EVERTON vs MAN UTD! Solskjaer Publicly Backed by United!

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Studio 808
Studio 808 - 20 dager siden
It's the black shorts. We always play better when wearing black shorts with the home kit.
John Power
John Power - 20 dager siden
De gea
Wan bisaka
Van de beek
Bruno Fernandez
This should be the first team
Captain Tobias
Captain Tobias - 20 dager siden
Hahahaha. Go ask Moyes, Van Gaal and Mourinho what happened when United say that.
Leo Hoddle
Leo Hoddle - 21 dag siden
Ole forever.
Kenny Lee
Kenny Lee - 21 dag siden
Anthony Martial will be on top to help Ole at the right time!
Paiche Irano
Paiche Irano - 21 dag siden
Manchester United beat Everton 7 –0
James Newstead
James Newstead - 21 dag siden
Oof publicly backed before a game well see you ole
Liberty Bomb
Liberty Bomb - 21 dag siden
LOL they back him while meeting with poch. i mean who needs enemies when you have friends like united's boards.
Riko Mori
Riko Mori - 21 dag siden
United best tactic is park the bus. From jose til ole time. Just park it. Forget fancy football.
Riley Oconnor
Riley Oconnor - 21 dag siden
United will win. Ole performs under pressure
Steve John
Steve John - 21 dag siden
4231 :
Awb tuanzebe linda shaw
Vdb Fred
James martial rashford
Joseph Ngoma
Joseph Ngoma - 21 dag siden
In place of shaw I play Alex n I would go 4 3 3 Alex victor harry maguire
Fred Bruno Pogba rashford rw cavani martial lw
Kurmir Defreitas
Kurmir Defreitas - 21 dag siden
Every year same stuff..manager isn’t supported & he gets rubbish & then he doesn’t perform & then he is backed by the club & then sack by Manchester United haha lol every coach we doing this to.. fed up of this man..board is terrible
John Davies
John Davies - 21 dag siden
Ole has gone already but nobody realises it regardless of the result tomorrow
Leon Lovelock
Leon Lovelock - 21 dag siden
Dont like the diamond need to play 4 3,3
Dean Clark
Dean Clark - 21 dag siden
Fun fact Ole has lost the same amount of games as Jose did but in 44 games less
Stuart Grant
Stuart Grant - 21 dag siden
I love Ole and I want him to succeed, but if I HAD to sack him and bring someone in, it would be Bielsa, despite being Leeds manager
David Tollisen
David Tollisen - 21 dag siden
I think it is great that you do not have a intro, even the channel is very big. If you planing to have one, do not make it more then 5 seconds. I do not usually like intros, so I am mostly jumping over most of the intros at other channels. But around 5 seconds or is probably fine.
Kato Patrick
Kato Patrick - 21 dag siden
Kato Patrick
Kato Patrick - 21 dag siden
Dho Matluby
Dho Matluby - 21 dag siden
Hello darkness my old friend
Ollie gonna lose again 😂😂😂
William Rowley
William Rowley - 21 dag siden
Goldbridge why do sum utd fans put there love for ole over what's best for utd , you have said you expect the inconsistency will continue , we will finish outside top 4 , transfer s not going to get better , utd is bigger than anyone even club hero's
Omg Is that you
Omg Is that you - 21 dag siden
my guy is insulting and hyping man u squad at the same time
Joebkk1 - 21 dag siden
This will be 7 points in 7 games for a top club Man U hahaha+
Johnspiteri13 - 21 dag siden
jamaal mahammed
jamaal mahammed - 21 dag siden
So now you are accusing player’s indirectly to not play for the manager
Aviral Singh
Aviral Singh - 21 dag siden
either a draw or we will loose
Aviral Singh
Aviral Singh - 21 dag siden
eat sleep sack repeat😂😂
Neo Leso
Neo Leso - 21 dag siden
Van de beek will flourish under poch
Peter Pickering
Peter Pickering - 21 dag siden
As much as I like Rashford...he is one of the main problems why our attacks keep stalling, nearly every time the ball is played in to him, he will hold it up and try to run inside with it, instead of playing a quick simple ball which would be a lot more effective! 
He's got good skill, but he isn't Ronaldo, he needs to pass more. He regularly misses the overlap pass with Shaw, and often misses a quick one two which is costing us goals.
choby02 - 21 dag siden
Why would they sack ole, he’s showed he can compete with the top managers and beat them while still building his own team. If u sack him h just give the players another excuse. Ole should stay then it’s down to the players to become more consistent and being there A game to every match
B.Alexander Johnstone
B.Alexander Johnstone - 21 dag siden
you're not helping our team by indulging the childish internet fans who have no idea about the stability that built our club
B.Alexander Johnstone
B.Alexander Johnstone - 21 dag siden
it's not amazing that 40% of united fans back our manager. for first time since fergie we have a manager trying, not always successfully but quite often, to play attacking football. Van Gaal and Mourino - stellar cvs - did not even try. Even pp, klopp get outdone tactically on occasion - you guys talk like there is no opponent against us, arrogant and entitled and totally mercurial.
b3rnd cast3r
b3rnd cast3r - 21 dag siden
Ole doesn't play VDB because he listens to senile comments from Ricky who implied that VDB can only play as a No. 10
Bryn Gefferies
Bryn Gefferies - 21 dag siden
Ole needs to be backed at least to the end of a season. He deserves it. Ole needs to up his game and recognise that he's job is under threat, so big decisions have to be made. This is an opportunity to grasp because Man Utd needs him to perform right now. Ole has to be more ruthless, he's been too much Mr Nice Guy and it's affecting the team, maybe Maguire the 'Fake Captain' has sapped his energy because his form has been affected for a long time. Ole has to shake it up a bit to get a response from the team especially when things are not going our way, its best to give Bruno the Captaincy. Against PSG, the team as a whole played a lot better and showed that any tactic Ole wanted to implement could be carried out, showing that the club is progressing positively and is going in the right direction.
The board got conned in every way especially by 'The Three Stooges' Moyes, Van Gaal & Mourinho. They helped to destroy Man Utd progression for nearly 6 years. They started dismantling the squad at the time with their approach & direction and a lot of players suffered. they did not do their works for the benefit of the Club but for themselves, a form of quick fix, so we are still paying the price up to this day. Ole at present is trying to put the structure back together again and all he needs is the necessary support. We are a few tweaks away from being a very good team. So, the fans have to appreciate this in every way. the infrastructure is back, so be patient. Ole can also earn & make a statement by getting a contractual extension and encourage more negotiations & agreements to improve his managerial position/team, squad & infrastructure.  
At present the Board are in support of Ole's project, so they need your support. There's no comparison with Ole and the rest, when Ole a Man Utd through and through and we've been waiting 7 years for this moment, especially experiencing Mediocrity for such a long time. So get behind him and he will get the job done so stop the negatives. It's a Cop Out, disrespectful and an insult to want an outsider like Pochettino & others who supposedly are better managers to manage Man Utd when we have other ex players e.g. Roy Keane or Ryan Giggs waiting to take over. If you listen to Ole, he says the necessary things and he wants to keep it in the family!
Alvin Palvin
Alvin Palvin - 21 dag siden
Mark goldfish he is definitely two headed snake
René Koffi
René Koffi - 21 dag siden
why yall want poch? what did he won with spurs
just back ole until its done
Nicky Butler
Nicky Butler - 21 dag siden
Begining of the end for olly im afraid. He wont turn things around. Hes not capapable of doing it. With this squad of players he should be doing better. Hope he does pull of some kind of masterclass and turn it around but i just dont think its in him to do it. ☹
Anup Poudel
Anup Poudel - 21 dag siden
You should consider taking singing classes
jcgjcg2727 - 21 dag siden
Really shouldn’t be surprised by the up and down nature of OGS coaching results. Have a look at his coaching career at Molde, it’s exactly the same.
Richie 1138
Richie 1138 - 21 dag siden
Why does everyone think Poch will do better?
He's never won anything
Aabhaas Mehta
Aabhaas Mehta - 21 dag siden
So Utd shouldn't have poch coz he was not wanted by spurs... Then what about having ole when he was not wanted by Cardiff...fucking hypocrites 😂
David Ajaka
David Ajaka - 21 dag siden
Gold Lighting
Gold Lighting - 21 dag siden
2-1 Utd
Awais Mahmood
Awais Mahmood - 21 dag siden
I just came here to watch Mark Singing again :D.
Udhay Menon
Udhay Menon - 21 dag siden
Oles job is on the line you know what time is it. We are gonna destroy Everton and then the cycle continue
Neo Leso
Neo Leso - 21 dag siden
For the first time I hope we lose
GOKUL S Krishna
GOKUL S Krishna - 21 dag siden
Any chat group for United whatsapp
Julie holland
Julie holland - 21 dag siden
Reality is, ole’s hand is tied. Board or owners need to go
keras lunak
keras lunak - 22 dager siden
ogs is immortal
keras lunak
keras lunak - 22 dager siden
Dee cheng
Dee cheng - 22 dager siden
The front 4 try switching position around to create space with Pogba jumping into attachk when chances coming
Whos Talin
Whos Talin - 22 dager siden
Let’s get Mark to 900k Subs guys
Samip Nepal
Samip Nepal - 22 dager siden
Everton Vs United will be a draw.
Mark my word !!!
Kay Le
Kay Le - 22 dager siden
If he is not consistent with the team selection Ole is digging his own grave
Kenneth Obasi
Kenneth Obasi - 22 dager siden
Mark, even Ole knows his days at the club is numbered....it's imminent...he is out of his depth and I don't see a way back this time
Usher Masladov
Usher Masladov - 22 dager siden
mark i think we need pogba to start against everton and i think he will start .although i dont like him at the moment but i think he will score .
aliyu shitu
aliyu shitu - 22 dager siden
You want to sack Ole to get Poch, absolute nonsense, same classless coaches with no ambition. I still believe Ole will stay & turn things around.
Shreyas Chikhalikar
Shreyas Chikhalikar - 22 dager siden
Rikarlison 😂
jersey lim
jersey lim - 22 dager siden
United defenses cant handle crosses and high balls, Everton scores most goals via headers. united will lose unless they figure out a way to stop that
M LAVANNYA - 22 dager siden
I love the way he thinks so much about apple's iOS to say
justjayeezy - 22 dager siden
Maguire out
Ole out
simon phlim
simon phlim - 22 dager siden
I agree with you that I also don't trust this squad of players ut at the end of the day, it is the Manager's job to get these players to perform but I am sorry to admit that Ole is not ruthless enough to wield the ax. I know we had a disastrous summer transfer window where he did not get any of the players he wanted but even if he had, I doubt we would e in a much better position than we are present. Ole is just too NICE!!!
Alan Warden
Alan Warden - 22 dager siden
Those who want Ollie to stay are Liverpool supporters disguising themselves as Manutd supporters.
Joshua Heuvel
Joshua Heuvel - 22 dager siden
YES!!!! OLE IN!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mandar Desai
Mandar Desai - 22 dager siden
It's a Toss of the Coin Predicting a United Game These Days You Just Don't know which Team Will Turn Up.
Paul Rider
Paul Rider - 22 dager siden
Man Utd team on OGS first game as manager.
Can't really say he has been backed, 7 players still starting. Maguire, Fernandez and Wan Bissau added in and Greenwood.
De Gea;
Joe DS
Joe DS - 22 dager siden
Mark I don't know why your are so obsessed with Ole getting sacked it's really boring to hear your again and again
Brownie Dawg
Brownie Dawg - 22 dager siden
Win, lose or draw, Everton should be Ole's last game in charge.
Roddy Scott
Roddy Scott - 22 dager siden
Huge Game. Everton will win and Ole will be gone.
Andy LEE
Andy LEE - 22 dager siden
Ole do not have the charisma and experience to manage MU
spraycan81 - 22 dager siden
Give him time!
We're back in ...
Oh forget it!
Yanto Yanto
Yanto Yanto - 22 dager siden
As soon as better sack Ole...please dont wait for any coming games...I really fed up with His style coaching plan..
Iambiguo us
Iambiguo us - 22 dager siden
A J - 22 dager siden
Whoever it was that posted super chat against Arsenal..(forgot the guys name sorry) which said United loses to lower ranked and pulls it together for challenges, was right. That means the primary motivation isn't consistent, there's not enough guidance on that, and there's likely issues with resting and bench. Draw or low scoring 😬
A J - 22 dager siden
Haha thanks for the songs 💯
Muhammad Zaini
Muhammad Zaini - 22 dager siden
Larry Tan
Larry Tan - 22 dager siden
The diamond has turned into an out of shape rock!
Francis Sunu
Francis Sunu - 22 dager siden
2nail win for everton
Karim Lichtsteiner
Karim Lichtsteiner - 22 dager siden
Ole in please , extend contract now!!!!
Sagar Pokhrel
Sagar Pokhrel - 22 dager siden
Why is there such thing as ole in and ole out groups ?? Aren't we all Manchester United fans ? When fools get platform they can influence more stupid people like them not talking about mark but some other fools out in this channel
jersey lim
jersey lim - 22 dager siden
Ole to lose. Everton wd be too tactically superior
Ed the Great
Ed the Great - 22 dager siden
Wow, that song at the beginning was😍😍
Rudraksh Nathan
Rudraksh Nathan - 22 dager siden
Build the Lego Old Trafford for a video
DJ KEPPA U - 22 dager siden
United need to get rid of every single player except Fernandes, Martial & Van De Beek. Every single one
darwis - 22 dager siden
I love mark's random breakdown into songs😁😁
Larry Tan
Larry Tan - 22 dager siden
Utd can sack whoever they want but things won't change if the owners have no ambition to take the club forward and win titles. End of story.
Emofza Z
Emofza Z - 22 dager siden
when united is in pressure condition like this.. they will overcome and win convincing..
Tony Karan
Tony Karan - 22 dager siden
Is it just me or did everyone just forget about Telles?
Gunahlan Subas
Gunahlan Subas - 22 dager siden
we are the softest team in the league....period
Dylan Thomas
Dylan Thomas - 22 dager siden
If losing to Everton doesn't get you the sack what does?
Fitzroy 1878 Williams
Fitzroy 1878 Williams - 22 dager siden
Ole out
Jamar Jackson
Jamar Jackson - 22 dager siden
This game looks like a draw imo
Dáithí Ó Pléimeann
Dáithí Ó Pléimeann - 22 dager siden
12 hrs ago MU approach Poch, 9 hrs ago MU back Ole????????????
JonnyWalks - 22 dager siden
Publicly backed......soon to be sacked???
Poch Pitched then Pinched?
Tough times for United.
Nathaniel White
Nathaniel White - 22 dager siden
We say Vaan da beek has to start but we know that Ole won't start him ! He will start Mctominay over him!
Nathaniel White
Nathaniel White - 22 dager siden
Donny is arguable our best player right now ! I don't know why Ole don't favour him ! Ole is not seeing what so much of us are !
Tevin Royes
Tevin Royes - 22 dager siden
If Everton sit deep they will get something.
paid shill
paid shill - 22 dager siden
if united lose to everton they have to beat west brom or hes gone. if they draw to everton they have to beat westbrom or hes gone. if they beat everton they have to beat west brom or hes gone
Jojo Cr7
Jojo Cr7 - 22 dager siden
How if it ends in a draw
Martin Costello
Martin Costello - 22 dager siden
UTD are £500m in debt. They cannot afford financially to change manager.
Dayak Borneo
Dayak Borneo - 22 dager siden
Everton win 4-1