Bruno SLAMS Critics! Solskjaer Sack Talk Stops Today? Man Utd News

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Bruno Fernandes slams Man Utd critics and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer sack talks could stop today if United beat Arsenal. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand. SUBSCRIBE here
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James - 24 dager siden
You know what? It’s exactly the same as how everyone said Gerrard and Lampard couldn’t play together
Jerry Warren
Jerry Warren - 25 dager siden
Juan matter in hi prime will always be more technically gifted and intelligent as a footballer than Paul Pogba will ever ever be
Jerry Warren
Jerry Warren - 25 dager siden
Stop making bloody excuses about Paul Pogba I am absolutely sick to death of hearing his name ,he is simply not good enough ,not determined enough , weak in the head and more of a premadonna
ammar mustafa
ammar mustafa - 26 dager siden
0:57 I stopped my 9-5 because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Betty Harris
Betty Harris - 26 dager siden
1:20 I can finally enjoy life with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Pony Boy
Pony Boy - 26 dager siden
Goldbridge is 90% certain Utd will beat Arsenal. In half the games Ole has had Arteta has worked on the defence, the shape of the team in transition, created an identity, won trophies and laid out a plan for the direction Arsenal are moving in. What's Ole done? None of the above!
Nadir Munoo
Nadir Munoo - 22 dager siden
Spot on. Arsenal have had notable progress in less time under Arteta than what Ole has had at United. I'm starting to believe that Ian Wright was correct when he said that this current United team would likely have been challenging for the title under Arteta.
Richard Dorling
Richard Dorling - 26 dager siden
Any news on Sancho?
Samson Munthali
Samson Munthali - 27 dager siden
Bruno is useless in this game
bones guitars
bones guitars - 27 dager siden
What happened to the watch along against arsenal?
Toby - 27 dager siden
@Colin Quish what actually happend
Colin Quish
Colin Quish - 27 dager siden
He died
Pramath S
Pramath S - 27 dager siden
Love from india
XxVenomDestroyer - 27 dager siden
Ole did it right
Soto Lee
Soto Lee - 27 dager siden
This dude keeps going on about subbing Pogba in every game. Thought that was his opinion as well.
H N - 27 dager siden
Ole-Gunner-change formation again
Critical Thinker
Critical Thinker - 27 dager siden
Sack him we need a manager with the balls and intelligence you play our best XI + 433/diamond
Mark Gabriel
Mark Gabriel - 27 dager siden
If utd lose/draw today then questions need to be asked of ole and rightly so..
It's 1step forward and 2back..
Capt. Sal
Capt. Sal - 27 dager siden
United needs to win
Bryn Gefferies
Bryn Gefferies - 27 dager siden
Team against Arsenal: 4.4.2 Diamond - De Gea, WanBa, Tuanzebe, Lindelof, Shaw, VanDeBeek, Fred, Pogba, Bruno(Capt), Rashford, Carvani
Subs: Henderson, Fuso Mensah, Maguire, Matic, McTominay, Mata, James, Greenwood, ighalo & Williams.
Result: 3 - 0 Win
We All know that Ole will pick his favourites!
Comic Culture TV
Comic Culture TV - 27 dager siden
Bruno must be like, "Give me a chance boss, let me slam these critics for you."
So glad that he has a leadership attitude towards this.
John Whitehead
John Whitehead - 27 dager siden
Comic culture And that's why he should be captain
Bryn Gefferies
Bryn Gefferies - 27 dager siden
Team against Arsenal: 4.4.2 Diamond - De Gea, WanBa, Tuanzebe, Lindelof Shaw, VanDeBeek, Fred, Pogba, Bruno(Capt), Rashford, Carvani
Subs: Henderson, Fuso Mensah, Maguire, Matic, McTominay, Mata, James, Greenwood, ighalo & Williams.
Result: 3 - 0 Win
We All know that Ole will pick his favourites!
5LENORE5 - 27 dager siden
If Fred destroys Partey in midfield, he should be called Pope Fred
Joe Kavanagh
Joe Kavanagh - 27 dager siden
Can't believe Ole wanted Grealish rather than Van de Beek.
si - 27 dager siden
Way better than beek
si - 27 dager siden
Grealish is class
abdulrahman alali
abdulrahman alali - 27 dager siden
Hey Mark
andrew pearson
andrew pearson - 27 dager siden
Mark to always win a game of foorball the rule is do not let the opposition ever score and make sure your team always scores.
So what you want is the most childish load of bullshit i have ever heard.
It would be great if Manchester united were to win against Arsenal today!
Who cares which players play so long as we win. Ole is in change of that and not you!
Dante Roa
Dante Roa - 27 dager siden
I want diamond formation
kingston hyde
kingston hyde - 27 dager siden
Mark, I wouldn't get excited. Don't be surprised if you see Pogba, Van de Beek, Cavani and Greenwood starting on the BENCH. Ole doesn't have the METTLE to be successful as a manager in the Premier League.
sjckful - 27 dager siden
Give captaincy to Fernandes
kieran sherwood
kieran sherwood - 27 dager siden
Cant wait till the watch along mark, let's get the win and go on a run and not have a season like last again 🙌
steven clark
steven clark - 27 dager siden
poor sir bobby charlton diagnosis of dementia three months after his brothers death...they old balls they use to header didnt help them one bit....lets hope he isnt too bad yet..
OshPlays - 27 dager siden
😊Good Game for Ole today, If he wins today and then can go and beat Istanbul and Everton, it will show consistency ready for an easy game against west brom after the break.
Bashir Kobane
Bashir Kobane - 27 dager siden
Let's talk of what's on the table , winning today is more vital
andrew pearson
andrew pearson - 27 dager siden
Mark, to be honest mate, there is a huge difference between thinking and knowing.
Honestly you know next to nothing.
Sean Carey
Sean Carey - 27 dager siden
You can’t put the brain into action when you can’t shut your mouth and think
andrew pearson
andrew pearson - 27 dager siden
No, Woodward has said Solly is the right man for the Job and will be given time.
Honestly Mark, you really are about 10% right and 90% wrong.
In other words you 90% left and walking in circles.
Simon Gurung
Simon Gurung - 27 dager siden
17:25 completely agree, scare them
Nothing 0
Nothing 0 - 27 dager siden
It’s time for Man U funeral
Devon Coleman
Devon Coleman - 27 dager siden
The narrative that we had a disaster window and mata is crap is so boring now Mark. The signings were good and mata is technically one of our best players!!
Fahad Hamid
Fahad Hamid - 27 dager siden
Real Talk
wayne calvert
wayne calvert - 27 dager siden
Dan James agenda again
Tadala Nseula
Tadala Nseula - 27 dager siden
Pogba and Bruno have played well together several times. These two ex footballers are a joke
Jevaughnie Samuels
Jevaughnie Samuels - 27 dager siden
fimmy kwenaeetile
fimmy kwenaeetile - 27 dager siden
Ole seems to perform when there's talks of him getting sacked. So in order to keep him performing, we must now talk about him getting sacked every week.
Rod Digby
Rod Digby - 27 dager siden
It will never stop he’s not good enough just my opinion sorry
ferrer chee
ferrer chee - 27 dager siden
Arsenal has got pace in the attacking formation, so united must start Tuanxuabe in the central back position rather than Maguire.
Dave Reeves
Dave Reeves - 27 dager siden
Waiting for the comments if utd win but it's a lucky 1-0
Happy Rics
Happy Rics - 27 dager siden
If i see Mata and James start, Ill be worried, We defiantly need to close the gap,
Tell - 27 dager siden
I don’t expect more from Sky
Tell - 27 dager siden
These are lies. Even if Ole wins today Ole Outters will wait for a mistake. Any mistake. Mark is lying
Ederies Cottle
Ederies Cottle - 27 dager siden
Today he needs to be on the touch line otherwise I'm Ole out
Lil Redd
Lil Redd - 27 dager siden
If united win and get a clean sheet I’ll donate 1k on the watchalong
Sufyan Billel
Sufyan Billel - 27 dager siden
The next Zein Mayassi 😂
Ian Hague
Ian Hague - 27 dager siden
Don't put your foot off the pedal !!! Or these footballers at this club will get complacent again with Oles complacent tactics! Still not convinced with Ole! Hes just a Yes Man 🙄
Servant Of Jesus Christ
Servant Of Jesus Christ - 27 dager siden
So let me get this straight, some of these fans are so desperate to the extent where they'd accept someone that Spurs have gotten rid of?? Then we claim we are a bigger club... If he was that good, Spurs would have kept him.. I'll always support Ole..
Kevin Hunter
Kevin Hunter - 27 dager siden
Not the club that sacked him which puzzles me, it’s the fact he hasn’t won anything and said trophies aren’t important. His success so far is winning champs league spots which ole is doing, so no difference. Can understand why some are Ole out (I’m Ole in) but if you’re going to request a better manager, ask for a proven winner with a winner’s mentality.
Trevor Cross
Trevor Cross - 27 dager siden
We are 15th in the table,this is a must win game otherwise it will be OLE OUT
Jonathan Pelham
Jonathan Pelham - 27 dager siden
Man Utd: Arsenal Prediction
2.: 0
AWB. Lindelof. Maguire. Shaw
Fred. Pogba
Greenwood. Rashford
Subs: Henderson, Williams, Tuanzebe, DVB, McTominay, DJ, Cavani
Jonathan Pelham
Jonathan Pelham - 26 dager siden
@Justajk shame i didnt nail the result :(
Justajk - 26 dager siden
Almost nailed the lineup tbf
DALI - 27 dager siden
16:42 Thats what she said
Ederies Cottle
Ederies Cottle - 27 dager siden
Play the same game like use played again psg and Rb Leipzig
priceYT - 27 dager siden
Drawty like my comment please ...prediction 2:0, rashford and cavani will score .
SHUKRI SHEHADEH - 27 dager siden
Today’s my birthday, i hope they give a win as a present.
Mattheus Lima
Mattheus Lima - 27 dager siden
Happy birthday! Have a wonderful day and let's hope United gift you with a victory!
aman habtaye
aman habtaye - 27 dager siden
Ole ! He's ours he deserves more time.
Samuel Gebremeskel
Samuel Gebremeskel - 27 dager siden
Don't worry Mark we will win 2-1..
Ederies Cottle
Ederies Cottle - 27 dager siden
He need to make subs 60min
Ederies Cottle
Ederies Cottle - 27 dager siden
Ole need to get his ass of the stands into the touchline he need to cheer his players
Rod Digby
Rod Digby - 27 dager siden
Agree he’s uninspiring sitting there staring at that tablet
Ashwin P G
Ashwin P G - 27 dager siden
The tactics don't change on the touch line. They start days before the match. Being on the touchline just helps motivate those players if anything. But then again, these players play for United, which should keep them motivated throughout.
S L Jones
S L Jones - 27 dager siden
A draw will be a disaster for united. If ole picks James Mctommany mata today im OLEOUT
Tuza A
Tuza A - 27 dager siden
Wouldn’t mind mctominay he’s been playing good with Fred and mata this season has linked up well with Bruno n vdb so it will be good to open up a pragmatic arsenal with intelligent movement n passing or use mata as a sub to rest Bruno or pogba if they get tired
Gunslinger Oy
Gunslinger Oy - 27 dager siden
You can't just keep telling people you can't focus on the glazers because nobody focuses on the glazers everything someone tries to focus on the glazers ha. How many times can I say glazers?
Leobest Bote
Leobest Bote - 27 dager siden
Rashford Greenwood

Pogba VDB
Shaw Lindelof Taunzamos AWB
Lita Marticio
Lita Marticio - 27 dager siden
Common Guys must win the game! Stop Goldbridge his criticism about Solsjaer
Gunslinger Oy
Gunslinger Oy - 27 dager siden
I don't think they meant they can't play together in the literal sense. I think they meant the fact that our best period outright was when Bruno came in and pogba was still out.
FlySkyer987 - 27 dager siden
I have a bad feeling that the score will be 3-1 arsenal 😰
FlySkyer987 - 27 dager siden
@Hasib Abdullah I agree on that
Hasib Abdullah
Hasib Abdullah - 27 dager siden
Arsenal always play well against us and even when ole came in they were the ones that derailed him. These guys need to put their lives on the line.
Martin Paterson
Martin Paterson - 27 dager siden
Mark calling the best two pundits in the country for football knowledge naïve is comedy gold, and he has the balls to say AFTV is deluded.
kt mensah
kt mensah - 27 dager siden
The one thing that will help arsenal most will be their goal keeper just like Mendy for Chelsea
pinkwall mixup 2020
pinkwall mixup 2020 - 27 dager siden
Hello everyone I am looking for some subscriber
kt mensah
kt mensah - 27 dager siden
I can take any loss from any team but not Arsenal especially when your brother and wife are all gunners
Gurda King
Gurda King - 27 dager siden
No worry mate we will win.
olace74 - 27 dager siden
Van Der Beek, Bruno, Fred and Matec in a diamond should start.
Rehma Ismail
Rehma Ismail - 27 dager siden
@Farzin Jahani either good 4 me
Farzin Jahani
Farzin Jahani - 27 dager siden
No vdb we have pogba
SinGames - 27 dager siden
All this Ole Out talk is the reason why we dont have Haland. What a great fanbase we have ???
SinGames - 27 dager siden
@dioforce No idea what you are talking about. Sounds like you don't either.
dioforce - 27 dager siden
Life is not binary. Ole in, Ole out. It's just tripe Mark regurgitates and you guys yuck it up. Get your IQ up
Nyati SM
Nyati SM - 27 dager siden
For Ole outers its a life commitment. Even if he wins premier league or the champion league. They are not going anywhere.
anesu makosa
anesu makosa - 27 dager siden
Which is sad
S L Jones
S L Jones - 27 dager siden
@Akshay Shirodkar Fred DVB bruno Pogba diamond today we need the win
Akshay Shirodkar
Akshay Shirodkar - 27 dager siden
@S L Jones...mctominay was good against Leipzig... He was also good against psg... Matic disrupt the pace if he starts...
S L Jones
S L Jones - 27 dager siden
We are only OLEOUT because ole will probably go back to mata James Mctommany today
Devils58 Diack
Devils58 Diack - 27 dager siden
can’t start mata and James as we won’t win have to go with are best team playing a Diamond
Kamy Mehmood
Kamy Mehmood - 27 dager siden
I am still ole out.. 3 4 good results not gone change my mind.. he need to keep this for long run then i will
Sean Carey
Sean Carey - 27 dager siden
Mark doesn’t like Sky sports, BT Sports, BBC Sports punditry thinks his podcast better because of the way we share opinions. Give me a break the sports channels have equal time on air but here we have 99% listening to Marks opinions.
Hasib Abdullah
Hasib Abdullah - 27 dager siden
@singsangsung Those players are more than good enough. We have a better squad depth and some better players than Liverpool. What makes the difference is that they put their lives on the line but these guys don't. Klopp is not the best tactical manager but his management of players is second to none. that's the difference. He stands on the touch line drilling players and has a balance of how to treat them.
Kamy Mehmood
Kamy Mehmood - 27 dager siden
@singsangsung ole has got quality players in his team mate work out jist how much the team is worth.. look at the team on paper. Class full of quality.. he jist cant use them properly cant gt best out of them.. no tactics... starting weakest players.. what u expect
singsangsung - 27 dager siden
Well then buy him some players he wants
★_Vizualize_★ - 27 dager siden
If Fred has a good game against Partey, Fred will be Bishop Fred. Then Archbishop Fred. Hmmmmm doesn't sound nice though. Pastor Fred sounds great.
Munashe Simba
Munashe Simba - 26 dager siden
I think this is the reason he couldn’t perform today
5LENORE5 - 27 dager siden
Pope Fred
★_Vizualize_★ - 27 dager siden
@Tim Farrow 👍
Tim Farrow
Tim Farrow - 27 dager siden
Cardinal fred
Mr BlueBug
Mr BlueBug - 27 dager siden
if ole lose today and they sack him it,will be the day i stop supporting Manchester United
Leobest Bote
Leobest Bote - 27 dager siden
Don't wory, Ole can lose three more times from this fame and still be our coach by next year Feb trust me
Dre Mac
Dre Mac - 27 dager siden
But Thts ole in a nut shell he plays scared .. it’s like evra said we play with fear .. top clubs don’t play with fear .. go after teams .. ole is over his head but I still hope he makes the better decisions
Alan Kane
Alan Kane - 27 dager siden
Kevin Hunter
Kevin Hunter - 27 dager siden
George Papps
George Papps - 27 dager siden
Plandemic, created disease, made in the wuhan bio lab, unleashed on the world
George Papps
George Papps - 27 dager siden
@xxxtensioncord i didnt say it was fake
xxxtensioncord - 27 dager siden
Get off Facebook lad, why on earth would every government on earth fake a pandemic that has completely ruined their economies and made them wildly unpopular?
Nejc Sribar
Nejc Sribar - 27 dager siden
Im still not convinced of ole, the board didnt back him that looks to me like the board doesnt trust him too that he is the right guy. Hope im wrong
Bashir Kobane
Bashir Kobane - 27 dager siden
Winning, winning, is the goal
Javari Peterkin
Javari Peterkin - 27 dager siden
Let's go
Truth - 27 dager siden
Bruno needs to eliminate errors from his game. He loses the ball easily. He acts like he’s Messi. I don’t like his body language at times. Body language is contagious.
Alan Kane
Alan Kane - 27 dager siden
van de beek better player than grealish by a mile
Andy Murdoch
Andy Murdoch - 27 dager siden
It must be 3pts and nothing less today. Attack attack attack
Critical Thinker
Critical Thinker - 27 dager siden
433/diamond is a must!
3chords - 27 dager siden
I hate to be negative but.......Don’t forget that United have been disappointing us , confusing us , raising our hopes for years now. Don’t be surprised if we lose 1-3 and play awful. Cracks cannot be plastered over forever.....
Marlon Abner
Marlon Abner - 27 dager siden
Headline caught me.. Damn, doesn't this man have his tongue lodged up Bruno's ass crack..
Stu G
Stu G - 27 dager siden
I'm just here to skip the adverts
LARNX - 27 dager siden
English punditry knows no bounds when it comes to moronic statements and agendas
Harto Widjaja
Harto Widjaja - 27 dager siden
Almost forgot, sack them all...
Harto Widjaja
Harto Widjaja - 27 dager siden
Don't keep too much hope against Arsenal... I bet back to the square one either draw or lose in the premier... The board order Ole to focus on Champion League...
FifaFc - 27 dager siden
We need to play the diamond shape and instead of ether have Bruno in the cam position and the on the cm play pogba or Donny van de beak
Tewodros Tesfaye
Tewodros Tesfaye - 27 dager siden
Relax Mark, Ole had just shown enough that he is very much capable to beat Mikel Pulis.
NORTH pole elf on the shelf mitchel
VDB when his contract ends he going to leave because he is a first team player not a bench play him on the right of a diamond formation
Alson Sealys
Alson Sealys - 27 dager siden
Subs are like game changers
CrAzYxProductionZ - 27 dager siden
Squad tings
Oliver Doyle
Oliver Doyle - 27 dager siden
James is a super sub.. perfect for it. Bring him on last 15-20min to run at the other teams defence. Other than that he's no use to this club.
ullas krishnan
ullas krishnan - 27 dager siden
So this isn't really about Ole out or in... obviously we need points and we would like to win and we would like to win with a proper system going on a front foot, playing our best players but ultimately, he is our manager and he selects a system and players to suit that system...if you support the club and manager, then the least you could do is to say that he has the freedom to do what he thinks is right ...we can have difference of opinion but if we start to believe as a community that we knows better than manager about team selections and systems and tactics that's insulting the manager
chandran rajagopal
chandran rajagopal - 27 dager siden
Too demanding and stupid talk Why are you harping on Pochittino replacing Olle? You think Olle doesn’t want to win,have you thought of the number of games and how Olle has to crack his head how to rotate the players without injury to them.Let Olle do his job.Mark and Pochittino get lost.Because of you bumbs MU is losing 3-1 toArsenal
Harjit Domeli
Harjit Domeli - 27 dager siden
Absolutely we need to be on the front foot against arsenal we need a good win today and it will send out a strong msg and make other teams think O god we got united this week god help us.