Bruno To Decide Solskjaer Future! Man Utd News Now

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Bruno Fernandes is the Man Utd player that will decide Solskjaer's future. Can Bruno save Solskjaer again? Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand. 🔔 SUBSCRIBE here
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Numero Uno
Numero Uno - 18 dager siden
I wondering what's OLE doing with the team during international break?
Alan Kenny
Alan Kenny - 18 dager siden
James will be gone in January or in the Summer. Not good enough. Mata will be gone in the summer. Matic will have one more year. Ricky will have no one to talk about soon,
eidolon universe
eidolon universe - 22 dager siden
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eidolon universe
eidolon universe - 22 dager siden
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Bren Webster
Bren Webster - 23 dager siden
Ole dodges more bullets than Neo.
ManOne dj
ManOne dj - 23 dager siden
120 mil out of club because of glazers on averege every year... 1200% more than other owners cost their clubs.... thats why united is where it is...
ryu Tyga 99
ryu Tyga 99 - 23 dager siden
Rehma Ismail
Rehma Ismail - 23 dager siden
the title came true lol
Nigel Gaskell
Nigel Gaskell - 23 dager siden
For Ole to survive, he needs to surround himself with knowledgeable, passionate back room staff who understand the game and command respect. The ineptitude of those closest to Ole are confusing the whole squad and drowning morale! I love Ole but something has to change. Grow a set or go! Sadly, win, lose or draw I think it's over. :(
adnan naemaz
adnan naemaz - 23 dager siden
Rickys team and 90s ideology will get as relegated lol. Is he having a laugh.
chris garnell
chris garnell - 23 dager siden
this Ricky guy talks some shite doesnt he?
Miles - 23 dager siden
Ultimate spitroast.
MC Misa Cigoj
MC Misa Cigoj - 23 dager siden
I want Beth ❤️
Paarshva Shah
Paarshva Shah - 23 dager siden
Ricky man you took your old fashioned stupid defensive style to new heights today
Dies Irae
Dies Irae - 23 dager siden
How did they keep a straight face when he said van Gaal should have stayed
morgan roberts
morgan roberts - 23 dager siden
The players have stopped playing for Jose and now ole.
Andy G_LFC
Andy G_LFC - 23 dager siden
Ricky has not got a clue about modern football and clearly has favourites.
Thomas Mooney
Thomas Mooney - 23 dager siden
Why does he keep going about 4-4-2? 4-4-2 doesn't exist anymore.
Joel Johnson
Joel Johnson - 23 dager siden
Our fans are clapped .... Y'all don't give no one time and wonder why no one settles in ... And the most infuriating thing is half the things people complaint about now is half the things people complained he wasn't doing at some earlier point
United84 - 23 dager siden
Tbh I think we’re at the point where it doesn’t matter who’s playing. Whether it’s Dan James or a Pogba. The manager isn’t good enough and can’t get the best out of the team anyway. Anytime we win it’s just down to individual brilliance freestyle football or an opposition mistake. Just want Ole gone. No faith in this team under this management
GavT11 - 23 dager siden
total sense re Van Gaal. Van Gaal had a 3 season plan. first season he fixed the defense - tick. second season control possession - tick. Next would have been to put in dynamic attack with penetration but never got chance. He was laying foundation but then Jose ripped it up!
Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson - 23 dager siden
Ricky is an idiot every week he talks bollocks all the players he loves are absolutely shite
Krutik Teli
Krutik Teli - 23 dager siden
i cant hear ricky anymore , guy defenitely has agenda against some players
Krutik Teli
Krutik Teli - 23 dager siden
we would get smashed 4-0 if we play rickys team. The guy is absolutely clueless( cleary have agenda against some players)
Wantali TV
Wantali TV - 23 dager siden
Ricky: you only play quality teams 20% of the time.
In Germany? 😂😂😂😂
Jake Marshall
Jake Marshall - 23 dager siden
Its a shame telles and shaw are both left footed, one of them on the right would make a world of difference
Sean Graeter
Sean Graeter - 23 dager siden
The problems Ole is facing at the moment are all down to the kleptocracy that is the ownership and the ineptitude of the board/Woodward!
Dave berry
Dave berry - 23 dager siden
Cole, Yorke and Sherringham all better players. Stop dressing the issue up, if he was that good SAF would have played him all the time. FACT.
Ryan McGreevy
Ryan McGreevy - 23 dager siden
Why is Ricky on this channel, should be on the history channel with that team selection
Dave berry
Dave berry - 23 dager siden
I guess when everyone with a clue about football told you all that OLE is not a manager or a Ledgend your channel was " OLE at the wheel ". Hypercritical to say the least........week in week out you try to paper over the cracks. Thousands of deluded, never been to the match fans listening to this. Pochetino is not the answer..... another knee jerk reaction......
Wantali TV
Wantali TV - 23 dager siden
Bruv Ricky doesn’t know what he is on about “MacTominay” cannot unlock a briefcase. His team choice is absolutely pragmatic, do we wanna win games or draw them?
tarantula Kingdom
tarantula Kingdom - 23 dager siden
Poch is gonna be man u manager regardless of the Everton game olly isn't good enough to continue as manager he as no game plan or tactics when poch as everythink as a manager is a winner
The RyanoooO
The RyanoooO - 23 dager siden
442 de Gea wan bissaka Maguire tuanzebe telles James mctominay fernandes mata VDB martial.. YOU ABSOLUTELY CANNOT LEAVE BRUNO ON THE BENCH.. play him centre mid!! If Paul Scholes can keep his positional discipline in the centre then so can Bruno. It’s down to the manager to sort that. Bruno is better 8 than 10 anyways.
Jude Ogbonna
Jude Ogbonna - 23 dager siden
Ricky is a treasure. Mark's reaction to Ricky's team was priceless 😂
Wes Valamsos
Wes Valamsos - 23 dager siden
the four horsemen or Brexit ball:
Neil Warnock
Sam Allardyce
Tony Pulis
And Ricky
Daniel Wright
Daniel Wright - 23 dager siden
I'd drink Beth's bath water
Spandan Das
Spandan Das - 23 dager siden
Whoever you hire, leave Hasenhuttl alone. We're gonna replace Klopp with him, when Klopp decides to leave.
Ljuny reona
Ljuny reona - 23 dager siden
United need to go for a legetimate W-Class coach like Max Allegri who already earned most of the respect in Football world.Poch will be just another Ole.What will look good for a while.The players need the ferogious like Maximilliano Allegri.
Amit Bhad
Amit Bhad - 23 dager siden
AWB Maguire Axel Shaw
. Matic
Fred. VDB
Cavani. Martial

Cavani VDB need to start!
Bring on Rashford Greenwood from the bench, they are doing well coming from the bench recently.
Isaac Emong Paul
Isaac Emong Paul - 23 dager siden
What's up with Ricky and Dan James actually 😭😂
Midnight Rider
Midnight Rider - 23 dager siden
They need to give Ole time. He is rebuilding something. He inherited a mess & Pogba hasn't done the business on a consistent level for the club.
Zeon Eons
Zeon Eons - 23 dager siden
Oles building his own mess Soooo...
Mario Velan
Mario Velan - 23 dager siden
I reckon ole goes five at the back today
Amit Bhad
Amit Bhad - 23 dager siden
Partially agree with Ricky here. It's a team game. When you are struggling, it's holding positions and keeping it simple, doing the basics right is important. Pogba, Rashford, Greenwood are not doing these things right at the moment. Maybe get them on from the bench.
Zeon Eons
Zeon Eons - 23 dager siden
They aren't doing them right because of the instability of Ole's tactics. The opposition have their tactics, & instructions. That's why we get beat. Keeping it simple & holding positions is when a team has given up because they do nothing. Ole's version is 5 at the back & counter when it all goes up the creek.
Davies Mwape
Davies Mwape - 23 dager siden
Pochetino is not a solution to our problem, when do we stop being sentimental and go for tried and tested people like flick at Bayern?
Vivian Charles
Vivian Charles - 23 dager siden
Beth nearly gave Ricky a stroke
Joon - young
Joon - young - 23 dager siden
5-4-1 - attack minded
jordan raynes
jordan raynes - 23 dager siden
Team ricki again
Raphael Frank
Raphael Frank - 23 dager siden
Mctomminay is fucking awful he doesn’t ever pass welll he’s a passenger in our midfield. I like Rick but Rick is loving players with no football brain give him a shake mark lol.
Lloyd Milliner
Lloyd Milliner - 23 dager siden
Bruno, Van Der Beek, Fred, Matic in midfield diamond, Pogba on the bench.
Dali Ben
Dali Ben - 23 dager siden
Ole needs penalties to survive again
Matthew O' Donnell
Matthew O' Donnell - 23 dager siden
I'm speechless ricky , you're clearly off you meds or high on something else. That is without doubt the worst united midfield I have ever heard. What you are doing is trying to stop a team from bating us rather than trying to win the game
Philip Burtonwood
Philip Burtonwood - 23 dager siden
Weres the creativity coming from Ricky 🤣
Victor Chong
Victor Chong - 23 dager siden
Is Ricky drunk?? Bench Bruno, Pogba, Rashford,. Playing Mata,James,.think we should juz stay at 15 place..
Tennyson clothing
Tennyson clothing - 23 dager siden
Of course Ricky names the worst midfield ... every single player he named for midfield I'd like out of the club
J-LINDO 6 - 23 dager siden
HOK SODA - 23 dager siden
Darren Hughes
Darren Hughes - 23 dager siden
Adverts on these videos are getting ridiculous. Proper sell outs!
Sihle mlambo
Sihle mlambo - 23 dager siden
Ricky's bruno agenda is mad
Aar Dalal
Aar Dalal - 23 dager siden
Ricky wants ole sacked with his preferred line-up shocking line-up ricky .
FOO LAI HIN - 23 dager siden
First four manager that comes to Man Utd will lost their first four games n get sack inmedietly
FOO LAI HIN - 23 dager siden
What if Pot lost the first four games sack Him n bring another
Huss E
Huss E - 23 dager siden
Unpopular opinion: We played shite against leipzig until we scored the second goal (74th min). I think the first half of that match was one of our worst performances lool.
Liverpool FC
Liverpool FC - 23 dager siden
Give him time!!! It's 1989!!! 🤣🤣
Apex_Pred4t0r - 23 dager siden
There's nothing to hang onto anymore for ole to be manager!! If you still think he's the right man you need to give you're head a wobble!!!
Everything United Dave
Everything United Dave - 23 dager siden
Ricky must be Dan James’s agent ffs 😂
Mallo - 23 dager siden
Ricky with his famous mata and James agenda, dead players and it shows how bad our squad is that they're even considered
24funkyguy - 23 dager siden
Faizaan Farookee
Faizaan Farookee - 23 dager siden
These players have to play their asses off every few weeks to save this dud. I hate it when people say it’s the players they are the ones giving their blood sweat and tears to keep this moron in his seat.
Lance Hartnick
Lance Hartnick - 23 dager siden
Mcsauce and James? Reckless opinion!
Yeboah Benjamin
Yeboah Benjamin - 23 dager siden
Hmmm, we don't wish him sack but he still doesn't have his first eleven.
Mohd Khairudin A. Rahman
Mohd Khairudin A. Rahman - 23 dager siden
How long it takes Sir Alex to become champlion? How long it takes Porch to take Spurs uefa final ?
Joshua Whitfield
Joshua Whitfield - 23 dager siden
hi do u think if ole wins today's game and he keeps winning he will keep his job but if ole gets sacked and poch comes in would he do the same thing like what he did with spurs
Kay Bandz
Kay Bandz - 23 dager siden
I don't think people have realised how much football knowledge Ricky has. When he speaks, you listen. Simple
yunghazy - 23 dager siden
I’m tired Mark
Κωστας Μπαμιχας
4-2-3-1 got us 3rd place... stick with it. Rashford on the right to play as a wonger in front of AWB. VDB on the left with telles behind him for width. Matic, fred bruno in the midfield.
Rohit Meher
Rohit Meher - 23 dager siden
Why you have to invite Ricky? Dan James, Mctominay Matic mata 😂😂😂 And I'm sure everybody ignores him
Mohd Khairudin A. Rahman
Mohd Khairudin A. Rahman - 23 dager siden
Stop it you guys, give Ole a chance. Pogba should be on the bench. Any way he is not Ole signing. How long it takes Sir Alex to put
Thato Nasilele
Thato Nasilele - 23 dager siden
Am I the only who is confident that we are winning today?
It's not an Ole in/out thing. I just don't believe we are in a crisis like it's being made up
Mikey and steve
Mikey and steve - 23 dager siden
back the manager he will come good and ricky should be brought in as oles assistant
jersey lim
jersey lim - 23 dager siden
If Ole starts Mctominay. Its game over. The midfield battle is lost.if its a 4 3 3. Van de beek has to start as cm with Fred. We need to be able to play out from the midfield!!
Mac Henry
Mac Henry - 23 dager siden
Good job, Beth. You know your football.
Vincent Omotuyole
Vincent Omotuyole - 23 dager siden
He gatz to go
Jordan Weavill
Jordan Weavill - 23 dager siden
They only keep its simple because they are simple !!!
Oddy Pele
Oddy Pele - 23 dager siden
Ole aint fixing nothing. He's not capable. The guy is extremely clueless..completely devoid of football ideas. During the match, he looks lost and bewildered. Noone would hire Ole in all competitive football leagues..Not even the championship...but he still a united manager. It's an insult to sane fans.
Jordan Weavill
Jordan Weavill - 23 dager siden
Useless ricky !! Why is he even given air time !!!
Pratyush Prasad
Pratyush Prasad - 23 dager siden
Ole is safe for long term he will win against Everton and west born and may my win 5 to 6 matches in a row
DANO junior
DANO junior - 23 dager siden
Lmao pep has dropped Kevin many times mark lol the guy dropped kun aguero for jesus pep will drop anyone lol
Keith Rozario
Keith Rozario - 23 dager siden
Its not difficult and confusing mark
.u know the answer..the facts are there..I love ole but I love mu ones bigger than the club..remember?
Keith Rozario
Keith Rozario - 23 dager siden
Its the best time during the Intl's never too early
XxReactionzxX - 23 dager siden
This Manchester United team can only play and succeed with one formation and that is 5-3-2. We have no proper CDM or RW how can we play any formation with wide midfielders/Forwards and less than three midfielders covering the center of the field?
We have 4 strikers basically and want to try to start three every game? We must go Dea Gea - AWB, Lindeolf, Maguire, Shaw, Telles - VdB, Bruno, Matic - Martial, Cavani. Simple. Changes become simple with Fred coming on for CB, Rasford for Cavani, Pogba for VdB..etc He must decide on what style he wants to play..Counter attack or possession based cause the players we have are not good at both. Choose a team for what you want and work on a proper defensive shape.
Marvin & Michelle Benjamin
Marvin & Michelle Benjamin - 23 dager siden
Absolutely agree with Ricky!!!
kelvin k
kelvin k - 23 dager siden
The thing is i think players love ole he is like a frnd to thm .....they will smash Everton
Jordan Weavill
Jordan Weavill - 23 dager siden
De gea , telles , wb , lindelof, axel , matic , van der beek , bruno , pogba , martial , rash
🐸 Maahi
🐸 Maahi - 23 dager siden
Agree with Ricky 100%
Thato Nasilele
Thato Nasilele - 23 dager siden
I would be gutted if Ole got sacked! For y'all it'd be a great Escape. But for me it'd just be a calm before an even massive storm
Samip Pradhan
Samip Pradhan - 23 dager siden
Olé has made Ricky mad and KG depressed
Sohail Damree
Sohail Damree - 23 dager siden
Ricky's super bench: Fred Bruno Rashford Greenwood Cavani Pogba DAMN THAT'S A BENCH
Barry Black
Barry Black - 23 dager siden
The way this is going, we might not see Ricky for long.
Sunny Kohal
Sunny Kohal - 23 dager siden
Ricky is manager of that team
C RH - 23 dager siden
Rickys midfield wouldn’t start for Villa