BETH! OLE GOT IT RIGHT!! Manchester United 5-0 RB Leipzig Fan Cam

Manchester United 5-0 RB Leipzig and Beth thinks that the Chamions League was made for Ole Gunnar Solsjkaer!
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Runtime: 13:46


Sathish Rajah
Sathish Rajah - 26 dager siden
this really did not age well eh
Servant Of Jesus Christ
Servant Of Jesus Christ - 27 dager siden
I'd start Donny over Pogba tomorrow, because I don't think Arsenal will play an open game against us, and he can play through those tight spaces with his high-level of intelligence and quick passes, I think he will be very important for us in this game..
Joon - young
Joon - young - 28 dager siden
Pogba is leaving right? why invest in him. work on VDB
Will - 28 dager siden
This girl is good. 👍
Abdul Shahin
Abdul Shahin - 29 dager siden
Great points by Beth goldbridge
Old Trafford Legend.
Old Trafford Legend. - 29 dager siden
Manchester United fanatic from Jamaica. From 1983. From the days of Norman Whiteside. The code to use my bank card is the 4 numbers when the club was founded. We are not yet playing to our full potential. And when we do. It's only an act of God can stop us.
Aura - 29 dager siden
Watch rb Leipzig win the bungeslinga
Jayant JJ
Jayant JJ - 29 dager siden
GodBody89 - 29 dager siden
Aura - 29 dager siden
Beth is a cutie 😊 😍😳
Courtney Satella
Courtney Satella - 29 dager siden
Is that marks daughter
James Neilson Graham
James Neilson Graham - 29 dager siden
In general, there's an over-emphasis on this formation or that formation, back five, back four, diamond etc. etc.. Yes, you need an agreed structure for any given game, but too much rigidity and the players are inhibited. The coaches need to free up the players, foster improvisation and creativity . . .
Gary Darnell
Gary Darnell - 29 dager siden
I think Van De Beek would be better in Paul Pogba's position with Bruno along side him.
Jay Singh
Jay Singh - 29 dager siden
Ole will change the formation against Arsenal, I wish he would stick to his strongest formation, win or lose. If we are building on the Leipzig then the fans will accept that sometimes it will fail, but a mish-mash strategy causes the negativity.
virgil boss
virgil boss - 29 dager siden
Beth ❤️
Aura - 29 dager siden
andrew pearson
andrew pearson - 29 dager siden
Problem is, we do not have another Fred or another Matic. They can not play all the games. Lingard has the same motor as Fred,
if only Lingard could do what Fred does?!
For me, Lingard should be understudy to Fred. If there was a problem with Matic, there is McTomminay, and Fred, and Lingard. Then there is Pogba Fenandes, VDB.
Defenders and strikers ok.
United84 - Måned siden
Bruno and Rashford in for VDB and Martial. Might even get McTominay in for Matic as he tends to play better against arsenal than Matic does. Bit like Darren fletcher used to be, just pisses the soft players at arsenal off 😂
tony Hughes
tony Hughes - Måned siden
Fully agree should play the diamond and attack
Alan Kenny
Alan Kenny - Måned siden
Drop Matic, Move Fred to bottom of the diamond and with Pogba and VBD and Bruno in the 10
Kalash Sharma
Kalash Sharma - Måned siden
I think let's keep giving vdb chances he will pay us
Thato Nasilele
Thato Nasilele - Måned siden
The grim on Goldbridge's face when she emphasizes the impact of Bruno 5:47
just sayin
just sayin - Måned siden
Tellers doesn't prevent us from playing a back 5 we have Brandon Williams still
jamie f1994
jamie f1994 - Måned siden
Who’s here just to see Beth
Aura - 29 dager siden
KAS257 - Måned siden
Matic is too SLOW !!!!
he cant on regular basis chase back !
and he is not a long term solution !!!!
Victor Chong
Victor Chong - Måned siden
Wat Beth ig??
Aura - 29 dager siden
It’s Bethtucker__
Aura - 29 dager siden
tgilbo5 - Måned siden
Love this young lady talks a lot of sense. Not a single bruv, innit, or now what I mean, Talks in proper English sentences.
Keep it up Beth your fantastic 👏
Jack - 26 dager siden
It's almost like you think people who use them sort of words are less intelligent
〈NOSTROMO〉 - Måned siden
I wouldn’t go for a diamond against arsenal personally
Nicholas Kearney
Nicholas Kearney - Måned siden
Get it .....
John L
John L - Måned siden
Give donny more time needs more game time to build up his match sharpness
Bruno must start, he comes on creating chances, rashis finishing was accurate good football brain to play to the whistle.
Sell dan james
Manish Lama
Manish Lama - Måned siden
She is 🤗😍👩
Andy Holt
Andy Holt - Måned siden
Pogba is much better when running with the ball either to lay on goal eg Greenwood or having a crack himself. Left of midfield his best position and not having to track back all the time. VDB looked tidy, good technical ability however impact of Bruno is there to see.
Echo 1
Echo 1 - Måned siden
Beths really good. More Beth!!!!!
Jon Williams
Jon Williams - Måned siden
Why do people think DVB is a no.10??
Jamie Weaver-coles
Jamie Weaver-coles - Måned siden
What about Greenwood where would he go in the diamond formation
bmart73 - Måned siden
Like Light and day...:)
Karl Williams
Karl Williams - Måned siden
How come mark is doing the Beth interviews (& only the Beth interviews) now instead of flex , pulling rank or what !!!😂😂😂
Talk Facts
Talk Facts - Måned siden
he does ricky wha u onna bout. mark nearly 40 w a wife lmao
BulatBulatCafe - Måned siden
I don't think Bruno was rested because of the Arsenal game. He was rested because Ole is smart. Nagelsmann have been talking about Rashford and Bruno, and Ole brought McTominay for his press conference. All three were not part of the first eleven!
Ebrahim Shaik
Ebrahim Shaik - Måned siden
I happy about the wins. But We need to play this well against the burnleys and crystal palaces so i am happy but we need big wins against small teams.
watch to live
watch to live - Måned siden
He actually predicted a draw
Rob Zombie
Rob Zombie - Måned siden
Why do these ex player pundits think VDB is a No10. He never was before and is clearly not that player. Hes a cm who moves box to box linking play. They dont even know what there talking about most of them.
Pancho Deez
Pancho Deez - Måned siden
i love this women😍
Niall Wagner
Niall Wagner - Måned siden
Imagine how happy you’d be if your daughter turned out like Beth, loves football, clever and level-headed
S L Jones
S L Jones - Måned siden
VDB is a box to box midfielder never a no10
Roger Benjamin
Roger Benjamin - Måned siden
Arsenal will likely have auba and Ainsley double up on AWB like salah and mane do for Liverpool, Saka and pepe on the other side. Or mane on every fullback.
Lway_2_0 super
Lway_2_0 super - Måned siden
Ole is the most disrespected manager in world football imo
Elllie - Måned siden
Lampard: helo
Footievids23 - Måned siden
What happened to flex
Zinhan Win
Zinhan Win - Måned siden
She was shitting on Ole after that draw with Chelsea... how people have goldfish memory.
The Legends
The Legends - Måned siden
Sander is sacked i guess for beth.
abdulrahman alali
abdulrahman alali - Måned siden
Hey Beth
abdulrahman alali
abdulrahman alali - Måned siden
Hey Mark
Leenkesh Ramlagun
Leenkesh Ramlagun - Måned siden
Finally some sense.
Didnt watch Ricky's video.
Fred was brilliant.
GoldenGreekSpartan - Måned siden
We should let cavani start against arsenal
Ndumiso Ndlovu
Ndumiso Ndlovu - Måned siden
What’s Beth’s IG handle ?
Aura - 29 dager siden
Justin Chan
Justin Chan - Måned siden
So let's say we play a diamond again. Gunners full squad is propped up at home studying...hah! Start Cavani and Rashford as a 2 upfront!
Eric Sin
Eric Sin - Måned siden
Leipzig had several players injured, this wasn't their best team
Ali A Meme central
Ali A Meme central - Måned siden
Save it kraut
Suleman Toosy
Suleman Toosy - Måned siden
Hah salty much?
Visca Barcelona
Visca Barcelona - Måned siden
Its like Ole's on the wheel again.
Jason Parmar
Jason Parmar - Måned siden
Beth smashed it on this. Amazing analysis. Spot on.
John Boutros
John Boutros - Måned siden
We can still play a back 5 with tuanzebe playing at cb with Shaw in lb
Mikey Brownski
Mikey Brownski - Måned siden
Are you the daughter of Samantha Fox?🤔
Eastern Kimba
Eastern Kimba - Måned siden
Beth is fantastic!
Daniel James
Daniel James - Måned siden
I'm inlove with beth❤
Daniel James
Daniel James - Måned siden
Daniel James
Daniel James - Måned siden
Idc bro
Carls Ajeck
Carls Ajeck - Måned siden
Fred has to start every gme even if he's injured
Damn! That guy has got the tenacity in the midfield
Aj S
Aj S - Måned siden
Beth speaks so much sense! Great stuff.
Camara Negue
Camara Negue - Måned siden
Don't minimiz Arsenal ! Be careful!
Camara Negue
Camara Negue - Måned siden
Olé must play the 3_5_2 with Cavani and Rashford in front !
Remek Dulik
Remek Dulik - Måned siden
guys dont be silly subs have fresh legs thats why they look much better rashford play very well from bench when other team is naked so when they would start it my be much difrend with other team more fresh
Dirty James
Dirty James - Måned siden
@Remek Dulik yh I guessed that. It was a good mistake. Funny
Remek Dulik
Remek Dulik - Måned siden
@Dirty James sorry English it's not my first language
Dirty James
Dirty James - Måned siden
Lol think u mean knackered 😂😂
Camara Negue
Camara Negue - Måned siden
Eh,try and win Arsenal game!
Road 35
Road 35 - Måned siden
Greenwood is back and he has to start against Arsenal. He will score if he’s on the pitch. Bruno, Martial and Rashford.
Somtochukwu Ifejika
Somtochukwu Ifejika - Måned siden
Martial is still suspended
Sam Jerome
Sam Jerome - Måned siden
Mctominay was the difference
He started winning the balls and that led to attack. Sadly he goes unrecognized. He’s a captain material.
George E
George E - Måned siden
Beth so easy on the eyes ....
Karl Williams
Karl Williams - Måned siden
Less so the ears though it’s quite hard work to listen and she often sounds like she hasn’t even watched the game
Jesse Skariah
Jesse Skariah - Måned siden
Fred is a frikkin monster!
L-e-gendary - Måned siden
I'm here to see my girl Beth giving great analysis of football...... Way a better pundit than Jamie Carragher. But Beth got to admit that POgba played outstanding today.
Makainternational - Måned siden
Is it just me or is Beth just absolutely Dazzling? Fine young lady with excellent football knowledge!
TJ BEATS - Måned siden
For arsenal I’d do the formation we did today: De Gea; Wan-Bissaka, Maguire, Lindelof (although I kinda want axel), Shaw; Matic (CDM), VdB (CM)or Pogba, Fred (CM), Bruno (CAM); Rashford and Greenwood
Sanket Patil
Sanket Patil - 29 dager siden
Rashford and Martial
Stuntman Mike
Stuntman Mike - Måned siden
I agree about the diamond but is Ole listening??
@MB 443 ? Thats 12 players on the pitch
MB - Måned siden
@Dj👤CRANIUM👤DRUM N BASS UK🧟‍♂️ what’s funny about that ?
@Stuntman Mike 443 😆😆😆😆😆😆
Stuntman Mike
Stuntman Mike - Måned siden
I'm sick of 4321 Soo bloody stale&boring! I like the 443 but nobody listens to me?? 🤔
Lee Cameron
Lee Cameron - Måned siden
He has to be if it's a coincidence that's just crazy I hope hes realised the 4231 just ain't working cos we don't have the wingers
Gavin Mitchell
Gavin Mitchell - Måned siden
What’s with the girl nonsense in every other comment 😂 Woman young lady I don’t think Adults like being called girl lol where not a Nursery gentleman and not to shock a few people she does know a thing or two about football. MOM Pogba
Oliver Read
Oliver Read - Måned siden
Van De Beek, (as it stands) is not half the player Bruno is. Yes give him time, sure he is young. But Bruno walked into an under-achieving team at a huge club and has had an unbelievable impact. United are a different team when he plays. He is also a character/personality /leader on and off the pitch. I don't want to see Bruno dropped for Donny again. Fred outstanding today!
stavvy stavvy
stavvy stavvy - Måned siden
vdb is as good as bruno, vdb was on when leipzig was playing their best don't forget when bruno came on they were tiring if it was role reversed vdb's passing is better than bruno's and vdb gets assists.
Prince Archie
Prince Archie - Måned siden
@Talk Facts vdb has higher pass percentage because he does more short passes while Bruno attempts longer passes which brake down teams
Talk Facts
Talk Facts - Måned siden
@Prince Archie ngl that is factual... but bruno urgency made us bettter cus it killed the game off.
Prince Archie
Prince Archie - Måned siden
Van de Beek has better passes then bruno😂😂🤡
Abdul-razzaq Alhamodt
Abdul-razzaq Alhamodt - Måned siden
People are really getting lost. Bro, stop saying that Leipzig are CL semi-finalist and PSG are finalists. They litterally had the easiest paths. Leipzig had to beat Spurs and Athletico and PSG had to beat Dortmund, Atalanta and Leipzig. Non of those are elite clubs. Stop saying it, it is manipulativ. You would think that they've beaten Juventus, Barcalona, Real Madrid, Man City and Liverpool to get there.
Muma Ndubula
Muma Ndubula - Måned siden
Real Madrid, Juventus, Barca, Man City weren't impressive tbh, Bayern, Psg, Atletico Madrid, Atalanta and Rb Leipzig did well, Lyon fought well. They deserved to be up there last season.
Yusuf Best
Yusuf Best - Måned siden
The key to the win was Matic and Fred providing good balance in defence and attack..
DonKJB - Måned siden
If Pogba played like this in the Prem, there'd be no doubters but he doesn't bring it game in, game out. Ole set up team to play on the front foot + controlled game while still creating quality chances. Play Best Players.
Miyo - Måned siden
Donny isn't a 10. We know now. He could play where Pogba or Fred did today
Raul Arturo Giménez Kuhl
Raul Arturo Giménez Kuhl - Måned siden
Upamecano is a good player, but i think United should be looking for Kounde
Iykmoore - Måned siden
We have to give Marcus Rashford whatever he wants. If he wants Buckingham Palace then the Queen has to go 😅😅
Nahom Yacob
Nahom Yacob - Måned siden
Where’s Ricky
Nathaniel White
Nathaniel White - Måned siden
I think Van De Beek will be a great player for United !
Kadeem Edwards
Kadeem Edwards - Måned siden
We played well at Chelsea in my opinion we where the better team don’t use that game as an example
LAZY DS - Måned siden
Im happy and all but lets not forget Jeremy
R.I.P. Jeremy Wisten 2003-2020
He was a academy player for City he was found on Sunday cause of death is unknown he joined citys academy in 2016 and was a defender
Meshach Gopaul
Meshach Gopaul - 29 dager siden
@Tetractys Merkaba you are an awful human being
Sid M
Sid M - 29 dager siden
RIP. He was a year older than me.
snia idrees
snia idrees - Måned siden
@Tetractys Merkaba wth football rivalry aside someone died and that's such a stupid thing to say
Mar Medli
Mar Medli - Måned siden
@Tetractys Merkaba now try to imagine that was your brother, that's if your brain is big enough to comprehend empathy.
qasim khan
qasim khan - Måned siden
@Tetractys Merkaba not the right thing mate. Same could be said if anybody from our academy dies
Will Handley
Will Handley - Måned siden
Beth is more clued up football wise than I’ve ever seen .. top young Lady
Michael Discon
Michael Discon - 28 dager siden
Beth say she wants to be my girlfriend and not you cause you always mean and bossy
Bowman Clan
Bowman Clan - Måned siden
Guys is it just me or does Beth look like she’s gonna cry
Soto Lee
Soto Lee - Måned siden
Perfect team performance. The first-half team's hard work paved the way for the subs that came on to put the nail on the coffin. Amazing display, great team mgt by Ole.
Timothy Keith
Timothy Keith - Måned siden
Ricky : I said on twitter the other day that Dan James is vital
Kamy Mehmood
Kamy Mehmood - Måned siden
Id take ucl over epl anyday!!
Kamy Mehmood
Kamy Mehmood - Måned siden
@Sim Curtis mate i am not saying we are. I am saying i would prefer it over epl... and we do have a chance.. that team on paper can compare to the best teams in world right now. The players need form
ben lennon
ben lennon - Måned siden
"the difference was light and day" lol
SideshowBoB44 - 29 dager siden
Makes sense as it gets dark so fast in the UK now lol
Jatin S.
Jatin S. - Måned siden
A lot of sense, Beth. Spot on
bouncingboredom - Måned siden
Van de Beek has barely played this season and yet some people expect him to come in and just be absolutely mint right away. You could see he was lacking a bit of sharpness.
Mark Gabriel
Mark Gabriel - Måned siden
All player's who come through the ajax academy are trained to play in various positions..
Kj - Måned siden
I think he was good. He should play box to box
constgiannik3 - Måned siden
The thing is, I think people don't understand how great VDB reacted to the pressing. He always found a way to not lose possession of the ball.
Jay Albert Castigador
Jay Albert Castigador - Måned siden
We were spoiled with Bruno. Bruno is a one of a kind player, but fans go off recency bias
boniface mayunga
boniface mayunga - Måned siden
We want the Bruno effect
Elite Devil
Elite Devil - Måned siden
Smashing Stuff Here From Beth, Keep Up The Good Work, Ole Is Certainly The Right Man To Lead Us Forward, Undefeated, Let’s Go!
Daniel Griffith
Daniel Griffith - Måned siden
If only we were undefeated in the league
Yisehak Wegene
Yisehak Wegene - Måned siden
Ole made VDB start to show everyone why Bruno is everyone is ok with VDB benched
Peng Ting
Peng Ting - Måned siden
John Ralph
John Ralph - Måned siden
Just don't get it do you / Ole is putting out teams that keep us in it and then goes for it at the end / NO you don't play the go for it team all game cause that is how you lose 6-1
gavin greensmith
gavin greensmith - Måned siden
I agree thats what he is doing but meh think man city would do that or pool? No chance....ole has small club mentality or he is a coward that doesnt want to take risks.