BETH! Maguire Isn't a Leader! Istanbul Basaksehir 2-1 Manchester United Fancam

Istanbul Basaksehir 2-1 Manchester United and Beth says United are leaderless and a joke at the back. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand. LIVE FAN REACTION SHOW:
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Runtime: 11:58


The United Stand
The United Stand - 26 dager siden
Thumbnail is wrong. Beth actually didn't blame it on Luke Shaw. So blame it on the thumbnail person lol
J A - 25 dager siden
Jones has a better defending brain than Maguire.....jeeeeeeeez
J A - 25 dager siden
Ole has been bad a substitutions for a very long time, people are just seeing it now clearly Does he even play football manager to have an idea of what tactics/substitution to use😂😂
John Doe
John Doe - 25 dager siden
Spot on Beth exactly my thoughts
The United Stand
The United Stand - 26 dager siden
@Richard Keane wasn’t Drawty
Jude SN
Jude SN - 26 dager siden
Was gonna say Beth's on one
Torstein-S - 15 dager siden
good show 👍👍
BEE Bailey
BEE Bailey - 23 dager siden
snia idrees
snia idrees - 24 dager siden
we need bruno to be the captain when bruno is the captain are whole team play well we need someone who actually knows how to lead a team and has the right mentality
Neil NZ
Neil NZ - 24 dager siden
Alot of these players should not be there. If these players can play, why they not doing it. Is the manager giving it out wrong. No plan or direction. It's all getting painful and bad to witness.
Ben Filer
Ben Filer - 24 dager siden
When are people going to realise that maguire is not a top 4 defender? He’s a waste of 85 million. Get rid of him and buy someone better for half the price. ( Upamecano) for 50 million.. then you’ve still got 35 million to buy another defender.
Ben Filer
Ben Filer - 24 dager siden
@Ben Jodd no one is going to buy him now, not what we paid for him anyway. Man City said no to 60 million so why did we go buy him for 85 million? Crazy!!!!🤪a cart horse would of been a better buy, oh wait that’s what maguire is 😂
Ben Jodd
Ben Jodd - 24 dager siden
I agree but who’s gonna want to buy maguire in the form he’s in right now? Plus Upamecano was awful in Man Utd vs Leipzig
Kalash Sharma
Kalash Sharma - 25 dager siden
Beth was slowly turning into mark this time
Reza Razak
Reza Razak - 25 dager siden
Nice one Beth, especially defending Bruno. been hearing alot of bruno agenda recently. pissing me off.
Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin - 25 dager siden
Beth's right about Bruno
David Scott
David Scott - 25 dager siden
United hating United nothing new here!!!!!
Judith Kelly
Judith Kelly - 25 dager siden
I started fiddling on my phone during the second half I was bored stiff!
Mick Foskett
Mick Foskett - 25 dager siden
Judith Kelly..😃😃😃😃 it 👹
Techno Coke
Techno Coke - 25 dager siden
The problem is consistency obviously, but it is largely down to the decisions of the manager. They can play better we know that, but Ole is getting it wrong at the moment. He better start getting it right soon because the life expectancy of a failing coach is not long at all...
Frank Edward
Frank Edward - 25 dager siden
Ole has been a roller coaster and the team has no systems. Over Oles reign he has signed three midfielders and three defenders So he didn't get Sancho but MU have one of the highest wage bills in the world.
I Fix
I Fix - 25 dager siden
Do you employ a Kindergarten teacher for a few years as a University lecturer???
That's a FUCKING big fat NO!!!
OLE shouldn't ve taken up the job in the first place!!!???
Mark, you are LOST!!!
danj hamzah
danj hamzah - 25 dager siden
ole you need help don't be proud, bring in Rio or Vidic to help to organise the defence
sHOTTA - 25 dager siden
Girl, when a guy breaks ur heart, you move on. Same with clubs, don’t let United hurt you like this, come to Spurs
Mick Foskett
Mick Foskett - 25 dager siden can change your can change your wife..but you..never..ever change your team!! must be a plastic!!👹
Bruce Gibson
Bruce Gibson - 25 dager siden
Ollie's man management is atrocious. I honestly don't think the club practices any kind of offensive system on the pitch. McSauce is not a EPL caliber player. He is out of position far too often. AWB has all but quit trying. The only players who truly care appear to be Bruno, Martial, Rashford, and Shaw. Van De Beek is all class but you can see the frustration on is face. I don't believe in Ollie in or out. But the club will not win any trophies with Ollie as manager. He should be replaced immediately with someone who knows how to win and will command respect of the players.
CR B BLOCCER - 25 dager siden
Beth is acc fine af🔥🔥
telephonic - 25 dager siden
£85 million lol.
Timothy Aaron
Timothy Aaron - 25 dager siden
But but but you’re still ole in .....
SMC01ful - 25 dager siden
Potch, unfortunately for United, won't be enough to make United great again. There are a whole bunch of factors at play. Sure, he may give United enough of a boost to finish away from the relegation zone. The bugger is Potch won't have enough quality competition for the positions. Moreover, the midfield and defence are a joke.
Stu - 25 dager siden
Forget all the analysis, the one way to some this mess up is, no CONSISTANCY, we are not even consistantly bad
Luke Evans
Luke Evans - 25 dager siden
Couldn’t put it better myself
dean leecroft
dean leecroft - 25 dager siden
Big ups on the martial header, it's all forgotten because of the result but that header was world class
James Nicholl
James Nicholl - 25 dager siden
Three things needed, Maguire and Pogba are not uo to it , get rid. The manager doesnt know what he doing , exact same at Cardiff. Also there is no discipline like in the Fergie days
Sathish Rajah
Sathish Rajah - 25 dager siden
this the same girl that said where are the ole haters now in the psg game , HAHAHA deluded
D Bigga B: Utd All the Way
D Bigga B: Utd All the Way - 25 dager siden
Ole is a awful awful coach I don’t care what excuses anyone brings up, we need to stop all this talk because he’s a legend of the club, SAF Was ruthless with legend of are club for the better of are club OLE should retire rather than being hounded out by the fans, the club is to big for him, and if you lot want a legend of the club why didn’t they get ste Bruce or mark Hughes I’m sure they would of done a better job, I don’t want them manager but they would do a better job than ole
Ry Earl
Ry Earl - 25 dager siden
Ole is shite
Mark Wilkins
Mark Wilkins - 25 dager siden
So agree with beth on the favourites like the captain!!! so now time for maguire to be dropped cause the leadership starts with him and he is no were near a captain or a leader
Allan Fitz
Allan Fitz - 25 dager siden
I remember when you purchased Maguire. Turned to wife and said LOL he's so slow and over rated had one good season. Panic buying because of VIDS going to Liverpool
Richard Were
Richard Were - 25 dager siden
Rafael was modelling himself for United to re-sign, like some Victoria Secret model...
Jide Ajibola
Jide Ajibola - 25 dager siden
I am a football nerd. This is one of the best post match analysis i've seen.
Paul K
Paul K - 25 dager siden
pogba was awful rashford awful martial awful there our weapons useless 😢
Ian Docherty
Ian Docherty - 25 dager siden
"Where is the plan B?"..........same place as the plan A....there isn't one!
Joe Snow
Joe Snow - 25 dager siden
Ole would of stuck by Karius at Liverpool and he'd still be in the team.
Ian Docherty
Ian Docherty - 25 dager siden
"Maguire isn't a leader."...........FFS, he's not even a centre half!!!!
Matthew Howard
Matthew Howard - 25 dager siden
Ole is at the wheel!!!
kevin millington
kevin millington - 25 dager siden
Maguire hides from danger a top cb and captain should take responsibility to win the ball if that was vidic on the 2nd goal he would have took demba ba and the ball Maguire didnt even try
Broken Toy
Broken Toy - 25 dager siden
£80 mill for slab head, Leicester pissing themselves all the way to the bank. And what has Poch won?
Stuart Holehouse
Stuart Holehouse - 25 dager siden
Our club has lost its soul. Just going through the motions.
Rob Zombie
Rob Zombie - 25 dager siden
We can talk about wheres Plan B but yesterday we didnt have Plan A
Artful Dodger
Artful Dodger - 25 dager siden
Beth a week ago said OGS had his mojo back? What has happened to him in that time. Could it be the guy is just lucky to be there and is almost winging it.
Joe Snow
Joe Snow - 25 dager siden
Ole has no Passion, the team has no passion. Obvious
John L
John L - 25 dager siden
Said mcguire was slow and a waste of 80+ million.
I think we have given ole enough time now.
kodo Gang
kodo Gang - 25 dager siden
Ole in 😂😂😂😂
kodo Gang
kodo Gang - 25 dager siden
Ole in 😂😂😂😂
jjtotheb - 25 dager siden
Love you Beth ♥️😚
Duncan Presly
Duncan Presly - 25 dager siden
This woman is absolutely right, why would you put Sloppy mata , why would you Sub Debeek ?? Sack this clueless idiot Already.
Az 1
Az 1 - 25 dager siden
Beth why are you backing ole? When everything you say goes against it. He has no plan b. He makes the wrong substitutions. There’s no organisation. He keeps playing maguire. Ole is 100 games in. Times up. He’s out of his depth. What makes him a United legend? Teddy sheringham scored the equaliser in that final. Is he a United legend? Ole was a super sub. Not good enough to start for United. A good finisher, but that’s it. Most Manchester United fans standards have dropped. Stop accepting this mediocrity.
User 1013
User 1013 - 25 dager siden
TBF I can somehow imagine why the players were not motivated! You see Harry Maguire playing badly and still starts every freakin game, you see Donny playing well, Bruno and Matic playing terribly and still VDB is subbed early. Cavani came on, and we decide to keep playing through the middle, WHY NOT USE WIDTH? PUT A BLOODY CROSS IN! You can't be motivated or passionate if you don't trust or like the decisions of your manager.
Christopher Mallett
Christopher Mallett - 25 dager siden
Why is this girl defending Fernandes? He gave the ball away 34 times. Was he trying to play 34 killer passes?! Stop being a moron. He needs to be dropped.
Super Mario Maker 2 Glitch Hunters
Maguire’s always awful 🤦‍♀️
Matt Le Clercq
Matt Le Clercq - 25 dager siden
Beth is FUMING & I completely agree with it all 😂🤦🏻‍♂️
dean taylor
dean taylor - 25 dager siden
Beth I don’t think any of them players are utd standard
Tomisin Osabia
Tomisin Osabia - 25 dager siden
Flex you have Southampton Away btw
Gulam Allie
Gulam Allie - 25 dager siden
sell maguire.
ole out
ken beckett
ken beckett - 25 dager siden
Fantastic stuff Ole, keep up the good work.
Victor R
Victor R - 25 dager siden
spot on Beth, no yelling, no urgency, no passion. even though Ole is a legend, we need a bully of a manager in there, period.
andrew johnson
andrew johnson - 25 dager siden
Shaw was one of the best defenders. Maguire is crap. He is no leader. Ole out now.
Michael Adeosun
Michael Adeosun - 25 dager siden
She sounds like mark when she was talking about vdb 😂 but I agree with you beth
Freddy - 25 dager siden
Defence is awful
Abdulnasser Ali
Abdulnasser Ali - 25 dager siden
Beth is wrong. Watch bruno again and single him out. He misplaces passes that even a blind man can't. It's like he shoots and in shaa Allah. Some easy passes and he can't even make them. That pass to mata was a simple ball he tries to chip it and makes it more uncomfortable for mata. He lost the ball 34 times. 34 TIMES! And talking about goal involvements, man takes corners and set pieces, obviously his stats will be high. I remember when we wanted to sign him before the beginning of last season, the scout responsible for his signing said he isn't the right midfielder for us simple because he loses the ball way to many times. And thats why we didn't sign him during the summer. Yes he came on and helped us immensely get back into the champions league but now he looks totally someone who's not the same person.
mndflns LGN
mndflns LGN - 25 dager siden
P.s Beth is a beaut 🥰
S L Jones
S L Jones - 25 dager siden
78m for maguire is a joke. Ole was the one who wanted him. OLEOUT
mndflns LGN
mndflns LGN - 25 dager siden
But fridge Maguire will keep the armband and start every game... he isnt a leader nor a half decent CB. Fraud club, players and coaching
Jayant JJ
Jayant JJ - 25 dager siden
So many great points Beth
Eric Ole Mørk
Eric Ole Mørk - 25 dager siden
I agree to all, again very bad result, if we lose to Everton im affraid Solskjær will be sacked. 16 in the league now after 6 games !?!WTF
Danny Owusu
Danny Owusu - 25 dager siden
This is man unitrd as soon as they win one match they will start praising the players and the manager till they flop again
Brent Parker
Brent Parker - 25 dager siden
I agree with the lindelof bit. He has been playing better than Maguire. Why can’t Maguire be dropped?! Oh my days man.
diesel - 25 dager siden
Ole the tinkerer got Cardiff relegated
Sexual Chocolate Robbie
Sexual Chocolate Robbie - 25 dager siden
Slab head is not even a defender let alone captain.
divine bootable
divine bootable - 25 dager siden
Ole is a conmanager , he conned us.
huunar - 25 dager siden
OLE IS D.O.N.E! The players are done with him as well. We won't get reaction vs Everton, trust me. they have lost confidence in Ole and want him gone ASAP.
Richard Goldie
Richard Goldie - 25 dager siden
All the united stand “ olly dosebt know what he is doing” !!!! “ no shape no idea on subs”!!’
Can olly still turn it around?
The United stand “ I’m still olly in”

Lawrie Da Costa
Lawrie Da Costa - 25 dager siden
Beth the plan B is to stick Maguire upfront in the last 5 mins and start hitting long balls on his slabhead
Jake Marshall
Jake Marshall - 25 dager siden
Spot on about maguire ive been saying for months he wins headers but they never lead to anything, even his defensive headers mostly just go back up in the air, he isnt as good as everyone thinks, hes average
Adah40 - 25 dager siden
I don't know why it's soooo hard for them to say Ole out... Beth cmon, you saying all that to say "basically" give him time. This shyt is crazy. He has to go. Why they're afraid to say he's not the man. Bias at it's best with most of them on TUS. He even looks like he's sabotaging the team for some reason.
Norman Maradzika
Norman Maradzika - 25 dager siden
Ole is our son but he has completely lost it
Special Person
Special Person - 25 dager siden
She still hasnt said a single original thing. Try to form your own opinion istead of repeating everything you've heard off others.
phelan edopu
phelan edopu - 26 dager siden
All these mistakes seem to be text book,they all point towards training.our training session has no intensity compared to other top sides..
Joni .Sirviö
Joni .Sirviö - 26 dager siden
1-0 was offside
THEREALSTABBYLIVE - 26 dager siden
Messi Ronaldo neymar mbappe dybala bruyne gives the ball away 12 13 times a game bruno is less creative but good. I'm not saying bruno isnt good but hes over hyped. Hes a good player but not a great one. He gave away the ball 37 times and pass accuracy 75 is def not good at all. I agree with most the other stuff great points except for the bruno one.
Rajeshree Bhattacharjee
Rajeshree Bhattacharjee - 26 dager siden
Blame Maguire now eh.. Bruno was horrendous him and awful passing is a better love story than Twilight
Will Chan
Will Chan - 26 dager siden
Squad has given up on Ole. It's sad. Roy Maurice Keane called it.
Majid Ishak
Majid Ishak - 26 dager siden
I hope we lose against Everton so that we replace our tactical master as soon as possible! Unfortunately Olé will take us nowhere. We should go for Pochchetino before anyone else grabs him
Ameya Murkute
Ameya Murkute - 26 dager siden
Tuanzebe was substituted bcoz he cost us the two goals..he was out of position for both of the goals and then even got a yellow card ... Ole gave one more chance to pogba to change the game but he failed again ...that is why i understand the VDB sub bcoz ole gave pogba one more chance but he failed ..cant blame ole for that
Smtm Limited
Smtm Limited - 26 dager siden
There is your top 4 kekekekekeke jokers
Yisehak Wegene
Yisehak Wegene - 26 dager siden
No Manager...eveb Pepe change united ...we are unchangeable
Yisehak Wegene
Yisehak Wegene - 26 dager siden
Sell Luke Shaw and Pogba ...bring back Raphael ...and Fabio
Thomas Monaghan
Thomas Monaghan - 26 dager siden
Tony had scraps to feed off. Shaw and donny were good but I wanna see telles there.
Serge Demeo
Serge Demeo - 26 dager siden
What a sweet chicken
Leenkesh Ramlagun
Leenkesh Ramlagun - 26 dager siden
Why is Ole so biased owards Moguire and Mctomato?
Its going to cost him.
jamie alex
jamie alex - 26 dager siden
beth always wanna save face for bruno after back to back terrible peformances. he lost the ball 34 times but "its all about trying". if you keep possesion there is a more chance of scoring and the oposition not scoring its simple common sense.
JSPFT - 26 dager siden
Maguire is terrible and always will be
Pedro Infante
Pedro Infante - 26 dager siden
United needs leadership in the bench and ole is not the man for that
moluti Ozukum
moluti Ozukum - 26 dager siden
Sack ole , sell Dogba and let shaw go for free. Problem solved.
Qino Qino
Qino Qino - 26 dager siden
Want to know who owns the world ? USA England Ireland world history 😳 youtube
#934 Beamable Sustainable Prince's via Walter Veith at Amazing Discoveries
(wait for it 😳)
Aditya Kansil
Aditya Kansil - 26 dager siden
Terbukti apa yang dikatakan capten legend roycan tentang mekguwayer
Grant Wooddall
Grant Wooddall - 26 dager siden
Beth whats your snap?
Simon Cox
Simon Cox - 26 dager siden
Beth don't worry! We should be playing Mata, Dan James, Matic and drop our best player Bruno. According to the dinosaur Ricky.