FLEX! PASTOR FRED IS BACK! Everton 1-3 Manchester United Flex's Final Word

Everton 1-2 Manchester United! Flex thinks that Fernandes, Maguire and Fred had stand out performances in the victory at Goodison Park. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand.🔔 SUBSCRIBE here bit.ly/1CmczHm
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Hermes Solomon
Hermes Solomon - 14 dager siden
I gave Fred man of the match on Manu app. Fred is overlooked too many times.
Kishan Rai
Kishan Rai - 14 dager siden
Ole out plz
Alan Kenny
Alan Kenny - 16 dager siden
Fred has to start every game and then decide is he on his own or alongside Scott, Matic, Pogba. I'd start VDB over Mata everytime
Tony Sadia
Tony Sadia - 18 dager siden
Luke Shaw is our best defender.
Tom Bara
Tom Bara - 18 dager siden
Respect to Flex recognising Maguire’s performance. If you kick him when he’s down, you have to give him praise when he’s played well.
Jay Davidson
Jay Davidson - 19 dager siden
Keep the same lineup, personally I feel Pogba shouldn’t start (if anything donny deserves it more) pogs has to earn it off the bench, we played better without him. Other than that rotate Scott and matic, could bring axel in to. Shaw was solid great cross for Bruno, still can’t wait to see Telles though.
Pj Almeida
Pj Almeida - 19 dager siden
Fred is the only midfield constant for me. Rotate in Donny or put Donny in Mata's spot. He is quite industrious and has a high football IQ. Able to track back when needed as well.
robert ognenovski
robert ognenovski - 19 dager siden
fred is a good player i like watching him prove every critic wrong but i prefer ole play fred and donny as central midfielders cause fred and mctominay doesn’t work all the time as cdm’s instead playing as central midfielders but ole wants to protect the back four but i think this formation 4231 is slow and boring
Niko F.
Niko F. - 19 dager siden
fred > Partey and elneny together
Ahmed K
Ahmed K - 19 dager siden
Bruno has been tired. The manager needs to manage his game time. He should be subbing him always at 70- 80mins and play Donny.
3879keith - 19 dager siden
what about a shout out for
Barry holloway
Barry holloway - 19 dager siden
Shaw shaw
Kelcie Marques
Kelcie Marques - 19 dager siden
The players have a problem with consistency Flex....They really need to work on that within themselves...
Kelcie Marques
Kelcie Marques - 19 dager siden
Luke Shaw is our most consistent player
Kelcie Marques
Kelcie Marques - 19 dager siden
Our individual performances was spot on if they keep up that mentality and standard always points in the bag
Kelcie Marques
Kelcie Marques - 19 dager siden
Shout out Luke Shaw
Aatman Chand
Aatman Chand - 19 dager siden
Can you remove Mark from the United stand? Or atleast ask him to stop undermining fans opinions?
Whenever someone agrees with him he's like "well done" and when someone is against him he's like they don't understand football
What makes Mark such a great pundit?! Because he played CB in his non-professional league?
Wayne B
Wayne B - 19 dager siden
Martial needs replaced, he's talented but doesn't have what it takes to be a top striker and if he gets moved out wide he sulks and doesn't want to help defend, same with rashford tbf and would love to see either of or both leave. There's better wide players out there and better strikers out there so what's the point in either of them
Mick Sargent
Mick Sargent - 19 dager siden
I game and Fred is back ?
Wayne B
Wayne B - 19 dager siden
What was safe about his selection, what would you of changed
User 1013
User 1013 - 19 dager siden
I want to see us play a 4 2 3 1 with these players against West Brom:
De Gea
AWB Tuanzebe Lindelof Telles
VDB Fred
Pogba Bruno Rashford
Junior Andrews
Junior Andrews - 19 dager siden
Fair enough if I’m wrong but I actually Mc Tommany him and Fred hold it down it the midfield. I’m confused why fans always get on to him. Yes DVB is a better player but I honestly think he protects our defence
Tobenna Abana
Tobenna Abana - 19 dager siden
Luke Shaw is mobile tf
Wayne Littlewood
Wayne Littlewood - 19 dager siden
On your rashford comments very true but you also have to say martial is exactly the same neither of them can pass the ball.
Jody 1
Jody 1 - 19 dager siden
United stand the football specialists lol
Rehan Nongbri
Rehan Nongbri - 19 dager siden
Hope this ain't one of em "Perform just to keep my job" result and Ole won't be over reliant on only one player always it might cost him his job later on
JD - 19 dager siden
No-one gonna give credit where it’s due to SMcT or is this still the Agenda stand? When Fred and SMct play together we look much better. Sad fact but it’s true.
Niall Cooney
Niall Cooney - 19 dager siden
Bruno running out of position Is doing the right thing he’s pressing high up the pitch that what all top teams do , united are just badly coached and none of the rest of the team do it
Felix Gbillah
Felix Gbillah - 19 dager siden
The problems with Luke shaw: he lets runners go past him too easily, and he doesn't offer enough going forward. He's improving on the latter, but the former is still a big issue. Still, let's give Alex Telles a run and see what happens.
John Whitehead
John Whitehead - 19 dager siden
Pogba didn't do anything when he came on Rashford was poor
John Whitehead
John Whitehead - 19 dager siden
Now shaw and De gea have competition they have upped their game thought Maguire got better as the game went on Awb needs someone to push him and needs to improve is forward play
John White
John White - 19 dager siden
I loved ole the super sub during his playing days. I had a rejuvenated interest in following Manchester united after many years following Manchester United under SAF. He is Man U through and through. He is the latest of a series of managers who have not been backed by the management. He also has to deal with some talented prima donna players who are often more interested in their own social media presence than putting in a shift. I want him to succeed and stay.
Kris Blazeski
Kris Blazeski - 19 dager siden
Flex carrying this worn out channel!
Habeeb Mustapha
Habeeb Mustapha - 19 dager siden
An absolute fair reaction from flex as always. No agenda at all. Credit and criticism towards who deserves it.
FR OleUnited
FR OleUnited - 19 dager siden
What happened to Martial🤦🏻‍♂️
Mika-eel Khan
Mika-eel Khan - 19 dager siden
Martial was Class
D M - 19 dager siden
We learned Mata is a passenger and that Donny should be playing out there. We also learned that Maguire can play well if he takes responsibility as he did in the 2nd half. So the shape was good, but personnel needs a tweak and the defense needs to be more active on crosses. AWB and Maguire need to want to attack the ball when crosses come in.
Nay Natt
Nay Natt - 19 dager siden
agree with u Flex !! rashy could ve done better. there were so many chances wasted cox of his decision
Sai Anuraag
Sai Anuraag - 20 dager siden
Wan-bissaka needs a Sancho
He can't create stuff
If we have to play bissaka
We need a creative Right winger
ambarish banerjee
ambarish banerjee - 19 dager siden
That's why ole wanted Sancho but stupid fans think he doesn't understand anything, no tactics. We might be the only team in the premier League with no wingers
abdulrahman alali
abdulrahman alali - 20 dager siden
Hey Flex
Kee Keong Liew
Kee Keong Liew - 20 dager siden
This match would have been much better without Mata......seeing him scampering about n not achieving anything is just plain annoying .
Nikhil Serigar
Nikhil Serigar - 20 dager siden
The only guy on TUS with no player agendas and very considerate. All our favourite players might not play 90 mins every game. Ole does know a little bit more about football than most of us here. So either you can be "Ole Out" or just trust his judgement. Ultimately results will dictate his future, but let's not bicker about every little detail.
Akin-Lil Cube
Akin-Lil Cube - 20 dager siden
Happy bday de gea
zaid saleh
zaid saleh - 20 dager siden
United need the same transfer window that chealsea
Febian Lim
Febian Lim - 20 dager siden
With fred and mctominay we are good defensively, we need to find good right winger so our attacking will be better
Hope we can loan dembele in January or amad Traore will be good enough for the first team. Mata is playmaking in right winger but he will never run the full back
Nicole Rodgers
Nicole Rodgers - 20 dager siden
mctominay, pass sideways, backwards, foul......
kaising1688 - 20 dager siden
luke shaw played well
DJBICK - 20 dager siden
Shaw gets too much hate, but Telles is a better player, hope he gets given a run to show that
MaxGamer7 - 20 dager siden
Isn't it funny how Fred was Mr Consistent for us last season in a very average midfield and is holding that same title once again this season in a very strong midfield. Class.
Iam The truth
Iam The truth - 20 dager siden
Martial is not good to be honest. He is passive, frighten player and is very selfish player
Trevor Johnston
Trevor Johnston - 20 dager siden
Stick with this team ,keep pogba on the bench ,back ole ,give him the time needed ,remember Ferguson s start at utd ,stay positive
razjeda - 20 dager siden
Lets not fotget...Ole didn't want Bruno either. He want srap Mcguire and AVB. There are shite players. There is no future with OLE
BladeChild - 20 dager siden
I wouldn't call Shaw fast, but his ability on the ball is understated. Much like Mata, his brain is wired to beating players with his feet and defending the ball when he owns it.
David Jackson
David Jackson - 20 dager siden
Great to see the no.7 shirt holder with a goal but still think this shirt should be earnt not given
Your mum LovesCharlesDickins
Your mum LovesCharlesDickins - 20 dager siden
Love you flex. But Bruno had to play 90 mins. Was playing so well getting stuck in. Was on a yellow but you wouldn’t pull Roy Keane off on a yellow!!
Amardelpi - 20 dager siden
Best part "Guys i am out of here!" 😂... Very good points Flex, we dont carry away, but i really hope ole can turn us til F16! We have to get 5-7, 3 points on run!
Cohen Coco Sauls
Cohen Coco Sauls - 20 dager siden
Rashford misses key crucial chances...and it can cost us in bigger games!.
Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin - 20 dager siden
Fred played well.but he nearly cost us at the end before we broke away and scored.He needs to concentrate more
Dho Matluby
Dho Matluby - 20 dager siden
Hello darkness my old friend
Ollie on the wheel again😂
Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin - 20 dager siden
Sick of of all these so called fans still slagging Bruno off
Wayne B
Wayne B - 19 dager siden
Bruno is riding his luck, fouls too much and gives away possession far too much, he was lucky not to be sent off today. Fair enough he got the goals and assist but on another day he could of lost us the match with his dirty sly play.
fcom123 - 20 dager siden
Can we bring in a rvp or berba or cole / yorke and striker coach tf out of Tony and rashy ole has made a big difference for both of these lads but I think we can all see they could be world class but aren’t there yet !
They deserve it and I wanna see these two become world beaters so bad
Adam Moss
Adam Moss - 20 dager siden
Speaking a lot more sense than mark tonight mate
Krishnadev Nair
Krishnadev Nair - 20 dager siden
Like it or not Fred and Mctominay need to play more often than not!
Mohato Makalima
Mohato Makalima - 20 dager siden
Luke Shaw deserves more credit.
TheIzzidor - 20 dager siden
suddenly ole is back at the fucking pissing wheel.
ohhdanielson - 20 dager siden
I get the feeling now that people almost want Ole to fail. We won today and people still seem fed up, I think people wanted us to lose and it to be the last nail in Oles coffin. I get it to an extent, as we've been on this roller-coaster for so long, but we should still celebrate the wins.
ohhdanielson - 18 dager siden
@John Lennon I agree with most of that, the point was even after the win people were still complaining and many saying they wish we lost. Consistency is key and that is what we lack, and that is no doubt why people are frustrated, myself included. But I still celebrate the win and hope we can kick on but I'm well aware this team is capable of losing against West brom, but I'll celebrate if we win.
John Lennon
John Lennon - 18 dager siden
@ohhdanielson I have and I'm sure many fans celebrated as well. Just like a new year's party. You countdown, jump for joy but life resumes the next day with real issues, problems and work to do. We celebrated the goals and victory. The next day, we cool off and understand that the problems, the bad performances and poor leadership still remains. That's where you should empathize with the fans, not call them a problem. There are also fans on the other end who praise the decisions and the players even in a humiliating defeat. Aren't they worse? Endorsing mediocracy like a prideless loser. The leadership and some players are taking these endorsements as a blank cheque for bad performances. They're taking our goodwill, prolonged celebrations and false hopes for a joyride.
ohhdanielson - 18 dager siden
@John Lennon yes I get that John, but, imagine all the people, hoping we lose that game. That's where my problem lies. Yes don't get carried away, this is what this united team does, performs when odds against us, but we can't not enjoy a victory.
John Lennon
John Lennon - 19 dager siden
Not quite, they just dont want to get too carried away with temporary results. United has established in 7 years that performance like this is just a reaction, not a consistent standard they'd maintain. Top teams play well consistently with rare poor performances. We're the opposite, dont get ahead of yourself and give yourself the hope that Ole can challenge the title when poor performances are the norm in the team. If after 7 years, you're still being conned to build your hopes on temporary victories, you'd be the slowest learner in the world finding what little positives to believe in something that doesn't exist.
Liam Deegan
Liam Deegan - 20 dager siden
☘☘ flex reaction is like watching your best friend win the lottery when ur broke to the ropes ya dude well done I'm happy for you 😉
kyle Mcfarlane
kyle Mcfarlane - 20 dager siden
I've been saying it and I'll keep saying it trashford isn't on level's he's just above welbeck
★_Vizualize_★ - 20 dager siden
I want Oles job to be on the line every game. its the only way to win consistently. Lmao.
Stakademiks - 20 dager siden
Rashford was looking like Erik Lamela in his performance 🤦🏾‍♂️😭
Sam Jones
Sam Jones - 20 dager siden
Rashford was very poor today.
Ando - 20 dager siden
Inconsistency Fc
Capt. Sal
Capt. Sal - 20 dager siden
Its more enjoyable when you get over excited when United win because after a loss we can all laugh at you🤣🤣
Yusuf Best
Yusuf Best - 20 dager siden
Vulture culture
Epsilon -Epps
Epsilon -Epps - 20 dager siden
just wana say thank you to Three key players that made the victory possible for us today Bruno your fast becoming a god for us Utd fans. Fred your the engine to our ruby red utd Ferrari 🏎 maybe you a red after all. and last but not least ... england No1 shot stopper lol 😂 jordan pickford... wow 😮 without you Ole would of lost his job. brought back to the squad and boy didnt you take ur chance .... thank you jordan
Ben Thompson
Ben Thompson - 20 dager siden
Flex, you are a consistent voice of calm and reason. Keep up the good work
Mr. 007
Mr. 007 - 19 dager siden
He is a nice dude but a big flip flop
King Mario
King Mario - 20 dager siden
Top comment brother
Grey Castle
Grey Castle - 20 dager siden
Agreed Ben 👍🏼
King T’Chala85
King T’Chala85 - 20 dager siden
💯 - never OTT with his criticism and never OTT with the praise, always keeps a fine balance. Doesn't appear to hold any favourites like alot in our fanbase seem to.
fcom123 - 20 dager siden
Big big facts Ben
Alan Sheehan
Alan Sheehan - 20 dager siden
Love ya Flex but you have supported calls for Mata to play more (agree he was not great today but no one has played well on the right) BUT when Goldbridge starts his Mata bashing you don't defend a player who has been excellent for the club.
Metri blance
Metri blance - 20 dager siden
Common let's stay positive
Metri blance
Metri blance - 19 dager siden
@Sim Curtis yes thank you for correcting me
Emperor Ceaser
Emperor Ceaser - 20 dager siden
We learnt that United under ole is inconsistent
ilir united
ilir united - 20 dager siden
GET In manchester united ❤️❤️❤️
Paul Yang
Paul Yang - 20 dager siden
Credit where credit is due, Mctominay was good today. Fred played like his usual self which was good as well.
jasinow - 20 dager siden
Shout out Scott.
Torstein-S - 20 dager siden
nice show
Pokeballdk Denmark
Pokeballdk Denmark - 20 dager siden
You should have learned today (which you obviously didn't) that the players are playing for Ollie and that you can forget about your dear Pochettino. Get real and get behind the team!
Niall Cooney
Niall Cooney - 19 dager siden
Ok ash Ketchum
Don Grace
Don Grace - 20 dager siden
On the much spoken about extraordinary Ole Favourites subject regarding team selections which nobody can understand! ...As I don't have a clue, I'm wondering if there may be a relationship issue of some sort between Norway and Holland. I say this frustratingly, because not only myself, but it seems universally people are disappointed and appalled by his treatment and use of Donny VDB!
Messymouf Entertainment
Messymouf Entertainment - 20 dager siden
bruno 100% goal/assist to game contribution and hes a midfielder i see ppl moaning about him giving the ball away but act like kdb dont do that,united fans need to fix up we will still have a game in hand on half the table and we are only a win from around 5th sort your heads out.
Gerry Shom
Gerry Shom - 20 dager siden
Umma judge him every three games now, all comps. He's lost two out of three this week. If he does this again he should go.
TheImaginaryBeing - 20 dager siden
Individual skill won the game,... again. When will people wake up?? There are no tactics, and you can’t be consistent when you’re waiting for a miracle every game!
martin sheridan
martin sheridan - 20 dager siden
Utd should get 5th or 6th now.
roger jambo
roger jambo - 20 dager siden
@Sim Curtis hahaha mighty united is happy top 4 nowerdays love it
Mokeddem Fayçal
Mokeddem Fayçal - 20 dager siden
Just lets Bruno play and express himself. Hes the best of our team by far its simple as that and you canot drop tour best player, it doesnt make any sense
Invictus_trax - 20 dager siden
Thats why EVEN pep has allowed KDB to free roam, bc those type of Players need free space.
Will Chan
Will Chan - 20 dager siden
Flex, can we PLEASE get a Goldbridge impression from you at some point? Stumbled upon a short clip on youtube, and you had his speech pattern, enunciation and arm wave/move/hand gesture down fucking pat.
Pedro Pierre
Pedro Pierre - 20 dager siden
Fred’s been at this level but Ole would rather play others.
Good Times
Good Times - 20 dager siden
Rashford is overacted,he can’t even lace mbapes boots 🤣,there’s a very good player somewhere in there but he’s overhyped
Lalekan STC
Lalekan STC - 20 dager siden
Telles/Tuanzebe/AWB/ Williams
Lalekan STC
Lalekan STC - 20 dager siden
Cavani ahead of Martial, DVB ahead of Mata and we will have a great team.
Batyngshain Majaw
Batyngshain Majaw - 20 dager siden
POSITIVES- Liverpool did not win at Goodison but we did it comfortably
Devil red 7
Devil red 7 - 20 dager siden
@The orange carrot 😂😂😂
The orange carrot
The orange carrot - 20 dager siden
Yeah, we're better than liverpool.........
F Z - 20 dager siden
Bruno is by far our best player
zak isaac
zak isaac - 20 dager siden
We still need to get Poch if not then darkness is on the horizon.
Ramboo339 - 20 dager siden
The cycle will continue. Top reds throwing their pants in the air over Ole over this game. United are delaying the inevitable, any serious club would ave pulled the trigger by now. Same thing happened to Jose with the Newcastle game that was suppose sack him. Won 3-2.
Harjit Domeli
Harjit Domeli - 20 dager siden
Keep Fred there all the time and rotate matic and Scott
Zach Allan
Zach Allan - 19 dager siden
@N W for us to succeed we need players who can play their positions efficiently... I don’t like the double pivot because it’s a waste of a potential attacker or box to box player. I think it comes down to the laziness involved with some of our players. If we can find a player that can be a good DM and another player who is a good CB which can organize a back line, success is likely... at the same time I feel like defensive and midfield organization can be solved under a more tactically advanced manager who knows how to make proper subs and put out a good starting lineup... I’m not Ole out though. If we can make signings that fight for the badge like Bruno but in different positions, this united side can go places.
N W - 19 dager siden
@Bertrand Lo Precisely.....I don't know how ppl dont see that.....it's precisely y ole said dat he said about them in the post match interview
N W - 19 dager siden
@Zach Allan we don't play with a box to box system
Bertrand Lo
Bertrand Lo - 19 dager siden
@Zach Allan that’s Fred best position if you play a him as Cdm he’s going to fail when he plays with Donny he’s got sit as a Cdm and read the game and that’s not his biggest strength
Zach Allan
Zach Allan - 20 dager siden
@ZingsZings play Donny as the box to box
Anthony Tracey
Anthony Tracey - 20 dager siden
Full backs are not offering enough going forward, big problem for us when we play forwards who want to come inside all the time...
Karnel Davis
Karnel Davis - 20 dager siden
Shaw was known for being a very attacking left back at Southampton but also before the leg break at United
Soumalya Joardar
Soumalya Joardar - 20 dager siden
We should never play diamond. Bcoz in diamond you expect your full backs to provide width. With the full backs we have, we have zero width in a diamond
Apurva Sarda
Apurva Sarda - 20 dager siden
@Muftizyo facts
Muftizyo - 20 dager siden
Shaw is getting good at going forward shame he has an injury but we still got telles. I'm concerned about wan bissaka, our right side may struggle for the remainder of the season
Shamz 7
Shamz 7 - 20 dager siden
Lol they had the title wrong i see u lol