FLEX! United Were Absolutely Shocking! Manchester United 0-1 Arsenal Fan Cam

Manchester United 0-1 Arsenal and Flex was disappointed with Solskjaer's tactical approach against Artera.
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Runtime: 17:06


wagwan 115
wagwan 115 - 15 dager siden
Lol glory hunter
hari kasbia
hari kasbia - 20 dager siden
When pogba closes his eyes all he will see is elneny 30
Jospin van raat
Jospin van raat - 24 dager siden
DOF needed! And an experience tactically sound assistent coach! Someone who can see the bigger picture and has tactical nounce!
yash shah
yash shah - 24 dager siden
Pogba is the most overrated player ever
Quinn O'Connor
Quinn O'Connor - 25 dager siden
Ole is not a top tier manager. It is that simple. What about Allegrie? let alone Poch.
Kai H
Kai H - 25 dager siden
Sir Alex Ferguson had 48 games win out of 100 games. Ole got 56 wins out of 100. Van Gaal got 52 out of 100. While Mourinho got 62 out of 100!
Frank Edward
Frank Edward - 25 dager siden
MU rely on individual brilliance to win and have no team systems. But the players have to want to win and lack intensity. But some of the midfielders are defensive liabilities and others cannot string successive passes together. So there is a lot for Ole to work on at his training sessions. But obviously recruitment of players since the Alex Ferguson era hasn't gone well
mark tony lindo
mark tony lindo - 25 dager siden
We are to nice, we need to get stuck in, ARENAL got stuck into us and we did nothing?? nothing ???
serialchiler - 25 dager siden
You're right fleck
AJR - 25 dager siden
Partey,elneny and Gabriel pocketed the whole mid and attack 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jay Almeida
Jay Almeida - 25 dager siden
Great message with the LD mate
6CB - 25 dager siden
Sent Mou away and kept yall pogba so enjoy 😊 He’s not even playing with character like he wants to be in this club, his mind is with Zidane and Real Madrid... now Mou is doing better than y’all
6CB - 25 dager siden
Y’all used to screw Mourinho ha ha, now y’all got what y’all wanted, new coach better players came in but sill y’all suck
j pezza
j pezza - 25 dager siden
dan james would have been a better option, his pace would have been key
Danavan Allen
Danavan Allen - 25 dager siden
This job is not for olie, he is a good guy, the is football is not a toy
Rob Barnes
Rob Barnes - 25 dager siden
Fred can't pass or ever scored no good enough
JazzyGooner - 25 dager siden
flippity floppity OLE IN!
Eire King
Eire King - 25 dager siden
We need pochetino quick or we won't finish top four
Unika Ngxonono
Unika Ngxonono - 25 dager siden
Flex you say that whether you humble or not you will still receive the banter but at least try be humble like now you being clipped left and right and the banter is even worse than it would've been
phinio03 - 25 dager siden
This whole post is pointing to an inexperienced manager/coaching.
Inconsistency reflects a pattern. And in all businesses it all falls on the Manager/Executives
FifaFc - 25 dager siden
Ole wants to give players time on the pitch and he can’t pick the best players otherwise they will be on the bench and waiting to come on
Cj John
Cj John - 25 dager siden
😂😂😂 ole in all day long
henry smart
henry smart - 25 dager siden
If only Ancelotti was in charge, Man U would be sitting where Everton is now
J - 25 dager siden
How many years are we going to waste settling the ship? Jose took us to second with a worse team than the one we have now and ole plays the same counter atk so don’t say Jose was boring cause ole is heartbreaking. We still have no foundation, formation and it’s 2 years. This is not the Man U way it’s the opposite
Jerry O Connor
Jerry O Connor - 25 dager siden
Abysmal performance! Can't even find a teammate with a pass. We looked threatening in defence!!
Ali Ahmed
Ali Ahmed - 25 dager siden
Love flex videos. Im an Arsenal supporter
Eoin m
Eoin m - 25 dager siden
It was clear to see after 10 minutes though that the diamond was wrong no outlet down the flanks
Rabah Hadidi
Rabah Hadidi - 25 dager siden
This year I'm afraid that we will struggle to not be relegated I guess if we don't do something urgent
Paul Lees
Paul Lees - 25 dager siden
Porch is perfect for Utd, why can’t people not see it. He is a coach that improves players and has a tactical system.
Paul Lees
Paul Lees - 25 dager siden
@DAN'S WORLD He will want to come, he knows he can change it. Look at what he did at Spurs with a squad no where near as good as the current Utd team. Also like it or not Utd are still the biggest football team in the world at the moment.
DAN'S WORLD - 25 dager siden
Why would Poch want to come?
Joseph Bakkabulindi
Joseph Bakkabulindi - 25 dager siden
Ok Flex we tired of talking..what should we do....tired of stories
Shayyan Hussain
Shayyan Hussain - 25 dager siden
He keeps on Scott mctominay but takes off bruno to try get a goal I don't know anymore with ole
Sihlee Undefined
Sihlee Undefined - 25 dager siden
Pogba needs van de beek to compliment him not bruno
ScarfLess117 - 25 dager siden
" Manchester United have failed to win any of their opening four top-flight games at Old Trafford for the first time since 1972-73, a campaign in which they finished 18th."
Stevo Maginn
Stevo Maginn - 25 dager siden
Im a chef I was that Hungary I used ro scream at my bosses
stano stano
stano stano - 25 dager siden
Interesting you praise ole for getting third but lambasted jose for getting 2nd with a worse team.
Keith Gallagher
Keith Gallagher - 25 dager siden
Just give job to roy keane
Money Penny
Money Penny - 25 dager siden
The manager isn’t good enough -
Jessie Aston
Jessie Aston - 25 dager siden
The way to look at this is the more defeats and poor performances the
More likely ole won't be at the wheel and you will get a decent manger and us Arsenal fans will fear you united because we. Know you are the biggest club and with the right man at the wheel will steer you towards success👍❤️❤️
Shango - 25 dager siden
Flex and all these grown man are getting upset and sad because a team lost that's for entertainment. Get a grip people. This is entertainment and sport. They are real issues in this world to get upset about and broadcast.
dsad Fongdad
dsad Fongdad - 25 dager siden
Ole is the best manager, trust the process
Kevin Souza
Kevin Souza - 25 dager siden
Thank you but you took us as far as u could.. now let pochetinno in or allegri
Kevin Souza
Kevin Souza - 25 dager siden
Ole out
David Appleton
David Appleton - 25 dager siden
How has it come to this ? They beat PSG away then lose to Arsenal at home. It’s just bewildering. No consistency. It’s either Lager or Champagne. I love Ole . He’s a club legend...but facts must be faced.
Salimou Toure
Salimou Toure - 25 dager siden
James Mintah
James Mintah - 25 dager siden
Man United players need improvement all of theme
mikexhotmail - 25 dager siden
I think United rely too much on ..rhythm of the game and they don't know how to control that rhythm themselves which is the cause of their inconsistency result .
whosaidthat ihatehim
whosaidthat ihatehim - 25 dager siden
Spot on Flex!
otb - 25 dager siden
This reminds me so much of when it took Arsenal fans 5 years to realise Wenger wasnt the man for the job. The penny finally dropping for some United fans.
roycck - 25 dager siden
United lacking a leader, Bruno is vocal but he ain't one. There is none in the first eleven that is captain quality.
cogamers84 - 25 dager siden
United are not better than city. They beat us coz we played a weak team in prep for CL
cogamers84 - 25 dager siden
United are not better than city. They beat us coz we played a weak team in prep for CL
Ricky Reward
Ricky Reward - 25 dager siden
Wait till end of season and get Bielsa in at the end of season. He is the greatest tactician and is what we need. Someone who plans game per game.
MrTophes - 25 dager siden
The fact you dont know what the best formation is after 100 games, is a testament to how bad the coaching is. If there doesnt appear to be no core philosophy like Arteta seems to be building, then you have to clear out the coaching staff, and probably the manager. Arteta after 6 months looks to be building a better Core team than the hodgepodge that Ole has, some of that isnt his fault, but at same time, a good coach would get more out of the pool of talent that is there.
Sayed Immam
Sayed Immam - 25 dager siden
We need a new manager and stronger team. We simply not good enough.
LEONG Yet - 25 dager siden
Oh please,just one loss and everyone is pissed
Alex took 6 years,think again
MKF - 25 dager siden
in 2013..the last reign of Sir Alex...my colleague said to me that this will be the downfall of Man Utd...welll...its hard to believe its true....
ONE LOVE MUFC - 25 dager siden
Flex giving Utd fans a bad name by comparing Fred to Partey. Delusional.
joker_17 - 25 dager siden
so obvious the tactics changes to diamond shape ole have been asking Sir Alex for tips
joker_17 - 25 dager siden
Finally someone speak some sense
itsYaBOIMatt - 25 dager siden
the arsenal win was FUCKIN FLUKE fam
JamesBur - 25 dager siden
jeez united stand, save some L's for the rest of us
thian huat tan
thian huat tan - 25 dager siden
How about winning the champions league title and get relegated this season.
David Smethurst
David Smethurst - 25 dager siden
I don’t think it’s too complicated: Ole picked the wrong players. In the midfield it should be Fred, Matic, DVB, Bruno. Pogba should not start until he ups his work rate and impact. McTominay does not have the range of skills to replace matic and run the midfield. He should also replace the bottler Lindeloft with Twansebee. Ole also needs to react quicker with subs and tactics. Most worrying he needs to find a way to motivate players. So I think we have the players but our manager is part of the problem not the solution.
David Smethurst
David Smethurst - 25 dager siden
United may jump for Potch because he may go somewhere else.0
Goku Lee
Goku Lee - 25 dager siden
Ole out for me, we’re playing like a lower table team. Up for the big games then useless against the lesser teams
Mac Henry
Mac Henry - 25 dager siden
Flex, I'm equally confused like you. But I'm absolutely not confused about Ole not being good enough.
Super Mario Maker 2 Glitch Hunters
6:01... You forgot to mention pens???
Taimur Ahmed
Taimur Ahmed - 25 dager siden
Taimur Ahmed
Taimur Ahmed - 25 dager siden
Taimur Ahmed
Taimur Ahmed - 25 dager siden
Inti CFC
Inti CFC - 25 dager siden
Taimur Ahmed
Taimur Ahmed - 25 dager siden
and i wiTh mae club beaT Teams who are much beTTer on paper jusT cuz we know Theu arenT focused on formaTion Too much. nd we have become from being underraTed To The besT Team now , and The plauers who were known as no bodies are now sTars in our region. all from * lazy generation football club *
Taimur Ahmed
Taimur Ahmed - 25 dager siden
btw we still play 4-4-2;. our center mids are box to box. our wingers work from the other half to penalty box. our wingbacks are responsible for our own half to our goal. lb cb cb rb cm cm 6 in defending. and cf att rw lw cm cm = 6 in atttacking situations
Taimur Ahmed
Taimur Ahmed - 25 dager siden
This has happened so mani Times lol. and being The capTain of mi own Team lazi generaTion fooTball club, when we used To plae wiTh sTar sTudded lineups cuz iTs The final or The semi final. we losT. and i havenT plaued a single maTch afTer ThaT in wbhich i prefered sTars who arenT our regulars . and we win jusT cuz of formaTion and sTabiliTi
Gerry Shom
Gerry Shom - 25 dager siden
Ole at the Wheelbarrow, more like
Steven Hodgson
Steven Hodgson - 25 dager siden
I'm sorry, and I know Ole is speaking in his 2nd language but he always comes over as petty thick to me. He speaks in cliches and reminds me of Paul Whitehouse doing a piss take of football managers. Don't get me started on the pansy players!
Omar Hassanieh
Omar Hassanieh - 25 dager siden
Flex ur assessment is spot on.
Abinandan Murali
Abinandan Murali - 25 dager siden
Pogba must be benched
Joel Hughes
Joel Hughes - 25 dager siden
Scott mcsauce motm last night 😍😍😍
imo - 25 dager siden
Ole free style football
Zayn M
Zayn M - 25 dager siden
We totally outclassed you throughout the game and in the end were deserved winners..
Kyle - 25 dager siden
I'm Ole Out. But I'm not gonna blame him only for this performance, the players are just as guilty. However, he's reached his ceiling, and we're now a cup team.
e SOLUTION - 25 dager siden
Ole will never break the 70-points barrier nor reach a final irrespective of the players at his disposal. He (Ole) is just a relegation manager playing relegation football, and the sooner the board gets rid of him, the better it will be for everyone. That's what I've been saying since the end of last season, and the sooner the board
Lovejoy - 25 dager siden
Fred is rubbish. It's OK running around and intercepting. He slows play down when he gets the ball because he ALWAYS plays it back and sideways because if he has to pass it forwards, he loses the ball most of the times and ALL OF THE TIME when a team sits back. You don't play him unless we're playing on the counter. Ole is a fool.
Jimmy Johnsson
Jimmy Johnsson - 25 dager siden
This is how i feel.
I´m as flip flop as our results, sometimes IN, somedays OUT. At this moment, i´m just super confused..
dan day
dan day - 25 dager siden
I don't even know what to say anymore tbh
KieranUTD - 25 dager siden
Ole out
Chris Phillips Drum Lessons
Chris Phillips Drum Lessons - 25 dager siden
I keep saying it but Pogba is abysmal, not becuase of the penalty but he is just a really avarage player. In 35 of supporting United id say hes in the same league as Djemba, Kleberson.
where does he even play? Jose and Ole dont seem to know.
The guy cant shoot or pass, snt quick or strong, cant tackle and potioning is awful.
Sir Alex played Jones in midfield over him sums it up .
Karl Kams
Karl Kams - 25 dager siden
we are tired of this manager
Michael Adeosun
Michael Adeosun - 25 dager siden
I was not surprised ever since I saw mctominay in the team sheet I knew they would win
A Hagos
A Hagos - 25 dager siden
So much for banter fc🤣😂
U Tech
U Tech - 25 dager siden
ole out pogba out plz fed up !!!
Wayne B
Wayne B - 25 dager siden
You sit here day in day out kidding yourself, there has been no progression in this team under ole. He hasn't steadied the ship and his tactics have got the players more and more confused. His first job should of been getting a solid gelled unit then slowly start with rotation and interchanging. He's wanting this fast attacking style to soon without embedding the strong foundations first. Yeah it wouldn't of got us the results to start with but it would of got us moving in the right direction. All were doing under ole is going round in circles getting more and tangled up In a mess.
Yassir Ahmed
Yassir Ahmed - 25 dager siden
The Don was right. Sometimes people from the outside can see your faults better.
Kalash Sharma
Kalash Sharma - 25 dager siden
Ole can succeed he showed us in ucl but this favouritism and pathetic selection of players playing scott 90 mins with a crappy game , takes bruno off for vdb thinking they can't play together, timing of substitutions and swapping players is disgraceful u know we can't win after seeing the lineup isn't our strongest, ole needs to understand the squad , after a winning game build on it every premier league games feels like he is scared as poch is lurking he just wanted to avoid loss against chelsea and against arsenal as well judging by our lineup he just trying to stay in his job and choosing his favorite players to get the job done
gareth martial
gareth martial - 25 dager siden
ole i ls a bottom half manager championship maybe not man utd he is the luckiest man on this planet
William Enrione
William Enrione - 25 dager siden
It's very cntradictive to say that you back your manager, then you say that he will probably not win you anything. This is what Goldbridge & Co been saying for the last 6 months..
Lets again go back to actually WHY OGS got the job. And we all know it's not because of his extensive CV as a manager.
abdi jaras
abdi jaras - 25 dager siden
Ole is worst manager united has
Charlene Coetzee
Charlene Coetzee - 26 dager siden
You know every time I watch highlights of how Manchester united won trophies, won games by coming from behind at any time of the game I mean everytime I watch I just wish we would get back there, it hurts me to say this but I think we should probably sack Ole and get in allegri or pochetinho
Angelo Sobotker
Angelo Sobotker - 26 dager siden
I am tired of people overlooking favorite players. Pogba lost the ball often, was not helping out shaw & gave away the penalty. Yet mactominy gets the bulk of the blame. We didn't pay millions for mactominy but he is the scape goat....maguire is weak at the moment but Lindlelof was out jumped by sako & gave to ball away to Willian but once again maguire got the beating from fans.
JEFF MOULD - 26 dager siden
United cannot play from the back.Teams pressure United to use Shaw and know that's where its going to end.Especially when they that last year the stat was ,Shaw no goals ,no assists.full stop.
Ahanor John
Ahanor John - 26 dager siden
Ole is still learning on the job...he will learn the club into relegation,
Flex stop vacillating with ole he is not the guy
rrssrr123 - 26 dager siden
looks like the Ole in are slowly becoming Ole out.