BETH! FRED WAS AMAZING! Everton 1-3 Manchester United Fan Cam

Everton 1-3 Manchester United! And Beth thinks that Bruno Fernandes has shown that he is a leader on the pitch. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand.🔔 SUBSCRIBER here
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Runtime: 11:32


Hermes Solomon
Hermes Solomon - 14 dager siden
Well said Beth...👍🏾💯💥
Abdul Rashid
Abdul Rashid - 18 dager siden
Yes, the problem lies with the players most of the time.
Bmkbmk Bmk
Bmkbmk Bmk - 19 dager siden
I love beth. 🙃
robert ognenovski
robert ognenovski - 19 dager siden
i don’t think the 4231 formation works well all the time im happy for man utd win cause everton were poor today i will prefer fred and donny play together both are creative can pass the ball forward
Dre Mac
Dre Mac - 19 dager siden
Beth is sooo gorgeous ❤️
Andrew Taylor
Andrew Taylor - 19 dager siden
Couldn't agree more with Beth, RW + CB. VDB I don't think was an ole signing and is just more to do with the politics of the club.
Beth Tucker
Beth Tucker - 19 dager siden
Nurul Nadia Abd Rahman
Nurul Nadia Abd Rahman - 19 dager siden
mark, rickiy n flex need to listen to beth, the most intelligent between them..dont care who is playing 1st eleven, as long as we winning the game.
Gary O' Connor
Gary O' Connor - 19 dager siden
Bruno gave us a bit of fight/bite we've been missing for a long time before yesterday. Hope it continues and filters to the others in the squad. When Pogba goes to the bench, Fred-McTomimay-Fernandes give more balance to the team. Hopefully we can go on a consistent run now.
Luna Moon
Luna Moon - 20 dager siden
Ole should try Brandon William on our right winger
Luna Moon
Luna Moon - 20 dager siden
Our right winger is our biggest problem. Our right flank look very predicted by our opponent
Liv FC
Liv FC - 20 dager siden
Good result which will keep OGS and I am absolutely happy as I don’t see Man Utd will win EPL nor champions League under OGS.
SmallPurpleBumpie - 19 dager siden
Yea except he has the exact same record as Klopp after 100 games.
Pie and Mash tv
Pie and Mash tv - 20 dager siden
Beth for director off football at united ..
Beth Tucker
Beth Tucker - 19 dager siden
Bobby Vuksanovich
Bobby Vuksanovich - 20 dager siden
How about Bruno at a CF role?
Ibrahim Nyazee
Ibrahim Nyazee - 20 dager siden
Well done, Beth 👍🎯
Beth Tucker
Beth Tucker - 19 dager siden
Thank you👊🏼
Muhib kaz
Muhib kaz - 20 dager siden
Where are all the fans gone 🤔
Malsawmsanga Pachuau
Malsawmsanga Pachuau - 20 dager siden
Our home form is still a worry for me plus the low block team will still cause us a problem
Ahmad Fazlee Aziz
Ahmad Fazlee Aziz - 20 dager siden
Pogba should never start, ever. Ole puts his job under risk just starting him
Kavish Chandra
Kavish Chandra - 19 dager siden
we should sellhim for 50 million while we still can , dont want him to leave on afree
charlie mamo
charlie mamo - 20 dager siden
How many people’s talking about man united
theodore johnson
theodore johnson - 20 dager siden
5:35.....I’ve been saying that for a while. Two cdms sure up the defense BUT we have a ways to go so Van de beek neeeeeds to be as tenacious as Scott and Fred when he’s placed in that position
Peter George
Peter George - 20 dager siden
Luke Shaw was brilliant.
Joe DS
Joe DS - 20 dager siden
They are not playing for Ole they play for the club MU
hubert muller
hubert muller - 20 dager siden
Not much has changed. Unless they win three or four in a row!
Jebon - 20 dager siden players played for themselves not for ole! The players' the one who feel the pressure more than ole...he must be shock of his life,to see the players performed coz he thought the team will be outplayed...ogs is a very stubborn mgr...lm not worry shaw injured,we hv telles that can replace him...telles's fast,can cross the ball n can run back to defence!,shaw take your time to recover! we dont really need you though except oleeeeee!
Anaheim Resident
Anaheim Resident - 20 dager siden
Flex. Im always wearing a hat because im bald! Are you always wearing a hat because your bald too! Like me 😁
agsotonukable - 20 dager siden
So Ole has now beaten Tuchel, Nagalsman and Ancelotti...he desperately needs a run of victories now because his future as united manager is still at risk.
Dan Smith
Dan Smith - 20 dager siden
Bally 1s
Bally 1s - 20 dager siden
I like beth but literally everything she says is just everything mark says
Lynne Hall
Lynne Hall - 18 dager siden
Mark talks a lot of sense, often complete logic. So why wouldn’t many of us share the same opinion? Doesn’t mean we’re just copying him or have even heard what he said. Or would you prefer people, especially women, to spout rubbish just to prove we have ‘minds of our own’?
Marvin Smith
Marvin Smith - 20 dager siden
Ole has no clue as to what he's doing, I'm not getting carried away by this win because there's no consistency or game plan at United with Ole
P J - 20 dager siden
I find every person on the United stand sticks to there guns, but Beth’s opinion changes every time we win or lose.
chapinENnyc - 20 dager siden
the moment when bruno passed up the chance for a hat trick to set up cavanni for his first united goal ole should have run onto the field take the captains arm band from mcgwire and given it to bruno
folarin tayo
folarin tayo - 20 dager siden
Martial is not a good number 9. I do not also think that he would ever be. I can name like 10 strikers that are better than him in the premier league.
RobertR Beard
RobertR Beard - 20 dager siden
Crazy statement that . They should be playing for Manchester United every game . Just inconsistent
Jatin S.
Jatin S. - 20 dager siden
Not all the players played for Ole unless Rashy, Bruno sloppiness was part of the tactics. McFred and Shaw played for Ole today!
andrew johnson
andrew johnson - 20 dager siden
Just on here to see Beth.
Kylan Deane
Kylan Deane - 20 dager siden
She lovely
Devil within
Devil within - 20 dager siden
Some great managers on here.💩
OFFICIAL HASSAN - 20 dager siden
Whats this girls socials @?
Beth Tucker
Beth Tucker - 20 dager siden
Twitter: bethtmufc
love kashmir
love kashmir - 20 dager siden
beth looking good today :P
Zib Ndix
Zib Ndix - 20 dager siden
We've started better than last year lol
Jose Augusto Martins
Jose Augusto Martins - 20 dager siden
Dont Change Bruno with bad comentários!! Skills,talent,Braun,fast pass, goals,personaliti...he has everithing..he IS diferente..a talent!!
People ,to do Simple things, there are thousand of players!!!
Bruno is a born talent..
Ивайло Димитров
Yes, Fred and McTominey were The BEst. I think Pogba is trying to get his ass kicked out. Well...the best thing for him is running the bench hard if he things he can sabotage Man Utd... Very Low...Even when Beckam was forced by Sir Alex to cut off his hair till bald head he still played at his best... Who is Pogba to think that he can destroy the Best Team in The World !
Lynne Hall
Lynne Hall - 18 dager siden
Pogba IS playing like his mind is already elsewhere. Such a waste. Like Ole, I’ve lost patience with him. Sell & replace him with a quality mobile CDM, a midfield dynamo!
Kingsley Kirlew
Kingsley Kirlew - 20 dager siden
Personally, United need to get wins and start climbing the table.
We have changed the team and formation many times this season and for me its a case of remaining solid at the back and having players in attacking areas who can cause problems.
Scottie and Fred provide that protection for our defence. Simple as.
Red Lavish
Red Lavish - 20 dager siden
Beths actually very knowledgeable
Andy MUFC Hammond
Andy MUFC Hammond - 20 dager siden
Yes great result today brilliant video Beth 😎
Andy MUFC Hammond
Andy MUFC Hammond - 20 dager siden
@Beth Tucker welcome 😎🥰
Beth Tucker
Beth Tucker - 20 dager siden
Thank you 👍
V Hash
V Hash - 20 dager siden
Ole is not the problem, players need to grow a pair and recruitment need to be better
Zahid Ismail Mahomed
Zahid Ismail Mahomed - 20 dager siden
It’s about consistency, but the Arsenal game was fine margins. Yeah Fred is great but Bruno really took the game by the scruff of the neck. I think Donny can play in Mata’s plays. I won’t change Bruno he is perfect
KhongGuan - 20 dager siden
Alot of fans want Bruno to be drop, where are they now?
Alan Sheehan
Alan Sheehan - 20 dager siden
She's good
Koffivm - 20 dager siden
That wasn’t penalty because Maguire pushed pickford first
Malcolm Foskett
Malcolm Foskett - 20 dager siden
MAN UTD did not get the penalty what you on about
Joel Mathew
Joel Mathew - 20 dager siden
Why not Fred and Matic?? McTominay and Fred don't keep the shape of the team as well....
Andrew Whitcombe
Andrew Whitcombe - 20 dager siden
Well done beth your doing good on united stand keep it up
Marcus Heinrich
Marcus Heinrich - 20 dager siden
Beth top tier wifey potential!
Tomislav Klauski
Tomislav Klauski - 20 dager siden
Would love to see VDB in Rashfords place
Lynne Hall
Lynne Hall - 18 dager siden
Donny could certainly be used to give Marcus more much needed rests. He’s a versatile kid. Ole needs to try him in different positions & show him a bit of trust. Who knows what the benefits could be.
sparky mufc riley
sparky mufc riley - 20 dager siden
Makes a change. They’ve gotta do it for more than one game
Janice Barker
Janice Barker - 20 dager siden
Donny should have played instead of Mata
cyberman - 20 dager siden
A right winger, a center half and a mobile CDM is what we need.
Leenkesh Ramlagun
Leenkesh Ramlagun - 20 dager siden
RW Ball playing fast CB Deep lying playmaker
Anu Thaps
Anu Thaps - 20 dager siden
L. Theodore Obonye
L. Theodore Obonye - 20 dager siden
Wait until we are consistent before making opinion formation
L. Theodore Obonye
L. Theodore Obonye - 20 dager siden
Sancho is not all that. He is average. Just watch BVB and England games
Dr Chunky Biscuit
Dr Chunky Biscuit - 20 dager siden
Beth knows nothing!!!
Saiye Rugara
Saiye Rugara - 20 dager siden
HSN Vercetti
HSN Vercetti - 20 dager siden
Beth is the voice of reason. A good addition to the United Stand 👍
thomas Causon
thomas Causon - 19 dager siden
How old is she?
Naomi Mwakugu
Naomi Mwakugu - 20 dager siden
I really loved your analysis and comments today.
AMCDS - 20 dager siden
Let's see what they do in the next game.
lakmeister - 20 dager siden
Well worked out Beth 👏
6 weeks later??
ryan Fernandes
ryan Fernandes - 20 dager siden
Maguire has himself said that the pickford incident was not a penalty because he pushed pickford first which made pickford drop the ball
Sarvesh Pawar
Sarvesh Pawar - 20 dager siden
Ffs you guys say fred mctominay and bruno all played well and then again cry about vdb not starting. I just don't get it. Do you not understand that vdb isn't a winger
Sarvesh Pawar
Sarvesh Pawar - 16 dager siden
@Ben NR vdb needs to settle in this new, difficult and more competitive league first let alone starting in a position he hasn't played before even once. Agreed mata didn't have his best of games but starting mata over vdb at right wing was the ryt decision.
Ben NR
Ben NR - 19 dager siden
@Sarvesh Pawar at one point mata had never played there either. He’s not exactly good at it either so what you mean by “can” idk. DVB is better than mata in almost every way. His tracking back was terrible and he didn’t provide any kind of wing play so why are you saying dvb can’t play as a winger when clearly neither can mata
Sarvesh Pawar
Sarvesh Pawar - 19 dager siden
@Ben NR mata can play as a winger, vdb can't. He's never played there
Ben NR
Ben NR - 19 dager siden
@Sarvesh Pawar so you’re just contradicting yourself by saying mata over DVB because dvb isn’t a winger but then you say Mata over James cos mata is better
Sarvesh Pawar
Sarvesh Pawar - 20 dager siden
@Ben NR mata is the closest to a right winger in our squad. I'll see mata over james
Willy Deatheatter
Willy Deatheatter - 20 dager siden
ole out. Use your brain to think Beth. It’s only Everton and they played poorly. One win only covers up the stupidity of Ole. VDB clearly better than most of our midfielders and he got benched. One match Mctom was described as trash and nv wanted by fans, and now being commented as gd. Clueless manager and clueless pundit
Dancing Diablo
Dancing Diablo - 20 dager siden
This was genuinely a good analysis of the team, the game and the general take away for all United Fans. Positivity in the darkness.
Christopher Martin
Christopher Martin - 20 dager siden
To be fair, Van de Beek might have been in Ole’s plans today had Shaw not gotten injured. Forced Ole to bring on Tuanzebe. Bringing Pogba on instead of Van de Beek is the question
J A - 20 dager siden
Announce Poch, Appoint a Director of football!
Eamonn Barrett
Eamonn Barrett - 20 dager siden
Martial needs more games to get up sharpness
Oddy Pele
Oddy Pele - 20 dager siden
There was definitely nothing special from United. That was no different from our previous games. Everton had a worst game so far this season. Had Everton pressed us today, that could have been a different result.
Oddy Pele
Oddy Pele - 20 dager siden
@Kaushik Ramji S ooh okay now we should stop hyphothetical reasoning because "Kaushik" doesnt want us to.....Sod off dude.
Kaushik Ramji S
Kaushik Ramji S - 20 dager siden
Sure..If Poch had started Lucas Moura over Kane in the final, he would have a trophy now but he didn't...Stop saying this ifs and buts..
Leo D
Leo D - 20 dager siden
Liverpool had a long period of glory and then it stopped and it took many years before the team was at the top again. This is exactly what is happening with Manu and those who believe that this team will be a top team overnight, have absolutely no idea about football.
joakim Omenda
joakim Omenda - 20 dager siden
Beth is a really analyst....she got she in instagram?
Kevin Langdon
Kevin Langdon - 20 dager siden
Mark.said fred was amazing so I do too lol
Jay Singh
Jay Singh - 20 dager siden
Why does the title say 1-2?
Caleb Ngizila
Caleb Ngizila - 20 dager siden
A win without a penalty com on
Nunu Lola
Nunu Lola - 20 dager siden
I'm fucking sick even though we won because there's supporters who rooted for Everton just to see Ole get the sack FFS... Wtf
Fitzroy 1878 Williams
Fitzroy 1878 Williams - 20 dager siden
Ole out
Joe Kavanagh
Joe Kavanagh - 20 dager siden
Can't understand why Ole wanted Grealish rather than Van de Beek
Kaushik Ramji S
Kaushik Ramji S - 20 dager siden
Grealish is more creative than VDB with the ball
Conny - 20 dager siden
My favourite player currently has to be Fred he is unreal atm
Rainy City Music
Rainy City Music - 20 dager siden
Beth talks alot of sense for sure ! Fred MOTM ! We won all the second balls etc in midfield FOR A CHANGE ! McGuire had his best game this season. We still miss proper attack on the wings !! Mata should have come off at 55 mins ! Rash was v wasteful & our attacks were in great positions and we wasted 90% of it ! TRUTH !
Dhruv Shah
Dhruv Shah - 20 dager siden
Ricky asking mark to keep the title 2-1 cause he doesn't like Bruno's goal 😂😂😂
Dhruv Shah
Dhruv Shah - 20 dager siden
Change the title guys 😂😂 it's not a big deal anyway but change it regardless
Takondwa Bondwe
Takondwa Bondwe - 20 dager siden
You lot are being such pervs. Really it’s not okay
Moonlight Graeme
Moonlight Graeme - 20 dager siden
Ole has more lives than a cat
Shad0w Fal1
Shad0w Fal1 - 20 dager siden
Why it is 1:2?
M T - 20 dager siden
I totally agree Beth if we had a descent right sided attacking player it would transform our team. No one mentioned how much better we are without Pogba in the team. Pogba can only play in Bruno’s position and he is nowhere near as good as him. So well done Ole for dropping him over the last few weeks. But at the same time I’m disappointed that Van de Beek didn’t start. There is something which Ole doesn’t like or trust about him yet. But we’ve all seen him play well with the opportunities he’s had. Fred was immense today. He has improved so much. If you think about Ole played all the players today he can trust. I know Mark is not keen on Mctominay but I thought he did well today. He broke up the play and his passing was a lot better.
Joon - young
Joon - young - 20 dager siden
mndflns LGN
mndflns LGN - 20 dager siden
Brains and beauty ❤
Leo D
Leo D - 20 dager siden
a deadly combination :)
Rob Zombie
Rob Zombie - 20 dager siden
Everything Mata did today VDB could have done with the added bonus of more pace and defensive awareness. I just dont get why hes not playing and others are.
Terry Houston
Terry Houston - 19 dager siden
Mata played way too far back
Yarra Vedder
Yarra Vedder - 19 dager siden
Spot on mate. Vdb can tackle too.
Sanket Kumar
Sanket Kumar - 20 dager siden
You don't play a new player who has not played in the PL out of position.its like setting him up to fail.However good that player is.
Kavish Chandra
Kavish Chandra - 20 dager siden
Gaz J
Gaz J - 20 dager siden
Your spot on Rob Zombie, Donny can easily do that role and more... Donny not playing is a fucking shambles..... 🤦🏻‍♂️
matt fitton
matt fitton - 20 dager siden
ollie looked like he was ready to cry in after match interview ..
thrilla72 - 20 dager siden
Yeah he did, made me wonder if he had been sacked already.
Spiritual Alexi
Spiritual Alexi - 20 dager siden
Beth is such flip flop lol
Spiritual Alexi
Spiritual Alexi - 20 dager siden
@Sim Curtis nah she just agrees with what the mood is around the club
ERW8 - 20 dager siden
Where is Ricky
Emperor Ceaser
Emperor Ceaser - 20 dager siden
It’s all smiling weekend, until ole pull another sad weekend again, because he is Mr inconsistent and confusing
Ntheye Zimba
Ntheye Zimba - 20 dager siden
Beth is one of the most intelligent female football fans I've seen.
djcol77 - 19 dager siden
@HSN Vercetti well ok, but you get his point right? She talks about football as well as any man, but a lot better than most ladies i know. More male fans of course, but thats beside the point. It def wasnt ment to be ofensive.
Dan Smith
Dan Smith - 20 dager siden
@Jay Singh You Ok...stay of the weed mate.
Don Tino
Don Tino - 20 dager siden
Beth?...... SMASH! ( In my Hulk voice..)....
Galaxy Pumps
Galaxy Pumps - 20 dager siden
@Oddy Pele my bad m8 😅
Oddy Pele
Oddy Pele - 20 dager siden
@Galaxy Pumps no offence dude...was just joking. I know exact how it works ...that is why i am replying to you.
SopranoPictures - 20 dager siden
instagram bethtucker__
Edward Ferry
Edward Ferry - 20 dager siden
Beth should be on Sky she’s better than the ex players 🤗
Dylan Taylor
Dylan Taylor - 20 dager siden
This shows me that we're player power and social media FC. These inmates run the asylum. Get Maguire out he's honestly worse then Phil Jones
Craig Harichuran
Craig Harichuran - 20 dager siden
Beth is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥with a football brain. Beauty and Brains 🔥😍