Bruno Transfer Concern! Rashford Injury Update! Man Utd News

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Man Utd could lost Bruno Fernandes in a transfer to Madrid before Paul Pogba according to reports. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand. 🔔 CHRISTMAS JUMPERS
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Nico Widjaja
Nico Widjaja - 6 dager siden
Bruno fernandez welcome to spurs
The Cannonball Kid
The Cannonball Kid - 6 dager siden
Would it suprise you if he left? He's been sold a dream that just isn't happening! Ed Woodward should be the next man to leave old Trafford
Ramadhan shiundu
Ramadhan shiundu - 6 dager siden
As if Barcelona n real Madrid don't have problems
Ram Narayan Namboodiri
Ram Narayan Namboodiri - 6 dager siden
320speed - 7 dager siden
6:34 Don't even give any attention to stupid comments like that. Literally a waste of time to give any credit to it.
Mikey Brownski
Mikey Brownski - 7 dager siden
Bruno isn’t going anywhere. 🖕🏾
MUNKS GAMING - 7 dager siden
Usually dont agree but you've won me over with this one... best player for us
320speed - 7 dager siden
LOL, if Bruno leaves then United is truly fucked!
Gainmaker 5000
Gainmaker 5000 - 7 dager siden
I know it’s Mark’s channel & he can do what he wants, but blocking someone for saying something bad about Bruno isn’t a good look when the whole point of the channel is “giving the fans a voice” I would understand if it was a personal attack, but it wasn’t, he was talking about Bruno as a player. How is this any different to MUTV censoring anything anti Glazer? Bit hypocritical that’s all I’m saying.
El Chapo ViKiNG
El Chapo ViKiNG - 7 dager siden
9.00 who is he who rates hypes kkkkk
Tina Owens
Tina Owens - 7 dager siden
Bruno won’t leave united jut yet another three seasons maybe , Barca in a mess and Madrid not far behind them , he playing in the best league in the world why swap it for the Spanish league ?
J Yagami
J Yagami - 7 dager siden
LMAOOO I love how Mark destroys all the Bruno haters get in!
Donatus Kissoon
Donatus Kissoon - 7 dager siden
Bruno and then Van de Beek unless Ole learns how to use talented players.
Bane_Jnr - 7 dager siden
the lack of ambition in this club is sickening
Zavi Kiba
Zavi Kiba - 7 dager siden
Bruno wont leave its 100% sure because he love man utd
Bane_Jnr - 7 dager siden
Bruno finally realising that this team is shite and there is no plan or progression. Same thing that Pogba was saying and people were attacking him lmaooo
Marco VanBasterd
Marco VanBasterd - 7 dager siden
Definitely take Ramos! just for the joy of him playing against the bin dippers
Rod Digby
Rod Digby - 8 dager siden
No one else wanted him why would they now
TheWallethead - 7 dager siden
It’s just laughable. Mark thinks Bruno is Ronaldinho. He’s in for a rude awakening soon. Bruno is just a good player he’s not what Mark thinks he is.
MitchellJ-W - 8 dager siden
But I think these are stupid rumors and I don’t think Bruno will leave
MitchellJ-W - 8 dager siden
If Bruno goes I think I will support Barca or real
Sanzhar Kurmanguzhin
Sanzhar Kurmanguzhin - 8 dager siden
Sour little man with a huge ego. Boring
robert fletcher
robert fletcher - 8 dager siden
Make him Captain!!! This will give Mcguire a chance to concentrate on his game.
Jon Williams
Jon Williams - 8 dager siden
Fact: Bruno will not stay if we keep Solskjaer in charge NOR will we attract the big players
TheWallethead - 8 dager siden
No team with a world class coach is buying Bruno.... you man are dreaming
K Williams
K Williams - 8 dager siden
Ole needs to go, we need a manager who gives the hair dryer treatment. This team needs a bollocking, not a pat on the arse and a positive pep talk. We need boots getting thrown in that changing room Fergie wouldn't of standed for any rumours, or lack of enthusiasm from the players. Get the players on track, get the wins , bag silverware and we keep Bruno. However if this team doesent change its attitude soon, Bruno will leave, and as a club we will be fucked. I don't think ole is mean enough to rattle this team , there's no discipline , yet fans wonder why there is no consistency.
Awaken The Greatness Within
Awaken The Greatness Within - 8 dager siden
Where does he get this nonsense from? The Sun 🤣 absolute dribble
Naki Tupou
Naki Tupou - 8 dager siden
This is the first I've ever heard of any Bruno rumours? I definitely find it hard to believe. 🤷🏽‍♂️
J. B.
J. B. - 8 dager siden
Hahaha man I can't wait for the league to start again so we can get back to talking about reality
Steve Don
Steve Don - 8 dager siden
Steve Don
Steve Don - 8 dager siden
90% Sancho
Abubakarr Dumbuya
Abubakarr Dumbuya - 8 dager siden
United can only buy a player for 100 mil but will never sell a player for such figure.
Steve Don
Steve Don - 8 dager siden
People like you cause drama
Abubakarr Dumbuya
Abubakarr Dumbuya - 8 dager siden
Bruno valeu 60 mil. 100 mil for penerdes Mark? You're sick 😂😂😂😲😲😲😲
Myles Archie
Myles Archie - 8 dager siden
Smh this makes no sense
Nick Grant
Nick Grant - 8 dager siden
Oh please man United wouldn’t sell
If he goes United would take 250 million!
Adn - 8 dager siden
Some man utd fans who commented:
Before this video: "bruno has been better than kdb this season", "absolute world class", "doesn't get the respect he deserves"
After this video:
"He was never world class, overrated and bang average"
Welcome to the Reactionary club, how can we help you?
D HJ - 8 dager siden
Bruno is heading to real fo sho.....
TheWallethead - 8 dager siden
No chance... he’s not good enough for real
Togbuiwo Nyigba
Togbuiwo Nyigba - 8 dager siden
What is he intelligence of a football club that buys a player who does not have football intelligence?
Hybrid TeamAllday
Hybrid TeamAllday - 8 dager siden
stupid headline
B L - 8 dager siden
When you talked about Dan James lacking intelligence playing the backward pass, maybe it’s a lack of confidence as he’s been getting grilled he’s afraid to try anything other than playing it safe🤔
ENDY DEGEA - 8 dager siden
All of you think Bruno Fernandes will leave at manchester united or Stay at Manchester united.????
musa jallow
musa jallow - 8 dager siden
Mark What Are You Smoking..
Ramos Is The Best Defender In The Last 10 Years..
Dont Even Compare Him With Van Dirk...
Ramos Is A Goat
smandair - 8 dager siden
Bruno aint going nowhere its a load of bollocks
Andrew Traynor
Andrew Traynor - 8 dager siden
Bruno will not win what he wants under the GLAZER'S 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
Matt Sutton
Matt Sutton - 8 dager siden
Thank you for speaking up against these negative people!
Dan Smith
Dan Smith - 8 dager siden
Nitesh Soogrim
Nitesh Soogrim - 8 dager siden
The only reason why I bother watching United play is because of Bruno. He makes the team tick.
Nitesh Soogrim
Nitesh Soogrim - 8 dager siden
@TheWallethead You don’t know football
TheWallethead - 8 dager siden
You don’t know football
Jose Ramos
Jose Ramos - 8 dager siden
Ole still out ! Mourinho was right Pogba has poor attitude !
Ousman Manjang
Ousman Manjang - 8 dager siden
He isn’t that good
Russ Bhagwansingh
Russ Bhagwansingh - 8 dager siden
Sack Ole or lose Bruno
Joacim Nilsen
Joacim Nilsen - 8 dager siden
Jesus mark is cancer 😂💦
Ronnie Wanendeya
Ronnie Wanendeya - 8 dager siden
I don't think this warranted a video yet. 😂 😂 😂.
Adnan Kurmallee
Adnan Kurmallee - 8 dager siden
How do u like kimpembe left footed LCB?
P J - 8 dager siden
Need to change this to the Mark stand
Dan United
Dan United - 8 dager siden
Prob replace messi at barca
IAM THEGYM - 8 dager siden
Imagine pranking someone and letting your number come through by mistake LOL. Have fun guys - 07765044945
Oliver Doyle
Oliver Doyle - 8 dager siden
Go play with your Lego 👌🏼
Abigail Jenkins
Abigail Jenkins - 8 dager siden
Wtf are we talking about we've only just bought him WHAT A JOKE
David Patterson
David Patterson - 8 dager siden
Would you take 100m for Bruno?
Jj 530
Jj 530 - 8 dager siden
Why would real and Barca want Bruno 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Zaw Win Htun
Zaw Win Htun - 8 dager siden
as a team of United right now, we don't deserve Degea, Pogba, Bruno, Martial, Rashford and some others. We are not gonna win anything and why they want to play for us. The team needs directions and passion to win trophies. Put yourself on their shoes! Every good player wants to win something in their life.
Parag Sangani
Parag Sangani - 8 dager siden
Mark Bruno better not go we need to start wining consistently your write but we can not just keep winning some games and lose all our other games and get thrashed pls reply to me
mike heap
mike heap - 8 dager siden
Bruno's a diving cheat looking for freekicks and penalties. Cheat.
Stan Razavi
Stan Razavi - 8 dager siden
I rather have Varane over Ramos
Javier Hernandez
Javier Hernandez - 8 dager siden
Oh boy I can't wait to see Fred Scotty and Lingard become our starting midfield again.
will - 8 dager siden
Roy Keane???? 🤦🏻‍♂️! He’s nowhere near 99/08 teams!
Mark Gabriel
Mark Gabriel - 8 dager siden
Won't be surprised if there's truth in this as let's be honest he ain't winning anything whilst under ole..
Also the inconsistency..
Least he's guaranteed silverware at both Barcelona/real..
Luis Fernandez
Luis Fernandez - 8 dager siden
If Bruno left I don’t think I could watch United again for several years
Raj Mann
Raj Mann - 8 dager siden
Good luck. Man UTD 4life no matter who wears the red kit
Kc Link
Kc Link - 8 dager siden
Hope you are not going very well this morning, played that bit 10 times and still sounded like that.
Alec Dukas
Alec Dukas - 8 dager siden
If Bruno leaves us after such a short amount of time he's simply not the player we thought he was.
Dede Fakolujo
Dede Fakolujo - 8 dager siden
If you don't like Mark why do you watch him? I would generally like to know?
ALI ABDI - 8 dager siden
Madrid and barc are broke
Dstaar UTD
Dstaar UTD - 8 dager siden
Mark, you need to stop blocking people for giving different opinions, its your channel bro but like come on. Not everybody is against you.
Matthew Fred
Matthew Fred - 8 dager siden
Yeah he needs to chill 90% of the community is respectful
John Fulco
John Fulco - 8 dager siden
Keep ole around and Bruno will have his bags packed in May. Who has aspirations to play for a mediocre manager praying to make top 4 when you could go to a club always in a title race and a champions league title race? Real doesn't accept a failure like Ole.. He would've been sacked a year go, yet we sit here on a weekly basis hoping Ole turns it around. With the Messi regime ending at Barca this summer, Real have a genuine chance to dominate for the next 10 years and that is appealing... not Ole off the touchline looking at a monitor silent.
Dstaar UTD
Dstaar UTD - 8 dager siden
Nobody went after Bruno before we bought him, dont think they gonna go for him after we've bought him now.
TheWallethead - 7 dager siden
@Bertrand Lo but he wouldn’t be taking pens so he would’ve been found out even quicker. 🤣🤣
Bertrand Lo
Bertrand Lo - 7 dager siden
The reason they didn’t go for him is because they thought he wouldn’t replicate his numbers in the prem or la liga because he’s from Portugal but don’t forget poch and spurs wanted him a year before we got him but they couldn’t pay up they nearly got him
TheWallethead - 7 dager siden
Yea he’s delusional
sinbadw00t - 8 dager siden
Rashford only jus starting to learn striker role (running in behind). Martial dont know what hes' doing up front position wise, however he does have talent with the ball at his feet. WE HAVE NO CLEAR STRIKER - PROLIFIC SCORER IN THE BOX 30 goals, YET CAVANI STILL ON BENCH gets 10mins a game.
TinoTinny M
TinoTinny M - 8 dager siden
Get de ligt, Holland - 8 dager siden
There’s a reason why they didn’t want him before he came here. He was still putting up ridiculous stats so there is somethings that probably turned them off about Bruno what it is who knows?
Gainmaker 5000
Gainmaker 5000 - 7 dager siden
His pass completion rate for a midfielder is shockingly bad. Even for a creative player who takes risks, it’s really low. That puts a lot of managers off
TheWallethead - 7 dager siden
Because he’s only a good player not a great player... coaches and analysts know a lot more than this Bruno nuthugger
B C - 8 dager siden
Why is it a concern? Bet real and Barca wanted de bryne from city and they never lost him so please stop hyping this up mark and talk about how to get glazers out
M Benz
M Benz - 8 dager siden
No player is bigger than the club, they should sell Bruno as he’s overrated anyway and buy grealish who is better than him and loyal
M Benz
M Benz - 8 dager siden
@Montage Gamer yeah I have hence why I said he’s overrated, stop hyping up average players he is rubbish when playing for Portugal and gives away the ball hundreds of times
Montage Gamer
Montage Gamer - 8 dager siden
Have u seen Bruno play think before u comment if people saw this u would get destroyed in the comments
Dede Fakolujo
Dede Fakolujo - 8 dager siden
Bruno is 25 he is well worth 100m+,
Seramics - 8 dager siden
Sell Bruno.
Claire Rodriguez
Claire Rodriguez - 8 dager siden
I see Mark was fiesty this morning 🤣
TheWallethead - 7 dager siden
He won’t let anyone talk bad about his lil girlfriend Bruno...
Carlos Shiera
Carlos Shiera - 8 dager siden
Mark’s mood though lol
brian poole
brian poole - 8 dager siden said two years ago...we need to build a team around pogba!!....that was and is, a stupid statement,...if we had built a team around the overrated pogba, we would already be in a relegation battle
Marine and Rattlesnake J
Marine and Rattlesnake J - 8 dager siden
I like Dan James but he does not have the footballing intelligence that he needs to play consistent for United it would suit him very much to go out on loan for a season maybe two to see if he can actually build the in-game intelligence that he needs to make it in the Premier League
Rashad R
Rashad R - 8 dager siden
Bruno never leaving United🤦‍♂️
Pawel Czerniakowski Football stories
I would sell him if they want to give us 90millions,he isn't that good.
TheWallethead - 7 dager siden
I can’t wait when he finally stops looking at stats and analyses Bruno’s performances. Lukaku and zlatan scored goals but doesn’t mean they were beneficial to the team overall.
M Benz
M Benz - 8 dager siden
Sell Bruno Fernandes and buy a world class player like de bruyne, someone who is loyal and doesn’t boost about being world class, Bruno is highly overrated which is why he always gets subbed of by Portugal 😂😂🤣
M Benz
M Benz - 8 dager siden
@Jehoiakim Pillay de bruyne had most assists last season 20+ broke the record which I don’t think Bruno will ever do that
Jehoiakim Pillay
Jehoiakim Pillay - 8 dager siden
What makes you think De Bruyne will be any better than Bruno? Bruno literally has better stats than him since arriving in the PL
CR7 KING - 8 dager siden
Sancho performance has dropped & i don't believe that this Sancho is so good the way you guys hype him
EGZON REXHEPI - 6 dager siden
Might lower his marker value aswell
Dar Mon
Dar Mon - 8 dager siden
He's worth 60m
Mad Ting
Mad Ting - 8 dager siden
Is it a coincidence that the reports of him being angry about Dortmund not letting him leave to go to United coincided with his drop in performance... its almost like if he gets the move he wants he'd be happy and performing again... he feels trapped by the club he's at, and clearly feels he's been lied to by the Dortmund board of directors.
The Unknown
The Unknown - 8 dager siden
If Bruno goes, we are finished. I mean ultimately finished for a very very long time.
Spartanste82 !!!!
Spartanste82 !!!! - 8 dager siden
I'm sorry but Bruno sick of internal turmoil so Real or Barca are the escape. They are worse off than we are. Fake story
M Benz
M Benz - 8 dager siden
Bruno Fernandes is highly overrated, he wouldn’t make the bench at Barca or Real Madrid as he plays rubbish when he’s surrounded by quality players, which is why he gets subbed off for Portugal , fans hype him up like he’s a de bruyne or David silva 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dheepak Surya Kalyana Raman
Dheepak Surya Kalyana Raman - 8 dager siden
I think Ramos would be a signing like Laurent Blanc.
Juggie Singh
Juggie Singh - 8 dager siden
Mark you can say it a million times but David Alaba is a left back get through your daft head.
Alonzo Villarini
Alonzo Villarini - 8 dager siden
Rubbish... he ain't leaving. Spanish media on their shite.
Simeon Day
Simeon Day - 8 dager siden
No heads up on the sneeze?
Gabe - 8 dager siden
@15:01 RIP Mark
Owen Mcdaid
Owen Mcdaid - 8 dager siden
Bruno is priceless to us
Haggs73 - 8 dager siden
This is a nothing story