BETH! McTominay Never Again! Manchester United 0-1 Arsenal FanCam

Manchester United 0-1 Arsenal and Beth was disappointed with Solskjaer's tactical approach against Artera.🔔 Player Ratings Vote here
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Runtime: 10:40


geoff harris
geoff harris - 26 dager siden
It's time to put Solskjaer out of his misery. Under the bus for him, because lets be honest, its been predicted from the very start.... and that fraudster Pogba can follow him... Rashford needs to concentrate on his football and not school dinners.. Then a new manager can get to work to sort the rest of them out !
Gary Edmonds
Gary Edmonds - 26 dager siden
She could be Ricky's grand child and talks more sense than him
D K - 26 dager siden
I agree with literally everything Beth is iterating. Only thing I might add is I think Pogba wants to play attack kinda like how KDB is used at City.
Simo Jovic
Simo Jovic - 27 dager siden
shes dead right
Special Person
Special Person - 27 dager siden
She did not say a single original sentence in this whole video. Why interview someone who says the exact same thing everyone else is saying? She did not give any insight on anything, just kept repeating the lines she's heard off others
OhSuPeRDuKeZ - 27 dager siden
Man u midfielders reminded me of meerkats. Heads spinning around in every direction, looking for the ball. Staring at eachother wide eyed & shell shocked.
proud to be a geordie
proud to be a geordie - 27 dager siden
A could listen to Beth all day ❤️
andrew johnson
andrew johnson - 28 dager siden
Despite your comments ,mctominay was picked by Solskjaer. Unfortunately the team was picked by ole. Ole is not good enough. End of story. Beth, you are gorgeous.
Danny Stevens
Danny Stevens - 28 dager siden
Flex pulling the ole out agenda!
Chinedu Ifemeni
Chinedu Ifemeni - 28 dager siden
Lewis Scott
Lewis Scott - 28 dager siden
facepalm2020 - 28 dager siden
We couldn’t get out of our half because we had no targets in the front third. She is blaming the wrong players
facepalm2020 - 28 dager siden
Can’t blame Dan James today
Consolata Njagi
Consolata Njagi - 28 dager siden
Pogba out in January
Gonsa Mooroogasen
Gonsa Mooroogasen - 28 dager siden
Well said Mam...
Only Ole cant see what all the fans can see when it comes to team selection
Katana Lugo
Katana Lugo - 28 dager siden
Ole hasn't got the consistency that is required of a man Utd manager... he is cold himself and he always end up spending 95 percent of the matches sitting on the beach than doing what a manager is suppose to do... ii don't remember seeing Alex Ferguson sitting as ole does... truth be told he isn't a proper manager period...
FREE WILL DEFENDER - 28 dager siden
Pogba was terrible.
Harry Destaffano
Harry Destaffano - 28 dager siden
Ole is clearly still learning. How many more defeats will Ole survive? Do not wait. Fire Ole Now!
Jordan Finley
Jordan Finley - 28 dager siden
This is ole’s third season and he still doesnt know his best formation.
James Underwood
James Underwood - 28 dager siden
Ancelotti and his boys will spank us.
Marcus Taylor
Marcus Taylor - 28 dager siden
🇺🇸 Man U has no pattern of play. That’s on the coach. Bruno gets a pass all the time and isn’t playing well. Last year he was on fire but all those games were against the bottom of the league.
Sathish Rajah
Sathish Rajah - 28 dager siden
you look like a complete idiot now after calling out the people who kept saying Ole is a PT teacher....
Jewel 7 7 Jewel
Jewel 7 7 Jewel - 28 dager siden
Beth, Bruno was Bad.
Joey Soyebo
Joey Soyebo - 28 dager siden
Everything she said was spot on. Ole needed to fix up. Can't still be freestyling 100games in man
gobchops - 28 dager siden
How can Ole expect the players to show the desired passion (in their play, not the interview room Mctominay) when he just sits their wishing he was somewhere else.
gobchops - 28 dager siden
Beth is right again about the intensity of our play from the start. Then manager is not capable of getting them motivated before the game and even worse he does nothing during the game to correct it. He sits on his seat often looking totally uninterested.
gobchops - 28 dager siden
Why when we are losing did Ole take Greenwood off, he was doing okay today with very little service but more importantly he's the one player we have who only needs one opportunity to put the ball in the back of the net.
gobchops - 28 dager siden
Mctominay is a passenger, whenour defenders have the ball rather than look for space (or the clear lane) he runs behind the opposition player so they can't pass to him. If you don't see that, watch any game he plays again, he does it all the time. Matic and Fred look for the angles to receive the ball.
roycck - 28 dager siden
Pogba is the 🐐 in giving penalities at OT.
「λlik」 jr.
「λlik」 jr. - 28 dager siden
if fergie still manages united, mctominay will be beast just like cleverley under fergie lmao but sad from fergie to p.e teacher
George Zibuye
George Zibuye - 28 dager siden
What tactic is playing Pogba on the left wing? Is Pogba good enough? I don't think so, maybe he is good enough elsewhere. Arsenal played Mourinho football and got lucky. Ole failed to adapt, we have had too many awful Pogba days,now it's a lifetime. Sell Pogba, get Zakaria Ole!
Nicholas Mallard
Nicholas Mallard - 28 dager siden
Everton will get their bounce back win against the Ole and Mctominay United traveling circus!
onotu aliyu ohindase
onotu aliyu ohindase - 28 dager siden
Mctominnay shouldn't be starting for United ever again. He's passing is woeful.
I still don't know why Solskjaer is not starting Van de Beek alongside Bruno. Shame on Ole😡
Conny Nilsson
Conny Nilsson - 28 dager siden
FLEX is tired. Has been a couple weeks now. NOT Happy.
MT-MUFC - 28 dager siden
Always wanted this to work with Ole, but how long are we going to allow him to keep making the wrong decisions!
Martins Inye
Martins Inye - 28 dager siden
Pogba was the worst player on that pitch.
Lovejoy - 28 dager siden
You can never break down a team with Fred and McTominay playing the quarter-back role. West Brom players.
DTAnglesey - 28 dager siden
Very well said Beth!! The full coaching staff are useless!
Stuart Holehouse
Stuart Holehouse - 28 dager siden
Ole better beat Everton. The international break is a good time to replace a manager...
Stuart Holehouse
Stuart Holehouse - 28 dager siden
Totally right about the midfield 4. It seems so obvious that they are the right players for that formation.
agsotonukable - 28 dager siden
It makes no sense. Ole can get outstanding results against Tuchel and Nagalsman but Arteta ruthlessly exposes him. There is something not quite right about Ole as United Manager. I cannot put my finger on it. It does feel as he keeps choosing the wrong players for the job, and is unable to quickly adapt during play when it is obvious something is not working.
Charlie Boy Vespa
Charlie Boy Vespa - 28 dager siden
The problem is simple... The players decide when to turn it on and when to not be bothered essentially!
Aero 250
Aero 250 - 28 dager siden
Beth is tidy.
Kevin Langdon
Kevin Langdon - 28 dager siden
She literally just repeats everything mark says
J G - 28 dager siden
sosososo normal pogba got to go, mctominay is a sub at best , VBD Cavani both should start there was a 40 years gap at times between our midfield and our forwards , we spent the whole first half except for 5 min in our own half what a disgrace , Cavani would have finished the greenwood chance , i don't know why greenwood would start ahead of cavani , no we have to suffer martial starting every game and cavanis had no time to play utter Ole out
Danny Wall
Danny Wall - 28 dager siden
So last few games ole was back at the wheel and utd scoring for fun, now the opposite AGAIN. Will Utd fans make up their mind
jeff - 28 dager siden
Ole's tactics is like pressing random keys to guess my phone's password
e SOLUTION - 28 dager siden
Ole will never break the 70-points barrier nor reach a final irrespective of the players at his disposal. He (Ole) is just a relegation manager playing relegation football, and the sooner the board gets rid of him, the better it will be for everyone. That's what I've been saying since the end of last season.
Tomislav Klauski
Tomislav Klauski - 28 dager siden
Bruno plays like a headless chicken
Tomislav Klauski
Tomislav Klauski - 28 dager siden
It was the same story against RB for first 60 minutes
DesZero XR
DesZero XR - 28 dager siden
I know it's not the only reason, but Beth is right. The past four games, two europe, two pl, there is on constant. Martial. Two very good wins with him, and two very poor performances without him. He is so vital for us.
Azzzda - 28 dager siden
Get mark at Utd and throw him on instead of mctominay mark will actually be able to pass a ball forward
Yanick Tam Otshudi
Yanick Tam Otshudi - 28 dager siden
I don't get it Bruno gives the ball away more than pogba
Will Handley
Will Handley - 28 dager siden
Beth is spot on .. not a good day for us
Louis Dresen
Louis Dresen - 28 dager siden
Greenwood playing well?? He really did not! He´s not ready, and needs more games coming on from the bench
S L Jones
S L Jones - 28 dager siden
All the other big teams are finding form we will be left behind with ole. OLEOUT
Louis Dresen
Louis Dresen - 28 dager siden
McTominay wasn´t worse then most of the team, but when Mark only rages against him so does the people watching his shows..
C W - 28 dager siden
Who else in the premier league would hire Solskjaer on coaching or managerial ability

There’s the answer
Logen M
Logen M - 28 dager siden
United start slow when they get really overconfident, against psg and Leipzig United knew they couldn’t muck about cause the opposition are considered “better” but against Arsenal, United were considered favs so they are slow. Maybe the players think Arsenal aren’t better than those other teams we beat, Arsenal probably won’t play as well as hose other teams, we can relax a bit.
Raj Mann
Raj Mann - 28 dager siden
Quit hating on POGBA
Lance Pillay
Lance Pillay - 28 dager siden
Pogba dont trust Maguire that's why he is coming back to defend for Maguire because hes not mobile.. WHY MUST POGBA DEFEND SO DEEP? BECAUSE OLE TELLS HIM TO COVER FOR MAGUIRE , Maguire is causing Ole's downfall.. AND HES THE CAPTAIN..., HE SHOULD OF STARTED MATIC AND TUANZEBE AGAIN, YOU SHOULD ALWAYS PLAY PLAYERS THATS ON GOOD FORM.. HOW CAN YOU THROW THAT AWAY OLE?
Lance Pillay
Lance Pillay - 28 dager siden
Mctominay can't play CDM stop playing his favourites, Matic is da only player that plays his role well but still plays inexperienced Mctominay.. I cant remember seeing Mctominay cross a ball..
abdulrahman alali
abdulrahman alali - 28 dager siden
Hey Beth
abdulrahman alali
abdulrahman alali - 28 dager siden
Hey Flex
William Nyakinya
William Nyakinya - 29 dager siden
Spot on analysis 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
sadek rahman
sadek rahman - 29 dager siden
What does Mctominay do ? Scott is at best is a Bench players.
Rav B
Rav B - 29 dager siden
Arsenal dominated from start to finish. United got schooled today unfortunately. Elneny, Partey bossed the midfield and Gabriel was amazing. Fernandez and Rashford weren’t even in the picture.
rahim N
rahim N - 28 dager siden
Partey is a huge pickup for them at a bargain price no less. Imagine if United had a real board. We could've easily made that move, and he's known for his ability throughout Europe, so he's not some unknown. Anyone who watches Atletico knows this is a bad man
sadek rahman
sadek rahman - 29 dager siden
Ole does not learn from his mistakes....
sadek rahman
sadek rahman - 29 dager siden
Ole went back to playing Mctominay, we needed to play Van de beek...
chandran rajagopal
chandran rajagopal - 29 dager siden
These are the players who broke PSG and Leipzig defence,leaders of their countries Leagues. I have always mentioned not to play Pogba,he feels he’s bigger than Olle,the same thought he had with Mourinho.Mourinho sidelined him.May be Pogba is a bookies’ man. He’s slow,Beek is fast.
Ebrahim Shaik
Ebrahim Shaik - 29 dager siden
We didnt Martial today. Our fowards never got the ball in the first place. The ball never moved pass the midfield. So ya martial is our number 9 but what use would he be when he got no service
ffeda - 29 dager siden
Busted a nut again
Charles Adesanya
Charles Adesanya - 29 dager siden
She talks more sense than any ole press conference
Muma Ndubula
Muma Ndubula - 29 dager siden
Mctominay and Fred aren't Dm, Pogba plays for himself, Matic is our only dm sadly, 352 is our best formation followed by 4231.
Ayush Ban
Ayush Ban - 29 dager siden
FRED pass was just as awful as McSauce
Leo Manutd
Leo Manutd - 29 dager siden
Of these pmayers were drilled with a shape and tactics.. each player would do better!!! A lot better and more consistency from the players..
Leo Manutd
Leo Manutd - 29 dager siden
Ive been calling it out.. Ole os not goos enough... like we have changed
Justin Thomas
Justin Thomas - 29 dager siden
Pogba is overrated!!
Hafidz Shuhaimi
Hafidz Shuhaimi - 29 dager siden
Stop with this playing from the back...
Joel Jewell
Joel Jewell - 29 dager siden
Gym Teacher ole at it again
Elvo Alimovski
Elvo Alimovski - 29 dager siden
Elvo Alimovski
Elvo Alimovski - 29 dager siden
Suffer u miserable mancs 😂😂🇦🇱
Padre Mookie
Padre Mookie - 29 dager siden
Pogba did nothing
JD KODAK - 29 dager siden
Ole out
DARSHAN Narayan - 29 dager siden
Who is that guy Bruno Fernandes? Was Rash having off day.
hungry neville
hungry neville - 29 dager siden
Looks like you need a partey
George Costanza
George Costanza - 29 dager siden
I knew man u were bad, but damn man u sucks! Mctominay, matic, bissakka, fred, lindelof, shaw and many more are all donkeys who wouldnt get in in another top side.
Ali Hadi
Ali Hadi - 29 dager siden
Simpel Ole is not good coch hi is just cheap
kaising1688 - 29 dager siden
The players we have are top 4, just the manager is an issue
Jonathan Fa
Jonathan Fa - 29 dager siden
Don't be sad son your United is good at do Comedy clowns so laugh my buddy 🤣🤣
Steven David
Steven David - 29 dager siden
Are we makin too much of the shape of the team week in week out, I mean does it really come down to shape, all the time, regardless of who’s in there the player performance is horrible, it’s like they don’t train together
Cippenham Town
Cippenham Town - 29 dager siden
Didn't everybody say ole is great and it's his masterclass last week . This flip flopping is happening almost after every fixture
Vclown - 29 dager siden
Take a shot everytime she says consitent or a variation of it.
gavin Williams
gavin Williams - 29 dager siden
this is all down to the coaching because the biggest problem with united team we move the ball too slow that is why we can't break teams down when they sit deep and it have to start from the training ground donny van da beek is the only player in the team i see play one touch football that is why ole don't want to play him because that is not is style of play
Christopher Wilson
Christopher Wilson - 29 dager siden
This girl was screaming Oles at the wheel last week and all she said just pointed out his decisions were terrible. Worst addition to the United stand... Get old out of my club!!
Numero Uno
Numero Uno - 29 dager siden
OLE confused.Every coach in the game understands how important "homework" is, but many coaches have never thought about ways to get better at it.
Degea10 Unitedfan30yrs
Degea10 Unitedfan30yrs - 29 dager siden
Don't play James Mata be disaster play pogba greenwood same position still disaster
Zak Elka
Zak Elka - 29 dager siden
Next week James and Calvert-lewin
Nico Davies
Nico Davies - 29 dager siden
The defence was fine
Nico Davies
Nico Davies - 29 dager siden
Beth you do know we’ve demolished the top 6 with Fred and mctominay in the middle.