Alaba Transfer Possible! Telles Blow? Man Utd News Now

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Man Utd have a real chance of signing David Alaba! Alex Telles misses Brazil match and Van Der Sar could be United's new Director of Football..Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand. 🔔 CHRISTMAS JUMPERS HERE
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Rajalingam Seetharaam
Rajalingam Seetharaam - 10 dager siden
Bruno anytime over Pogba in a Man Utd shirt ...
BabsW - 10 dager siden
Why would David Alaba want to play under Ole?
Shamar Hamilton
Shamar Hamilton - 10 dager siden
Players are going to scared to come to United because of the way van de been has been treated knowing he deserves better
mohsin hussain
mohsin hussain - 10 dager siden
3adds 4mins in.F off
w00t777 - 11 dager siden
Alaba will be a good partner for Lindelof
Neil Mo
Neil Mo - 11 dager siden
Alaba is class
Edward Reid
Edward Reid - 11 dager siden
Alaba is 90% NOT coming to UTD ,, please be real united fans
Edward Reid
Edward Reid - 11 dager siden
Do yourself a favour UTD fans . DO NOT get sucked in ever again about all the transfer news ... I myself have been in the past and now I just don’t believe any of the bullshit that’s out there and feel way better and less stressed for it
Darren J-P 73'
Darren J-P 73' - 11 dager siden
I'm not bothered if the dividends get paid to the Glazers every month, as long as Woodward and Co get us the players we need.
Their incompetence overshadows everything, messing up on the player deals and not getting rid of the deadwood is infuriating, if the fanbase is happy with the new players brought in then the dividend payout disappears into the background coz we're not interested, as we would be doing great things on the pitch.
Get a DOF or pull your finger out of your arse WOODWARD!!
Lawrence Atherton
Lawrence Atherton - 11 dager siden
love that jumper!
Critical Thinker
Critical Thinker - 11 dager siden
Upamecano > alaba
Jonathan Blair
Jonathan Blair - 11 dager siden
Marks comments on Covid are out of order.. telling people chance % of catching covid again re Telles. Mark knows zero about this subject matter and should stick to football, talk about ego out of control. Mark needs to understand his responsibility in the media and his reach to people. Clearly not spouting mis information.
arvie ocampo
arvie ocampo - 11 dager siden
Camo is crap
Mansoor Murad
Mansoor Murad - 11 dager siden
I'd take Alaba in a heartbeat. But I have a feeling our management team won't move on it and another large Premier League team will snap him up. Or Juve.
Anilsekhar C
Anilsekhar C - 12 dager siden
Transfer news from now till Jan window closing: Manutd to sign Alaba, How we are going to lineup with Alaba, How we will become genuine title contenders for next year with Alaba.
Actual transfer on deadline day: Manutd signs 36 year old Sergio Ramos
Anilsekhar C
Anilsekhar C - 12 dager siden
Sancho transfer was 99% likely not so long ago
Joseph Van Rijk
Joseph Van Rijk - 12 dager siden
Messi Vs. Ronaldo in the Manchester Derby? I wouldn’t even mind if they made that match pay per view
Rudy Reimer
Rudy Reimer - 12 dager siden
Just looked up Woodward's qualifications. Only a BA in Business Accounting from Bristol Uni from 1996. Wow! Really! WTF?! Thats is? I think all he does is report the sith lords about losses or gains.
pj neon
pj neon - 12 dager siden
cut the crap, just let pogba play any position he wants, because he might cry if he dont get to do what he wants
Anon Boi
Anon Boi - 12 dager siden
Mark is a proper dumbf***
Francis Lee
Francis Lee - 12 dager siden
They should stop all these bloody international games. Woth covid rampant if telles gets covid again..we are fucked..imagine if bruno get covid...i hate these bloody international.
Javier Hernandez
Javier Hernandez - 12 dager siden
Man Utd could buy David Alaba, Koudibaly, Upamecano, or whoever you want and Ole would still play Maguire and Lindelof.
safe - 12 dager siden
Where's your evidence for that? Because he didn't play Tuanzebe after one good game?
AW MOVIE TV - 12 dager siden
He played on the right side of a diamond
AW MOVIE TV - 12 dager siden
Pogba didn't play in a deep line midfield
Jj 530
Jj 530 - 12 dager siden
Pogba was playing box to box in the beginning cuz Rabbiot and kante was there - 12 dager siden
Now I know this guy is crazy I like Bruno but prefer pogs but Bruno does have a free roam he goes wherever he wants which shows a lack of coaching
Faghat Vatan
Faghat Vatan - 12 dager siden
Playing CM in PL is different and it doesn't suit Pogba
Trillavision network
Trillavision network - 12 dager siden
Your excuse is your manager should only be allowed to coach year 7 school kids 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Trillavision network
Trillavision network - 12 dager siden
This is why wankchester United fans get hyped Goldbridge talking for the club why would Alaba join United over Liverpool or Juventus even if you at the front of the que he ain't joining get real you need to target the players Arsenal and Everton target
S Sheldon
S Sheldon - 12 dager siden
28, he is too young for United.
Rishiraj Sharma
Rishiraj Sharma - 12 dager siden
Mark cries and moans about United's high wage bill. But than goes to say we need to sign ronaldo and alaba who would be on for more than a million per week on wages collectively. Don't be a hypocrite Mark
Makhtar Drame
Makhtar Drame - 12 dager siden
He really hate pogba and always lies by saying I like pogba
Makhtar Drame
Makhtar Drame - 12 dager siden
Pogo hater
Linford Pierre
Linford Pierre - 12 dager siden
I wonder how many of u actually watched the entire video....cuz if u did u would know that he never said that Alaba was coming....what he did say was that MUFC should be looking at him....PRATTS the lot of u
Mr. FUT - 12 dager siden
Mark just puts words too good. Even got the rhythm right for the fresh prince of bel Air theme right
Louis Bonfield
Louis Bonfield - 12 dager siden
Bruno played well
andrew pearson
andrew pearson - 12 dager siden
Fancy having Marks face on your jumper! There you are, there is something wrong somewhere! He needs to be sectioned.
Martin Irving
Martin Irving - 12 dager siden
Manchester United to be ruthless in January
Andy Pratt
Andy Pratt - 12 dager siden
Wasn’t mark complaining about signing clear and obvious but he wants to do the same thing .
Pragya Tamang
Pragya Tamang - 12 dager siden
Alaba would be a great 👍🏻 signing and a good RW would be more than enough for us to challenge for the title as we got a good squad to make it happen for real 👍🏻
Jack Bollard
Jack Bollard - 12 dager siden
Ole is the type of manager to buy Alaba but play him as the right sided cb😂🤦🏻
Danish Devil
Danish Devil - 12 dager siden
Ed, the board and our owners always find excuses for lowering the ambitions. This year it’s Covid-19. Next year it’s Covid-19, the year after that it’s “no value in the market”... 👹🙈🙄
Paul Challis
Paul Challis - 12 dager siden
Alaba - will NEVER happen!!
Ajay singh
Ajay singh - 12 dager siden
Finally you are speakin my lingo when you talk about Alaba.🙏
Dimas Adhira
Dimas Adhira - 12 dager siden
We will stuck with Woodward, unless Glazers sold the club.
Flee Danso
Flee Danso - 12 dager siden
Clueslesss talking Ronaldo
Reece - 12 dager siden
Kleberson won a World Cup but he was crap and that's the position I stand with on Pogba today.
Profir Iulian
Profir Iulian - 12 dager siden
Ronaldo is not even half as good as dan james (c) Ricky
Amani Kibola
Amani Kibola - 12 dager siden
Isaiah - 12 dager siden
Mark you should marry Ed Woodward
terry stockwell
terry stockwell - 12 dager siden
It's not a matter what you need if the player wants to go else where
Messymouf Entertainment
Messymouf Entertainment - 12 dager siden
if you say 90% il be getting flashbacks
Dan Smith
Dan Smith - 12 dager siden
Gabrielle Rodriguez
Gabrielle Rodriguez - 12 dager siden
Fred is the best Manchester United player.
First Choice Autos
First Choice Autos - 12 dager siden
hey Mark luv your about talking about the most promising news in years,BIGGEST DOUBLE SWOOP.....OVERMARS AND VAN DE SAR....are the Rumors True ?....could you imagine it
dalee quipp
dalee quipp - 12 dager siden
Can we sign and us him as a cdm, might elevate our cb corps.
Sam Champion
Sam Champion - 12 dager siden
At this point the United Board needa understand that we have enough “young stars” and we need some veterans of the game to influence the thinking of young players
BandOfBros - 12 dager siden
Alaba would be amazing, but I am not going to set myself up for disappointment.
Ruth Mayers
Ruth Mayers - 12 dager siden
AW MOVIE TV - 12 dager siden
Mark Telles do not ave any Covid and he did play in Brazil's game the other night
EJ clips
EJ clips - 12 dager siden
Guys I got the latest news on the man u transfer talk look on my channel sub for more content
Lando Exclusive
Lando Exclusive - 12 dager siden
Was Saying Before The Summer Transfer Window Close That Manchester United Should Sign Alaba But I Guess Our Scouting System Really Do Suck Cause This Guy Can Play Across The Defence
Isaiah - 12 dager siden
Matic is too old
King Carribon
King Carribon - 12 dager siden
I dont want alaba i want carmo.
Victor Von Doom
Victor Von Doom - 12 dager siden
This is getting old. The fact that Pogba CAN play there does not mean it's his best position.
safe - 12 dager siden
i dont think anyone on earth knows what Pogba's best position actually is, the best he has ever played was as a box to box for Juventus
Reece - 12 dager siden
He's rubbish we got to move on and get a proper CDM
Isaiah - 12 dager siden
Ole Gunnar solskjaer is a better coach than frank Lampard
Isaiah - 12 dager siden
Pogba agenda is real
Andy Joyce
Andy Joyce - 12 dager siden
Alaba would be a good CB to partner Maguire. He can also play at LB. His contract expires in the summer and I hope United get him. He will add balance and has pace.
Ricky Spanishhh
Ricky Spanishhh - 12 dager siden
Public Appeal.. ..Phil Jones,,,,Have You See Him?
Ruth Mayers
Ruth Mayers - 12 dager siden
Mark you no what it's like with our Comedians on Signings it will take them till the last Minute, Then PANIC BUY.
kitakeaman - 12 dager siden
We wont sign any players unless we get rid of the deadwood players who are eating up the wage budget. Since these player are on huge wages and long contracts its difficult to get rid of them. Before signing anyone we need a DOF.
Ryan Carroll
Ryan Carroll - 12 dager siden
Any chance of doing lids sizes in the jumpers mate
Sean - 12 dager siden
Mark when are u and yer fans gonna realise its not your clubs fault you dont get top players anymore , it's because your no longer seen as a top club that competes for trophies and haven't been for nearly a decade.
Chris Bottom
Chris Bottom - 12 dager siden
How many adverts?!
Sean - 12 dager siden
IS IT 90% MARK 😂😂😂😂😂
Mike Harrison
Mike Harrison - 12 dager siden
Idk who to get on the back of my shirt Fred, Bruno, pogba or rashford
Shahek - 12 dager siden
Isaiah - 12 dager siden
Isaiah - 12 dager siden
6:13 they did with pogba under Ferguson
Isaiah - 12 dager siden
Alaba to Liverpool 🤣
Isaiah - 12 dager siden
Alaba isn’t coming just because you said he’s coming upamecano is coming because you said he’s not coming so Ronaldo will come too
OpticGamer OpticAnime
OpticGamer OpticAnime - 12 dager siden
This guy is confused
Trillavision network
Trillavision network - 12 dager siden
Kwei Kwabena
Kwei Kwabena - 12 dager siden
How much is Bruno paying United Stand.....he is crying, because King Bruno did not have a good game!!!
brenden ferguson
brenden ferguson - 12 dager siden
@Isaiah no, neither of them played well
Isaiah - 12 dager siden
Pogba did
Isaiah - 12 dager siden
Brandon willlams is back
Liam Knight
Liam Knight - 12 dager siden
I geniuenly believe that if we signed let's say upamacamo I think ole will still go with lindelof and maguire as the starters cos he's that silly
Chloe Abbotts
Chloe Abbotts - 12 dager siden
Why would alaba not want to sign a contract extension for bayern
thethreelions3 - 12 dager siden
Is alaba still quick enough to compliment Maguire?
Rishi Kamath
Rishi Kamath - 12 dager siden
Pogba played on the right of midfield yesterday, which is theoretically his weaker side. A very Disciplined performance... Kept it simple and strong on the ball. Pogba just needs to put his head down and perform exactly like that for United, and the diamond works,
BoxOfOranges84 - 12 dager siden
If United make Top 4, you have to finish Outlast Mark
Isaiah - 12 dager siden
Man utd will get top 4
nivesh ramruttun
nivesh ramruttun - 12 dager siden
Upamecano, alaba, sancho, brozovic/rice as cdm. Sell jones rojo lingard mata matic pereira romero
lingardinho - 12 dager siden
Mark are you sure you're not Woodward.
Isaiah - 12 dager siden
Your too funny
Isaiah - 12 dager siden
RS - 12 dager siden
Let’s be honest the Glazers own us in name only. The banks & hedge fund managers own Utd. The Glazers are disgusting humans. Woodward, Judge and Arnold perpetrates Mendacious propaganda!
bro ja
bro ja - 12 dager siden
Mark pls forget about Ronaldo he can't help us
Andrew Shearer
Andrew Shearer - 12 dager siden
VDS and Overmars will definitely go to Barca
Anuj Singh
Anuj Singh - 12 dager siden
Upamecano & CDM should be priority...any other signing would be bonus
Henry Brown
Henry Brown - 12 dager siden
@safe we’d be buying him as a CB, not a LB. in his one year as a CB, he looked great- especially in the champions league. but you’re entitled to your opinion, I can’t imagine we’re gonna sign him anyways lmao
safe - 12 dager siden
@Henry Brown the thing is when you look at Alabas best year the numbers he was putting up are really no better than last year's luke Shaw. All you see from Bayern fans is one year he's been poor one year he's been good.
Henry Brown
Henry Brown - 12 dager siden
@safe id be happy with either
Henry Brown
Henry Brown - 12 dager siden
@safe think he’s better, but he is more expensive and older I’ll give you that. Upamecano def has more potential, I just thinking watching Alaba at Bayern he seems the ideal recruit for United. Left sided, experienced, quick/good on the ground to compliment maguire
safe - 12 dager siden
@Henry Brown Alaba is older, worse, higher wages and extremely small to be playing CB in the PL
Rocky - 12 dager siden
Alana is not coming to england
Isaiah - 12 dager siden
Dean Ryan
Dean Ryan - 12 dager siden
The Fresh Prince Rap was Amazing 😂
Affan Nomaan
Affan Nomaan - 12 dager siden
imagine TAA, Van Dijk, Alaba, Robertson with Allison behind them and fabinho/ thiago in front
makes me sick 😳😳😳
Trillavision network
Trillavision network - 12 dager siden
Hahahaha at least they all wear read 🤣 😅 😂 😆
since 88
since 88 - 12 dager siden
We need to get alaba ASAP
#PgTrym91 Norwegian Sports fan, gamer & Guitarist
I did Alaba transfer on FIFA21 :D great player in my opinion hes a CB/LB that's the positions he plays / played
QuickxScopexKing - 12 dager siden
Nobody just wins the champions league and then wants to go play for us, it's not happening, he can go anywhere he wants, alaba isnt coming to a club that is lucky to get top 4 let alone have any serious chance of winning anything
Joseph Ojo
Joseph Ojo - 12 dager siden
Alaba isnt that great at cb. Bayern play a very high line and he will get exposed a lot in the prem
Arsenal Fan
Arsenal Fan - 12 dager siden
90 percent u will get him 😂