FLEX! Van De Beek Must Start! Flex's Final Word

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Rama Dan
Rama Dan - Måned siden
Clearly Van De Beek was not Ole's signing
Morgan Moodley
Morgan Moodley - Måned siden
If they gave points for best midfield play. Man United will be top of the log. Ferguson coached his players to put the ball in the box continuously. The strikers thrived at scoring goals. Now we are midfield champions. So much really happens in the box and the opposition just cannot handle the pressure. Just look at Ferguson's record.
Sami EsHaghi
Sami EsHaghi - Måned siden
James is done at united. He is simply not a good player.
007methman - Måned siden
Ole lacks consistent tactical thinking, the blind faith in Dan James and the hope and pray last minute subs..smh
leon huggins
leon huggins - Måned siden
Slabhead nearly screwed us again we was luck AF
Andy Nasution
Andy Nasution - Måned siden
Danjames is a runner not a footballer.
Ralph Carbon
Ralph Carbon - Måned siden
Flex ole is very uncertain about his selections
jake winfield
jake winfield - Måned siden
Solid concentrated display, nullified Chelseas threat, great from Fred and Lindelof. Wanted to see van de beek on instead of Greenwood. Wanna see Pogba, Bruno and Donny on wen the opposition is under pressure defending low
Eric Ole Mørk
Eric Ole Mørk - Måned siden
Clean sheet is something we can build on.
Undead Voter
Undead Voter - Måned siden
Kept a clean sheet against a dangerous Chelsea side. However, there was a lack of ambition to win the game.
Mokeddem Fayçal
Mokeddem Fayçal - Måned siden
At least, pogba came on in his best position
regular joe
regular joe - Måned siden
how are telles and vdb not in the starting lineup?
Elijah Sassoon
Elijah Sassoon - Måned siden
I personally think that it Bruno has been given the captaincy against Chelsea we would’ve won that game
denis omahoney
denis omahoney - Måned siden
Flex I’m sick to death of Ole team selection ..VDB must start from now on James is just a headless chicken Maguire is just all over the place they should had a penalty ..this united manager and his coaching staff have drained everything from me .im done .
Jonas Rojas
Jonas Rojas - Måned siden
Why is no one talking about Telles? Luke shaw looked shocking everytime reece james had a go at him, his days should be numbered
Titus Augustus
Titus Augustus - Måned siden
Omg he bought that shirt 👀Looks terrible! But i guess the GLAZERS and Woodward will be happy that fans are actually purchasing the worse looking shirt i have seen since the premierleague started
andrew pearson
andrew pearson - Måned siden
Madrids Balon dor winner scores with the outside of right foot against Barcelona yesterday!
Loved it!
Got it Balon dor winner!
drugs lord
drugs lord - Måned siden
Ole Out
ADRIAN KEARNEY - Måned siden
why do utd even buy players with any kind of dodgy history when it comes to injuries ,van de beek should never have been bought by any top club . man city and liverpool take any players injury history in to account and have a major decision involved in buying players but a club the size of man utd doant ,and thats not the owners fault thats the managers and the medical staffs fault
Sahir Nazir
Sahir Nazir - Måned siden
Daniel James should at least go on loan. This will open his mind to get more experience in football and confidence. Van De Beek needs to start in the next game against RB Leipzig. I’m still ole in. I’m backing the manager 100%.
Miguel De Adeje
Miguel De Adeje - Måned siden
How many more times are we going to excuse Ole's lack of managerial and tactical nous because he put the ball in the Germans net .
EAFever 19
EAFever 19 - Måned siden
game ram
game ram - Måned siden
Even more reason to want ole out more free vdb
Emmanuel orizu
Emmanuel orizu - Måned siden
Martial left, cavani centre, rashford right
boerboel blade
boerboel blade - Måned siden
Greenwood as back up CF
OLE GUNNAR get United back to the top
If ole had threw van de beek and telles in and we lost a lot of our fans would be criticising him he has to bed them in properly with the team
robert ognenovski
robert ognenovski - Måned siden
flex ole time is up as coach how he doesn’t donny start him answer this question flex ten hag ajax coach plays donny every game at ajax but how many other epl coaches would play donny all will it just shows ole has no clue all he does he plays at old trafford 4231 formation ole as a coach he has no dare or desire to attack or pressure teams ole is gutless as a coach he is done for me how many points are united going to drop points flex what i can’t understand ole why he doesn’t pick strongest lineup the bench players like van de beek, pogba, greenwood should of started flex all i can see ole is relying on individual efforts to save his coaching job at man utd
MrTophes - Måned siden
I have said it so many times now; it’s clear to me that Ole didn’t want Van de Beek, and the board bought him as it was a bargain that they couldn’t turn down. Ole won’t play him; he didn’t want him and this is one reason I don’t trust Ole. Stupid decisions; then bluster in media of oh he will get his chance.... well he has been in a sub in games and looked really good, and a step up from whoever he replaced. Yet still not starting. That game was set up to not lose, which at a home game that is not the United way.
mac_oye - Måned siden
Erm Flex arent u tired of this hindsight is 2020 analysis you keep making every game. You should have figured it out by now that no matter the shape, the line up, the formation anything can happen. Van de beek should have started, maybe not fred and mctominay blah blah blah. It dosent matter just enjoy the ups and downs of the game.
patrick cyrus Kitego
patrick cyrus Kitego - Måned siden
Jody 1
Jody 1 - Måned siden
United Stand have become football specialists looool
djcol77 - Måned siden
Was a mistake to not bring donny on. Even if he played a bit wider than he likes, he would have been more effective than James.
David Lee
David Lee - Måned siden
That game bored me senseless, James and Mata I don't want to see them again this season. Nothing more to say.
Joon - young
Joon - young - Måned siden
I can’t believe Daniel James is worth 15mil
steviemak10 - Måned siden
How Ole be smiling on that interview is beyond me, like it’s his pinnacle moment of his career! Stop smiling and get serious!🙄
steviemak10 - Måned siden
@whatwhat3432523 losing 6-1 at home, any manager would be at least angered by the team’s performance, but Ole, based on his body language, doesn’t show that? 🤔 And yet, smiling is the best option in front of the cameras. Bruuuuh!
whatwhat3432523 - Måned siden
People take "defeats' differently. I don't react at the smiling at all, I take defeats, analyse mistakes and move on. The whole anger thing for a draw against Chelsea at least, would be completely unnatural.
Jane Lamba
Jane Lamba - Måned siden
Ole doesn't rate van de beek and even if Bruno is playing trash put him on
Jane Lamba
Jane Lamba - Måned siden
Van de beek we love u buddy plssss don't leave 🙏🙏🙏🙏
abdulrahman alali
abdulrahman alali - Måned siden
Hey Flex
Morten Dam Prang
Morten Dam Prang - Måned siden
I have been thinking a bit about the team selection. Ole made a mistake with the selection. It happens and it is still a long season, but I will first see how he selects his team against Leipzig and Arsenal, if I can trust in his selection again 🤔
Salatiel Jacobus
Salatiel Jacobus - Måned siden
The stupid things that morinho used to do, is the same stupid things that Ole busy with. Ole out out out!!!!!
Kee Keong Liew
Kee Keong Liew - Måned siden
How James is brought in as a man utd player beats me.......is he any better than our own academy players like gomez, chong...etc..etc.????
Really89 - Måned siden
It’s a reasonable result. It’s early season, 5th game. We are building.
Joon - young
Joon - young - Måned siden
yes we keep breaking records too our worst start in United history
Judea Jud
Judea Jud - Måned siden
There is nothing like home in this competition the advantage of home comes with the fans from losing 6 ~1 in a month to a draw with Chelsea I will take it lets build from there we have Leipzig then arsenal winning this games put us on the right direction
selembe selembe
selembe selembe - Måned siden
Bruno might take a rest that game. His style is risky passing and when he's tired, his accuracy will drop.
Better used Telles-DVB-Matta behind the striker.
Rashford might need rest too.
Luvnish B
Luvnish B - Måned siden
We should stop playing 4-3-3. We should play 4-2-3-1.. de gea tuanzebe lindelof (or mcguire) wan bissaka telles fred matic bruno VDB rashford martial
Stuart Smith
Stuart Smith - Måned siden
Free VDB !!!!!!!!!
Anthony Johnson
Anthony Johnson - Måned siden
That Chelsea Team is quality- much different from and better than the one of last season Flex ! and we needed to play them with caution in our 1st game with them after the home losses to Crystal Palace and Tottenham and Shambolic performance against Brighton defensively ! As for Van De Beek Ole has already made it clear he would get his game time after bedding in
Vcnt Omondi
Vcnt Omondi - Måned siden
Before we even talk about Donny on the bench, why is Ole stubborn on starting Dan James every other match! What does he contribute really! Every time he starts you feel we're playing one man less. James just runs like a comedian. Nkt!
Adam Talks Sports
Adam Talks Sports - Måned siden
When martial comes back he won’t
Faz911 - Måned siden
Please don’t sack Ole please please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Jim Harrison
Jim Harrison - Måned siden
Pogba is like Ozil, over paid and not worth picking, Van De Beek is a better option. United do better without Pogba. Against Chelsea when Pogba came on Bruno hadto play deeper and was ineffective. Pogba must not play again for United.
M Benz
M Benz - Måned siden
Van de beek doesn’t play in pogba position as he’s a CAM and plays in Bruno position so your confused and not making any sense, and when pogba wasn’t playing and they still played rubbish so stop making excuses for other players
sugarsaint - Måned siden
What's with these zebra outfits 👀?
proud to be a geordie
proud to be a geordie - Måned siden
Because man u are a walk over 😎
Prashant Hariharan
Prashant Hariharan - Måned siden
I think the team selection was ok, ole wanted to be safe, which is fine.
But Daniel James selection was a bit confusing . Even if we consider the Newcastle game, utd started playing only after dan James was substituted.
Maybe vdb for start and may be dan James as a sub might have made more sense
Praveen B
Praveen B - Måned siden
I am seeing ole doing good but he is not a permanent manager. Need Pochetino, need to be a goal scoring threat. Chelsea match is great we done lot of attacking but no goals that hurts. Easy win this needs to be. If ole select right players for this match then everything will be changed. Let's hope against Leipzig and arsenal we win, COME ON MANUNITED
64 Ahmed
64 Ahmed - Måned siden
Another reason to play donny is that i can see bruno being crushed down the same maguire was crushed by playing him every minute of every game, bruno should stay behind and we should rely on pogba and donny and try to play football against leipzig
8233Eire - Måned siden
Ole, leave please. Do the right thing and give POCH a chance. You had a good go, and frankly, you really are a 'hit n miss' coach.
Akbar Oaris
Akbar Oaris - Måned siden
We are Mancheter United!! How come not being beaten is good enough for us!!! ffs
charlie mamo
charlie mamo - Måned siden
You not happy with Draw come on
Solomon Mintah
Solomon Mintah - Måned siden
What Maggier did was a criminal act and merit a penalty, frankly we were very lucky.
Kalash Sharma
Kalash Sharma - Måned siden
What really happened to mindset of players from psg to Chelsea
Kalash Sharma
Kalash Sharma - Måned siden
Biggest mistake was starting Maguire he is on thin ice and still committing those mistakes that could have cost us the game he shouldn't play until he gets his mojo back
Marcus Trashford
Marcus Trashford - Måned siden
Trashford MBE you know what's up !!!!! Ole in Ole out shake it all about......Ole at the Wheel driving VArcester united down the Mancester Hill ........sing it over and over again Ole at Wheel x 3
Mr. Jąî Hö Family-owned
the BAD AND STUPID THINGS IS WHEN U BOUGHT THE NEW PLAYERS.. BUT u DIDN'T give them to PLAY on the pitch... OGSack... u just DESTROYED the new players CARRIER.... OGSack.. u r OUT !!!! Lacked of the experienced and passion !! U r fool manager ever
Anthony Gurirab
Anthony Gurirab - Måned siden
Why waist a talent like VD Beek
Nihilist Monk
Nihilist Monk - Måned siden
Dan James is shite. Offers absolutely nothing. Get rid. Been a year of poor performances. He’s a mid-level championship player at best.
Dale Deson
Dale Deson - Måned siden
Dan James is just not good enough, when was the last time he looked a threat, he has no football IQ, he just kicks the ball and run, how does he get in the team over Van de beek
Mtandazo Moyo
Mtandazo Moyo - Måned siden
I think that loss to Spurs scared Ole. Last season he always played a back 5 for big matches and his selection of a back 4 for the Spurs match with Pogba in midfield, showed he was trying to change this season. And to his credit the team played well before Martial was sent off. Letting in 6 goals seems to have made Ole move toward a more combative and defensive midfield paring of Scott and Fred.
Matt Handford
Matt Handford - Måned siden
Ole out. We need a manager who will start Van de Beek on a regular basis.
Sam David
Sam David - Måned siden
Ole & Glazers aim to qualify for CL and progress to quarters in champions league,,this team with ole will win nothing
Sam David
Sam David - Måned siden
What exactly luke shaw does?? defend? cross? head?? Tackle??...he does nothing
Ashutosh Sampat
Ashutosh Sampat - Måned siden
Daniel James doesn't deserve to start.Atrocious when he goes forward. But one good thing that I suddenly realised is that, suddenly we have a good bench. I mean Martial was suspended and we still had Cavani,Pogba,VDB and Greenwood on the bench. That's a scary bench to have 🔥 (If the manager knows to use it right) Ole has silently built up decent squad depth.
Blender589 - Måned siden
Haha Flex I like your channel. But talking about Chelsea's fire power with x amount worth. C'mon now, MU is the last club to be talking about spending?
bendel82able - Måned siden
Ole out
Sang Guite
Sang Guite - Måned siden
I can't understand this fckin ole
Watch Me
Watch Me - Måned siden
Pogba must stay on the bench
M Benz
M Benz - Måned siden
Pogba ain’t the issue mate as he’s on the bench and the team still ain’t winning
brutha watkins
brutha watkins - Måned siden
Jebon - Måned siden
Why ogs not playing VDB? Does he thinks fred n scott better than vdb? Ole u dont think you're safe already...where's Telles? Pls share your stupidity to others a little bit!!!
Camara Negue
Camara Negue - Måned siden
WE can't continue with olé ! Mistake mistake and mistake!!!!!!! And the team never improve !
Kenny Nathan
Kenny Nathan - Måned siden
Umm when we were playing against psg we definitely improved , the only mistake ole had was picking a wrong team and wrong tactics nothing to get sacked over
Camara Negue
Camara Negue - Måned siden
I never understand how olé IS using this intelligent player vdbeek !
Husein Adamji
Husein Adamji - Måned siden
Olé just can't manage big players,simple as that!!! Man U shouldn't be where they are with the squad they got!!! It's just Olé's fault!!!😢😢😢
Kenny Nathan
Kenny Nathan - Måned siden
It’s not oles fault , he played those big players in the first three games and they didn’t turn up , he was right to drop them but I do agree that he must get them into the team at some time
Eric Sin
Eric Sin - Måned siden
Dan James is not EPL quality, he belongs to the championship
Kha_lis 53
Kha_lis 53 - Måned siden
Hope we play 442 diamond against leipzig with pogba vdb and bruno
Adam Talks Sports
Adam Talks Sports - Måned siden
Adam Talks Sports
Adam Talks Sports - Måned siden
Why not play him rents to Bruno
Jason Bacon
Jason Bacon - Måned siden
great show flex
C-los play
C-los play - Måned siden
If fans can see what line up should be selected for each game and the coach of the club we support goes an does silly selections like he has been doing and continue doing its not about him learning on the job is more about knowing the importance of the job and trying his best to perform otherwise the club suffer and the fans suffer.
Yewbzee - Måned siden
When you've got James and McTominay as your first choice against Chelsea you know something is adrift. McTominay is not a poor player and he can 'do a job' but he is not good enough, players doing a job is not good enough. Would he get into any other top six starting eleven?
Tobi L
Tobi L - Måned siden
As a footballer, I believe De Gea has more dribbling ability than Dan James. The guy is just not that good
Sam Cook
Sam Cook - Måned siden
He definitely is lacking confidence but yeah not impressive so far.
Tobi L
Tobi L - Måned siden
Dan James is not a dribbler who beats players. He needs through balls. Our playmakers don’t play him in through. No point playing him at all
Aar Dalal
Aar Dalal - Måned siden
Ole never wanted to win this game crap scared.
Mohd Afif Akmal Mohamed Hasin
Dan james needs mata’s brain, and mata needs james’s pace..we dont need both of them playing together. Ole should be able to see that. Last night i can name at least 5 players that should start instead of James.
Mohd Afif Akmal Mohamed Hasin
Zeillany Al Segar
Zeillany Al Segar - Måned siden
1/9 at home is DISSAPPOINTING. jAMES should never start a game. I'm sure Van de Beek will be thinking if he should stay. Come on Ole.
John Harbertson
John Harbertson - Måned siden
Should we look to sign Bamford, he is 27 but he is banging them goals in or Danny inggs.yes van der beek should have started
Jordan Amor
Jordan Amor - Måned siden
Bamford is fucking awful
Donatus Kissoon
Donatus Kissoon - Måned siden
Against top teams you start your best team - Telles, Tuanzebe, Van de Beek, Cavani. Greenwood, Matic. Don't start James, Shaw, Mctominay, Mata, Fred or Maguire. Pogba is still ineffective.
Miyo - Måned siden
Then if we lose people accuse Ole of no tactics and playing freestyle football.
Celeste De Wee
Celeste De Wee - Måned siden
So you watched bruno performance?
Celeste De Wee
Celeste De Wee - Måned siden
So you watched bruno performance?
Cress Welsing
Cress Welsing - Måned siden
Tuanzebe has played 10 games for United's first team, been out for a year and had played once this year before the PSG game and you want Ole to play him twice in a week?
Mark Gabriel
Mark Gabriel - Måned siden
Let's put things into perspective here,ole personally as a problem with van de beek hence he's not having game time..
If this continues then ole will have a very unhappy dressing room..
This is where he can be naive/inept on times..
JD KODAK - Måned siden
Ole out. I will continue saying until he prove me wrong. The man was a striker and he can’t see that we need a player to score goals. Goals win games if u don’t score then u can’t win. Unless own goal. U bought players and not play them. Ole out the man his lost.
Kai H
Kai H - Måned siden
He didn’t want single one of them. It was the board that chose them
Asia Liverpool
Asia Liverpool - Måned siden
This fix is the new el plastico. The two fakest managers in football history. Pieman vs benchwarmer. Joke manager vs joke manager in el plastico!
4Runner King
4Runner King - Måned siden
Why has Juan Mata become a thing again??? He is WASHED, stop beating the dead horse that he is.
Fra - Måned siden
Mendy keep Chelsea in the game...
Loreta Lampaki
Loreta Lampaki - Måned siden
The ref kept utd in the game,by not giving a clear penalty
Kwei Kwabena
Kwei Kwabena - Måned siden
What has happened to you with this Pogba agenda?..........Bruno was bad!
M Benz
M Benz - Måned siden
Pogba played only 15 mins and still will be blamed, he should just leave the club and go to a better team
Door Nob
Door Nob - Måned siden
A well experienced manager would get a 5-0 win against Chelsea today, why do we keep excusing ole’s mistakes? We can’t afford a manager who is learning on the job! We are a top 6 team FFS!!
Cress Welsing
Cress Welsing - Måned siden
How do you know?
Tell All
Tell All - Måned siden
y'all are totally the job that McTominay (and Fred) is doing shielding the back 4...McFred is critical to the success going forward
Nick Chemist
Nick Chemist - Måned siden
That jersey is god awful . People actually buy that thing??😂
DonKJB - Måned siden
Ole wants loyalty based on his power of selection not skill. Which leaves him with less options on the pitch. Can only play scared with his lot of faves *Fergie. Was. Never. Afraid. To. Lose.* Every recent firing managed scared.