fred's role.
Al - 25 dager siden
Andre Villas-Boas is available
Liberty Bwanali
Liberty Bwanali - 25 dager siden
That sigh 😔 alone in the beginning sums it all Brov shambles.
Yisehak Wegene
Yisehak Wegene - 25 dager siden
Sucking him won't change a thing...United is unchangeable...no manager and worldclass signing in the fucking world will change united....infact united is where great players and manager lose their greatness...
Judea Jud
Judea Jud - 25 dager siden
I have finally realized the problem with Manchester United team the problem is fitness levels ole needs to change his fitness coach the team is totally unfit when a team like that beats us you will realize the team lacks fitness they need to change the fitness coach
Alhaji alhaji Ibrahim
Alhaji alhaji Ibrahim - 25 dager siden
Simply Ole out
Hanzala Mehmood
Hanzala Mehmood - 25 dager siden
Bring in Poch NOW!!
Hanzala Mehmood
Hanzala Mehmood - 25 dager siden
@me me Delusional? Gowan explain how you joke man you can’t say anything other than ‘banter club’ you probs support summat like Fulham relax
me me
me me - 25 dager siden
@Hanzala Mehmood lmfao youre delusional! Poch won't change anything! What a banter club 😂😂 Banchester Utd
Hanzala Mehmood
Hanzala Mehmood - 25 dager siden
@me me He’s proven to be better what you talking about? He doesn’t have a good record against the top 6 teams but that could easily improve wirh this squad. Poch is a great manager and has good tactics which would definitely suit us
me me
me me - 25 dager siden
Poch the fraud! Hes no better than ole lmao Banter club
VK in Bangkok
VK in Bangkok - 25 dager siden
Bro Flex..Man United is religion. Keep the faith 😇. My criticism of Ole is not signing new coaches as clearly he needs help not players to keep his job.
Felt like we played 131122 trying be too complicated..madness coaching
Lucy Doozy
Lucy Doozy - 25 dager siden
Scott Hutson
Scott Hutson - 25 dager siden
Ollie in 😂
c rigby
c rigby - 25 dager siden
Ole in beep beep
Afrasiab Hussain
Afrasiab Hussain - 25 dager siden
Its going to be a tough lockdown for Man Utd fans with Everton away then the Southampton game could be his last. Ole is under serious pressure and after two years he does his best team
bigb0x - 25 dager siden
Isn't demba's goal offside? I don't get it.
Space Lantern
Space Lantern - 25 dager siden
Saying “ If we lose to Everton,I don’t think he will get sacked, but in international break something will happen” doesn’t make sense and translates to - I am too worried due to being unpopular to say I want Ole out and he probably WILL get sacked.
Oscar Nageri
Oscar Nageri - 25 dager siden
The players aren't being coached right. Period. That has been evident for a long time now, as none of them seem to be getting the basics on the pitch. Other than beating teams on the counter attack, United are toothless. They just can't read the in-game situations. The passing is atrocious, ball control abysmal, movement off and on the ball is very labored and unimaginative. All this sadly points to one thing, the coaching. Bruno, United's best performer last term, even seems to have regressed. The writings on the wall for Ole. We may say he isn't being backed by the Board, but the fact that the current team isn't improving is a telltale sign that he may soon be out. Can the Board get a better Manager? Probably Not. They can't be trusted to do so. Without football savvy people upstairs, United may soon sadly find itself relegated in a few years.
Ajulu Makhulo
Ajulu Makhulo - 25 dager siden
I think the timing of Poch on MNF was fishy. Right before the break? I dont want to speculate but Ole should be prepared for bad news if Everton is same old same old...
SRIJON BHATTACHARYA - 25 dager siden
Remove players like pgba Fred etc rebuild d team changing coach is not d solution
Charlie Traynor
Charlie Traynor - 25 dager siden
Blaming a manager that wasn’t backed for having to come up with a system he doesn’t want to play in order to accommodate players he never wanted .
The board fucked us not Ole.
We may have good players on paper but as a unit we dont
Richard Spencer
Richard Spencer - 25 dager siden
Is it me or does Ole say the same things every interview ?
Fearless,formidable ferocious fox fan
If poch is so good like a lot of ppl say...y hasn't any1 snapped him up yet?
Jan Erik Norbom
Jan Erik Norbom - 25 dager siden
Therese is at least one thing he have to do in the Next game. Put Maguire on the bench and use Tuanzebe and Lindelov AS CB. Maguire is chocking and no leader give the captain band to Bruno. Hopefully Telles should also be ready for Everton. This Everton match we have to win otherwise it should be Ole good by. The structure of the team is chocking we do error lin the defense like 10 year Old school boys do.
incognito96 - 25 dager siden
why isnt cavani a striking coach, to impart his striker role. everything is wrong . every team we play have a plan.
7thNote Beatz
7thNote Beatz - 25 dager siden
Entering bro we already in a rut
Arthur Everett
Arthur Everett - 25 dager siden
Is it the players or ole
Paulo H86
Paulo H86 - 25 dager siden
😂💩😂💩😂💩😂💩😂💩 thought united was back last week after beating PSG and leipzeig according to you bunch of mugs 😩
Miguel De Adeje
Miguel De Adeje - 25 dager siden
If this was any other manager there would be a plane flying over the stadium ......... OUT .
Mufiz Dhuman!
Mufiz Dhuman! - 25 dager siden
I want ole out because I don't like his starting pinups and obsession with Maguire and mcsauce
Wonga Bosh
Wonga Bosh - 25 dager siden
Ole last game has to be Everton win or lose. Over international break get Poch in and try make a good go at top 4 while it’s still early in the season.
me me
me me - 25 dager siden
Top 4 😂😂😂 have a laugh, your battling with Burnley and Fulham mate 😂 Banchester Utd
lakmeister - 25 dager siden
Who ever got Maguire needs bumming and thrown in the river!
Oleis a shop worker and Poch is a loser and bottler
ardwick43 mcfc
ardwick43 mcfc - 25 dager siden
No penalty no goal Bruno
ardwick43 mcfc
ardwick43 mcfc - 25 dager siden
Ha ha ha
Stu77 T
Stu77 T - 25 dager siden
Clueless manger who needs go any other manger he be gone same applies here he needs to go today before the Everton game we are a shadow of ourselves shocking Incompetent
Moonlight Graeme
Moonlight Graeme - 25 dager siden
If united loose against Everton I think ole will be sacked. I love ole, always will, but he’s not a good enough manager to take us forward. The writings on the wall for ole.
AFC Kyle
AFC Kyle - 25 dager siden
Arsenal could have PSG and inter dropping in to the europa league.
N Nnamdi
N Nnamdi - 25 dager siden
No penalty No win
Benjamin Neuner
Benjamin Neuner - 25 dager siden
Please Sack Ole
Nnajiofor Kingsley
Nnajiofor Kingsley - 25 dager siden
The real problems of United are Class of 92, Rio Ferdinand, SAF, Woodward, the physio team, the recruitment team, Pogba and of course Ole. Until these are sorted out, forget progress
airforce1969 - 25 dager siden
I think we get too caught up in the results.. Even if we beat Everton it will be because we can counter-attack them. The problem is when it counts we have no idea what we're doing. The football sucks, the players aren't performing. Yes the board is an issue, but there are too many problems which would be addressed under a competent manager and coaching staff.
Yaw Osei Tutu
Yaw Osei Tutu - 25 dager siden
Finally a sensible comment
Lee Wesley
Lee Wesley - 25 dager siden
the defending is 10 times worse then the management!
Brent Parker
Brent Parker - 25 dager siden
This is the best 10 minutes of words you’ve ever constructed Flex. Spot on! THIS PERFORMANCE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE HIGHER UPS. ITS PURELY MANAGERIAL AND PLAYERS. Fucking facts! If a team doesn’t come at us we can’t do ANYTHING. It’s true.
Brent Parker
Brent Parker - 25 dager siden
I strongly believe this international break if we lose to Chelsea he will be sacked. The man is absolutely clueless. No leader by the captain and none by the manager. Horrendous subs. Oh my days. Bruno lost the ball 17 times. My word! I give up.
Anthony Gurirab
Anthony Gurirab - 25 dager siden
Ole doesn't need to fight for the job, club management won't allow that to happen. We love Ole as a legend but not as Manchester United manager
airforce1969 - 25 dager siden
The defensive mistakes are one thing.. One aspect of how bad we are.. WORSE for me is that we have literally no idea how to break down an opposition and look at the players we have! Yes we can counter, but HOW CAN WE NOT BREAK TEAMS DOWN!?
Anthony Gurirab
Anthony Gurirab - 25 dager siden
And that instructions for the one on one was made by the captain
Good Times
Good Times - 25 dager siden
I don’t care if we beat Everton this man must go
Good Times
Good Times - 24 dager siden
@me me 😅
me me
me me - 25 dager siden
Ole in!.